Marshawn Lynch and his girlfriends

Marshawn Lynch born in Oakland, California, USA,  is best known for being a football player. Marshawn is turning 36 years old in 193 days; he was born on April 22, 1986. Marshawn played college football at the University of California, Berkeley, winning Pac-10 Player of the Year in 2006. Oakland player was drafted 12th overall […]

Details about sasha banks ‘s husband Sarath Ton. Marriage, career and everything

People often find their life partners in their friends and colleagues, and the same happened with WWE Wrestler Sasha Banks, who met the love of her life and her husband Sarath Ton in the place of work.   Sarath Ton, a costume designer and also a former wrestler, serves as a backstage worker for the WWE.  […]

Tony Romo Net Worth: Lifestyle, Business & Records

Tony Romo is a former American football player who played as a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL.  Romo, who retired from the NFL in 2017 after spending 13 seasons with the Cowboys, has since moved on to take up broadcasting roles with CBS.    PLAYING RECORDS Romo was considered one of the […]

Former WWE star Christy Hemme confirms retirement

Many wrestlers have come and gone from the WWE rings, some leave their impression with their exclusive performances, and some just fade away without anyone noticing.  One such star who was able to make her mark in the WWE in a very short span of time was Christy Hemme.  Born Christina Lee Hemme, she was […]

Who is jared goff’s girlfriend? Full Details about Christen Harper

Jared Goff is an American footballer who plays for the Detroit Lions in the National Football League.  He is a quarterback who started his footballing career during college in California and was selected first overall by the Los Angeles Rams in the 2016 NFL Draft. Although he had an unsuccessful season with the Rams, he […]

Wayne Gretzky Net Worth: Lifestyle, Business & Records

Wayne Gretzky is a former Canadian hockey player who is currently one of the most influential persons in the sporting world.  Amassing Wayne Gretzky Net Worth of more than $250 million, the mogul has generated tremendous cash flow after his retirement and used it to create an empire that he now sits on top of.  […]

The Top Ten Wrestlers of All Time

WWE is a franchise of professional wrestling that is enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. Many of the 90s kids grew up watching their favorite superstars having a go in the ring. A show that has captivated its viewers for more than 40 years, WWE has redefined wrestling and entertainment as a complete action package.  […]

Top 12 Hottest Women Golfers in 2021

Golf is widely considered as the gentleman’s (and woman’s) game. Sometimes a leisure activity for the elite, the game is equally exciting and competitive when it comes to professionals who live for it. The game is enjoyed by both men and women of various ages, and there are some players you always wanna see the […]

The Top 5 Richest NBA Players in the World Right Now!

Basketball is a sport that comes with a lot of fame and glory besides the courtside action that people seem to enjoy so much around the world.  With players like Michael Jordan and LeBron James setting new records and heights in the history of the game, it has since popularized around the world not only […]

Brock Lesnar’s daughter, Mya, is an athletic beast just like her dad

Anyone who watches action sports or wrestling knows who Brock Lesnar is. The American-Canadian professional wrestler and formerly a mixed martial artist who also appeared in the UFC is a name that strikes fear in his opponents. During his time, he was also a professional football player. Since his inception into the sporting world, he […]