Who is Ric Flair?

Ric Flair is a former professional wrestler from America. Ric has been part of the “National Wrestling Alliance” (NWA) and “World Championship Wrestling” (WCW). He is one of the popular wrestlers of his all-time. Ric was not only famous for his wrestling skills but also for his extravagant lifestyle. He has won the “World Championships” sixteen times. Ric has suffered a lot in his personal and professional life. He has a cold relationship with his adoptive parents. Ric had to face several injuries, unsuccessful marriages, and the loss of his son.

Quick Info
Full NameRichard Morgan Fliehr
Date Of Birth25th February 1949
Birth PlaceMemphis, Tennessee
Parent(s)Richard Reid Fleihr
Kathleen Virginia Kinsmiller
SpouseWendy Barlow
Age71 Years
Height6 ft 1in
Net WorthUSD $500 thousand

He has won a lot of championships and created a number of records during his wrestling career. Ric went through a lot of ups and downs in his wrestling career. But his passion for wrestling always remained the same and he enjoyed a long wrestling career. Ric even participated in the “Total Nonstop Action Wrestling” (TNA) despite his retirement. Ric takes the participation as “number one” regret of his wrestling career. He is actively supporting his WWE wrestler daughter Charlotte.

Ric Flair
Image Source: WWE

Early Life

The birthplace of Ric is Memphis, Tennessee. He came into the world on 25th February 1949. His biological father’s name is Luther. His biological mother’s name is Olive Phillips. Richard Reid Fleihr along with his wife Kathleen Virginia Kinsmiller adopted Ric from the “Tennesse Children’s Home Society.” This changed his name to Richard Morgan Fliehr. Ric’s adoptive father was a physician and his mother was involved in acting. They were living in Edina, Minnesota,


Ric went to the “Wayland Academy” in the early days of his education. He was actively participating in sports during that time. Ric was flourishing in the sports like football, wrestling, and track. He had started his career as an amateur wrestler before joining the “University of Minnesota.” He joined the university on a full fellowship for the university. But he left the college just after he finished his freshman year. Ric started working as a bouncer at a club. This job became a turning point in his life. He met an “Olympic Weightlifter” Ken Patera on one fine night. Ken introduced the promoter of the “American Wrestling Association” (AWA) Verne Gagne. Verne registered Ric for the training class.

Career, Struggles, WWE, Awards, and Titles

Ric joined the “Wrestling Camp” of Verne in 1971. He began his training alongside fellow wrestlers The Iron Sheik, Jim Brunzell. Ken Patera and Greg Gagne. Ric started his wrestling career with the name of “Ric Flair.” His first match was against George ‘Scrap Iron’ Gadaski in December 1972. The match reached the conclusion after 10 minutes with both wrestlers being in the same bucket.

Ric Flair
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Ric Flair ended his journey in AWA. Then, he became part of the”National Wrestling Alliance” (NWA) in 1974. Ric succeeded to win his first title on 8th February 1975. He had won the match by defeating Paul Jones during the “NWA Mid-Atlantic TV Championship.” He even had an experience close to death.

Ric Flair along with Bob Bruggers, Tim Woods, Johnny Valentine “Mr. Wresling I” Tim Woods, and David Crockett was traveling on a plane on 4th October 1975. Unfortunately, the plane crashed arriving in Wilmington, North Carolina. Although the pilot died in the accident he succeeded to save the life of the passengers. Ric was only 26 years old during that time. The doctor had even predicted that his back injury would stop his wrestling career.

Moreover, Ric’s love for wrestling was far stronger than his back pain. He attended a lot of physical therapies to enter the ring again. The determination of Ric paid off and he was all set to wrestle again after one year. He faced Wahoo McDaniel after his comeback in February 1976. Ric had to change his wrestling technique. He even ended the “power brawling techniques.” 

Ric Flair succeeded to win the “NWA United States Heavyweight Championship” on 29th July 1977. He had won the fight against the Bobo Brazil. He succeeded to win the title five times again till 1980. Ric became popular as “The Nature Boy” after fighting “Buddy Rodgers” in 1978. He also won the “NWA World Heavyweight Championship” for the first time on 17th September 1981. His shouting during the match against his wrestlers exclaiming ‘Woooo!’ became his trademark.

Ric Flair
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Ric Flair formed a team along with Ole Anderson, Arn Anderson, and Tully Blanchard in early 1985. They named the group “Four Horsemen.” They succeeded to capture all the main titles of the match  in the “NWA.”A lot of wrestlers had been joining and leaving the group with the passing of time. Ric joined the “World Wrestling Federation” (WWF) in August 1991.  Ric won his first match in “WWF Championship” for the first time against twenty-nine wrestlers in the “Royal Rumble” on 19th January 1992. He lost the title against Bre Hart on 12th October 1992.

Moreover, Ric Flair joined the “WCW” again in February 1993. He succeeded to win the “NWA World Heavyweight Championship.” Ric won the title by defeating Beach Blast. He became the “WCW International World Heavyweight” in June 1994. The same year, he succeeded to become the “WCW World Champion.” He won the match against Sting for the title.

Ric Flair also won the “WCW World Championship” two times during 2000. The “WWE” bought the brand in 2001. Ric was back in WWF in November 2001. He even won the “World Tag Team Championship” in 2003 and 2004. Ric entered the “WWE Hall of Fame” on 29th March 2008. His last match was against Shawn Micheals at”Wrestle Mania” on 30th March 2008. Ric lost the match. He occasionally attends the WWE matches of her daughter “Charlotte.”

Relationship, Son, and Personal Life

The first marriage of Ric Flair was with Leslie Goodman on 28th August 1971. They are the parents of two children. Megan and Davis their name. Unfortunately,  Ric separated along with his wife after twelve years in 1983. Ric married Elizabeth Harrell on 27th August 1983. Elizabeth gave birth to two children Reid and Ashley. The couple ended their relationship in 2006.

He tied knots with Tiffany VanDenmark on May 27, 2006. They legally separated in 2009. Ric married Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Beems on 11th November 2009. The marriage ended in 2014. He did an engagement with his girlfriend Wendy Barlow in July 2016.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Ric Flair is active on social media platforms. He goes with the name of “Ric Flair” on Twitter with 1.1 million followers and “@ricflairnatureboy” on Instagram with 2.1 million followers.  His Facebook page “Ric Flair, The Nature Boy” has 1.7 million followers.

Net Worth

Ric Flair has been part of the wrestling fraternity for more than forty-five years. He has won a lot of championships and tournaments. According to celebritynetworth.net, he has an approximate net worth of $500 thousand.

Nutshell Bio, Height, Weight, and Age

The full name of Ric is Richard Morgan Fliehr and Fred Philips. His nickname is “The Nature Boy.” The current age of Ric is 71 years. His nationality is American. He has an attractive height of 6 feet 1 inch along with a complimentary weight of 110.2 kg. Ric belongs to the white ethnicity.