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Dominik Gutiérrez is a professional wrestler who plays for the WWE franchise under the SmackDown banner. He is the son of WWE Superstar Óscar Gutiérrez better known by his ring name Rey Mysterio. He is the reigning WWE Tag Team Champion alongside his father.

Quick Info
Full NameDominik Gutiérrez
Date Of BirthApril 5, 1997
Birth PlaceSan Diego, California, USA
Parent(s)Father: Óscar Gutiérrez, Mother: Angie Gutiérrez
Height6ft 1 inch (185 cm)
Weight200 lbs (91 kg)
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Zodiac SignAries
Martial StatusIn a relationship
Wife(s)/Partner(s)Marie Juliette
Net Worth~$100,000 approx.
Dominik Gutiérrez WWE
Image Source: DeviantArt

Early Life

Dominik Gutiérrez was born on April 5, 1997 in Santiago, California, USA, to his parents Oscar and Angie Gutiérrez.  He grew up with his younger sister Aalyah. He completed his high school education and started to follow in his father’s footsteps in the professional wrestling world. Dominik made a few early appearances in WWE as a child, when he was introduced to the world by his father, Rey Mysterio, when he was only 6. He went on to receive professional training for WWE in 2017 and has since made his debut in the ring.

Dominik Gutiérrez as a child
Image Source: Sports Bible


Unlike his father, Dominik Gutiérrez is a tall and muscular figure. While Rey was a man of small size and used his agility and wit to defeat much larger opponents like the Big Show, Dominik is a regular-sized WWE professional, standing at 6 ft 1 inch tall and weighing about 200 pounds. He has the physique to dominate opponents, not only with his wit but his sheer strength.


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Dominic started appearing multiple times alongside his father before making his in-ring debut. He would even sometimes interfere in matches to help his father secure a win. In May 2020 when his father lost an Eye for an Eye match against Seth Rollins, Dominik Gutiérrez vowed to take revenge, thus challenging Rollins for a battle, which he was granted on the stage of WWE SummerSlam 2020.

Dominik Gutiérrez with his father
Image Source: InfotoOnline

Dominik Gutiérrez lost his SummerSlam StreetFight to Rollins and was left utterly disappointed. He fought Rollins for the second time in WWE RAW but faced similar consequences. In late 2020, he was drafted into WWE SmackDown where he once again fought Rollins in a No Holds Bar match, which he won, ending the feud.


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Making History

He then started performing in tandem with his father, Rey Mysterio, and the duo started appearing in various tag-team matches, in which they faced mixed results. Their most significant defeat came in Wrestlemania when they had to face defeat in a 4-way tag-team match. The father-son team worked hard to prepare for the next pay-per-view event of WWE Backlash, and despite having being attacked by Dolph Ziggler and Roode prior to the match, went on to win the WWE Tag Team Championship. Dominik Gutiérrez and Oscar Gutiérrez became the first father-son  tag team champions in WWE history.

Dominik Gutiérrez and Rey Mysterio Now
Image Source: Twitter (Wrestling Observer)


In 2005, he was part of a controversy in WWE when Rey Mysterio and Eddie Gurrero had a feud over who was Dominik Gutiérrez’s real father. Eddie Guerrero claimed to be the biological father to the child and had a fight with Rey Mysterio for the custody of Dominik Gutiérrez. Mysterio went on to win the match and secure custody of Dominik, which seems to be the truth as Dominik and his mother have confirmed that he is in fact Rey Mysterio’s son.

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Personal Life

Dominik Gutiérrez is currently in a romantic relationship with Marie Juliette for the better part of the last decade. He had attracted the eyes of various females from his school and the outside world, after his appearances in the WWE but he seems to know exactly where his heart lies. The couple hasn’t announced any plans for the wedding yet, but surely, one day. Right now he seems to be focused in both his career and his personal time.

Dominik Gutiérrez with his girlfriend
Image Source: Players Bio

Social Media 

Gaining immense popularity in recent years, Dominik Gutiérrez has amassed a huge social media following. He only seems to connect with his fans using Instagram and there are no signs of him having an official Facebook account. He has a Twitter account under his name but hasn’t been very active on it, and has only 200 followers. However, his Instagram on other hand has a whopping 440 thousand followers who stay tuned to his professional and personal updates.


Net worth

Dominik Gutiérrez became a celebrity kid when he started making cameos in the WWE. He has only started his professional career thus we can’t say for sure how much he accounts to. Given his salary, it’s safe to assume that he has personally accumulated wealth around $100,000 and is set to make a fortune out of his WWE career, just like his father, Rey, who is now worth $10 million and a household name amongst WWE fans.


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