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Nate Walton, son of basketball great Bill Walton and older brother of Los Angeles Lakers coach Luke Walton, was born to star on the hardwood. He is 6-foot-7-inch tall.

Nate Walton was born on January 14, 1978. Now he is 43 years old. Nate Walton was born in San Diego, California. He studied at Princeton University. He looked at the University of Princeton. Chris Walton, Adam Walton, Luke Walton, Adam Walton are his siblings. Susan Guth, Bill Walton is his parents. His uncle’s name is Bruce.

Quick Info
NameNathan Walton
Date of birthJanuary 14, 1978
Place of birth San Diego, California
Edacution Princeton University
Father Bill Walton
MotherSusan Guth
SiblingsChris Walton, Adam Walton, Luke Walton
Age 43 years

Early Life

The Walton brothers were to participate as a child in the Celtic customs. Later they cease to allow the children to attend the practice center because the children were so horrible. Despite his young age, Walton took on these great Boston teams’ winning ways.

Nate Walton
Image Source: Princeton Athletics

Nate Walton used to watch his dad playing for the NBA Championship, whether Kevin McHale or Robert Parish. Larry Bird would constantly challenge Danny Ainge to see who the shooter would have been better, and the reporter and senior men of state would have been Dennis Johnson. All of these men were so competitive and that they were the best player, so that they would play their best game every day.

They had on-the-bench fellows such as Scott Wedman, Jerry Sichting, and Rick Carlisle. They often considered the exercise to be more difficult than some of the sports they played. In the driving ranks, he fought with his brothers; the competition and intensity of those practices sank off Walton.


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Nate Walton went to high school, and a man named Jim Tomey became his head coach at San Diego High School University. Walton’s life would have Tomey become a tremendously significant character. Tomey was an excellent person, and he struck a balance between pushing you but keeping it entertaining. He met a trainer that was prepared to make him when he was 16.

With the guiding of Tomey, Walton has gone head-to-head, and the country has had to offer some of the top players in California.

Nate Walton had a unique and striking experience with AAU. The success of Walton on both the AAU and high school circuits helped him gain an opportunity at the ABCD Camp, which led him to the summer of his senior year. Nate Walton was assigned in that camp in the same group as Kobe Bryant, and it was here that his recruiting to Princeton started. When he went to Princeton, he wanted to visit Walton more realistically; he experienced it amazingly.

Image Source: Wall Street Journal


At Princeton, Nate Walton breaks into two eras; his underclass years and years of high class. The role of Walton on the team would grow over time, both on the court and in the locker room. The team’s roster looked very different as it went into its senior year. The Tigers won the Ivy League title with a 68-52 win over Penn, picked up as the sixth in the league.

Towards the end of his time in Princeton with 270 career assists, he would be over 100 times in two seasons. Today, Walton ranks 11th all-time in school history on a guard-dominated list.

Nate Walton
Image Source: Wall Street Journal

After completing his studies in France for a season, Walton earned his MBA from Stanford and started to work for an investment firm named Ares Management in Los Angeles, where he had been working for the last 14 years.

In addition to his experience with basketball, Nate Walton also recognizes that his class experiences are vital to his post-graduate career.

Nate Walton’s early teachings about achievement opened his eyes to an unimaginable world in Princeton when he was at the time.


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Relationship status

Currently, we don’t have any information about his relationship status. Probably, he has kept it secret.

Social Media

Nate Walton is also active on social media. He uses Instagram to share his information. He has 41K followers on Instagram.


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