Who is Joe Paterno?

Joe Paterno was an American football player and coach from America. He was one of the legendary footballers of the time. He was an active footballer since his college days. Joe also became the “athletic director” of the college. He also became the head coach of the football college team “Penn State Nittany Lions.” He took the responsibility of the head coach for forty-five years. 

Quick Info
First NameJoseph Vincent Paterno
Date Of Birth21st December 1926
Birth PlaceBrooklyn, New York, USA
Parent(s)Angelo Lafayette Paterno
Florence de LaSalle Cafiero
ProfessionAmerican Football Player
SpouseSuzanne Pohland
Age85 Years
Height6 ft 11 in
Net WorthUSD $10 million

Joe Paterno succeeded in helping the team win a total of 409 games during that time. This made him the most victorious coach of the “National Collegiate Athletic Association FBS.” He even won a lot of awards for his amazing coaching skills. “Sportsman of the Year” in 1986, “The Home Depot Coach of the Year” in 2005, and “Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Award” in 1981 and 2005. Barry Levinson also made a  television drama movie titling “Paterno” in 2018. It was based on the football coaching career of Joe Paterno.

Early Life

The birthplace of Joe Paterno is Brooklyn, New York. He came into the world on 21st December 1926.  His father’s name is Angelo Lafayette Paterno. He used to work as a “law clerk.” His mother’s name is Florence de LaSalle Cafiero. She was a homemaker.

Joe Paterno
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Joe Paterno went to the “Brooklyn Preparatory School.” He completed his graduation in 1944. He also got the opportunity to join Army in theWorld War II.” Joe completed his service in 1946. Then, he joined “Brown University.”  He used to play from the team “Delta Kappa Epsilon” during his college days. Joe used to play from the “quarterback” and “cornerback” position for the team “Brown Bears.” Joe completed his graduation in English literature in 1950.

Likewise, Joe wanted to enroll in a law school. He even for the opportunity to start his study6 in the “Boston University School of Law.” But the mind of Joe changed, and he decided to start coaching at “Pennsylvania State University.”  Joe became the assistant coach of the team of Rip Engle in 1950. Joe became the associate coach of the team in June 1964. Rip Engle became the new head coach of the team after the retirement of Rip in February 1966.


Coaching History

Joe Paterno succeeded in taking the team to win 1968 and 1969 in the first two years of his head coaching career. The team also succeeded in winning the “National Championship” in 1982 and 1986. Everything was going great in his coaching career for more than twenty years; he created headlines for false reasons. After he created a headline for abusing and criticizing head coach Dough Graber of the team “Rutgers Scarlet Knights.”  Joe had given the abusive speech in a game on television. Joe bade apology to Dough Graber for his unhealthy furiousness.

Likewise, Joe Paternoeven had to face many criticisms when his team failed to perform well between 2000 and 2004. There were many pressures and media arguments that wanted his resignation from the post of the head coach. But Joe was clear in mind about continuing his coaching till his retirement in 2008. He gave a speech at “Duquesne Club” on 12th May 2005. He said that he would resign from the post of the head coach if the team would fail in the 2006 season. These words must have been a great catalyst to improve and boost his coaching skills. The team succeeded in winning 11 matches in the 2006 season. It succeeded in entering the “Big Ten.”

Joe Paterno
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Moreover, the team succeeded in winning the match against “Florida State” in the “Orange Bowl” in 2006. Joe even breaks the record of Amos Alonzo Stagg in the 2009 season. He broke the record of “becoming the head coach of a single team” for the “highest number of years.” Despite his skills as a coach, the last days of his coaching years were a bit controversial. 

The team “Penn State Nittany Lions” fired Joe from the post of the head coach after the 409th victory of the team on 9th November 2011. It was due to his involvement in “Child Sex Abuse Scandal.” As these hidden truths came into reality during the last days of his coaching career, it was not able to shake the success of his coaching career, Joe.:

Relationship, Wife, and Personal Life

Joe Paterno tied knots with Suzanne Pohland in 1962. They met each other while he was active as an assistant coach. Suzanne gave birth to five children. They are Joseph Jr., Mary, Diana, David, and Scott.

Joe Paterno
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Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Joe Paterno was not active on social media platforms. He was from the time when his coaching skills used to create headlines rather than social media posts. His popularity was as far more than any popular social media post. Although if you search his name on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you will encounter a few unverified accounts and fan-made pages.


Joe Paterno was hospitalized on Jan 13, 2012, for some complications related to cancer. After being admitted to the hospital for nine days, Joe died at the age of 85 years on 22nd January 2012. 

Net Worth

Joe Paterno had been part of the sports fraternity for more than thirty-five years old. He had helped the single team to receive a lot of success during his whole coaching career. According to celebritynetworth.net, he had an approximate net worth of $10 million.

Nutshell Bio, Height, Weight, and Age

The full name of Joe is Joseph Vincent Paterno. The nationality of Joe is American. He died at the age of 85 years on 22nd January 2012. He had an attractive height of 6 feet 11 inches along with a complimentary weight of 76.2 kgs. He belonged to the Italian ethnicity.