Heidi Russo is the biological mother of Colin Kaepernick from the National Football League (NFL).

Soon after he had given birth, Russo gave Colin for adoption. As he had made himself a football quarterback, she began hogging the light of day when she tried to rebuild her relationship with Colin Kaepernick. Kaepernick, however, neglected her efforts because he did not want to see his biological mother.

Heidi Russo, currently residing in Colorado, is a registered nurse. Heidi co-founded ‘Linked Thru Love,’ an advocacy organization seeking to remove adoptive and mother-like stereotypes.

Quick Info
Full NameHeidi Russo
Date of birth1969
Place of birthThe United States
Father's NameJames Zabransky
Mother's NamePhyllis Zabransky
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorGray
Age51 years old
Marital StatusMarried
Wife(s)/Partner(s) Heath Russo
ProfessionLicensed Nurse
Current ResidenceDenver, Colorado, US
Famous asThe biological mother of Colin Kaepernick
Net WorthN/A

Heidi Russo Early life

Heidi Russo, Phyllis, and James Zabransky were born in the United States in 1969. When she was a teenager, she contacted an African-American man who gave up when he found she was pregnant with his child. On 3 November 1987, at barely 19, she gave birth to her son, Colin.

Heidi Russo
Source: Larry Brown Sports

Though her parents pledged to help her, she chose not to raise her kid because she was persuaded that she couldn’t afford him the kind of life she wanted. She gave Rick and Teresa Kaepernick to him for adoption.

Although Teresa and Rick had two kids, they opted to adopt Colin since they lost two more kids to heart problems.


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Heidi was also in contact with his foster parents after giving Coline up for adoption, who continued to email her Colin’s photos to seven when they lost contact. Colin Kaepernick was raised to a quarterback in football.


How Did Heidi Russo come into Media Attention?

Kaepernick’s family lost contact with Heidi Russo soon after Colin turned seven. Unfortunately, it also meant that Russo couldn’t know her son. Heidi Russo only discovered Colin after he starred in the NFL. After that, Heidi started to contact her son, send notes on his Twitter to Colin, and even tweet him on social media sites.

However, Focused her media attention on the tweet Heidi Russo wrote in 2016. Colin started to kneel during the games to stand up to police brutality and racial inequality.

Heidi Russo
Source: Twitter

While he was supported by many of his black players and racially oppressed people, some were nonetheless critical of his conduct. It was unavoidable, given that Colin himself is multiracial.

But evil comes with good stuff. The tweet from Heidi was also among the floods of comments he was accused of acting. She expressed her disappointment with Kaepernick, like many others.

However, Heidi Russo said that instead of insulting the national anthem in the presence of thousands of people, Colin should have taken a different course. She also counseled him to be intelligent when dealing with these problems.


Why Doesn’t Colin Kaepernick Want to Meet His Birth Mother?

In this phase, Heidi Russo persists and wants to meet her son even better. Unfortunately, Colin still has her feelings to reciprocate. Even during his undergraduate years and college, 51 years old tried to reach Colin. And yet, Kaepernick doesn’t want to do anything with her.

Many criticized his actual deed. But other people still respect his decision to stay apart from his mother at birth. Although some children can avoid their parents for their adopted family out of respect, Colin didn’t do the same.


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Heidi Russo Personal Life

Heidi Russo went on and completed her nursing degree after Heidi Russo gave Colin up for adoption. She is currently happily married and is her three children’s mother.

To form up an advocacy group named ‘The Related Thru Love,’ Heidi Russo joined Jami Marcantonio. The organization seeks to remove birthmother stereotypes. The group also attempts to make the concept of adoption understandable. In addition, it has developed a “Three Strands” non-profit organization that gives help to organic mothers.

Heidi Russo
Source: Networth Wiki

Heidi is also a trained child career nurse and has a great deal of success. At present, Heidi Russo is married to Heath Russo, whose children she has three, Michael, Ethan, and Alex. She lives with her husband and three children in Denver, Colorado, USA.


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