Marcelo Bielsa is the manager of the football team Argentina. He is also the head of the football club “Leeds United” from England. Marcelo was a footballer before stepping in the boots of a manager. He did not get much success as a footballer.

Quick Info
Full NameMarcelo Alberto Bielsa Caldera
Date Of BirthJuly 21, 1955
Birth PlaceRosario, Argentina
Parent(s)Rafael Pedro Bielsa
Lidia Caldera
Wife(s)Laura Bracalenti
OccupationFootball Manager, Head Coach
Age65 years
Net WorthUS $5 million

Marcelo Bielsa

Marcelo started his coaching career from the “Newell’s Old Boys School’s Youth Division.” Then, he has taken responsibility for popular clubs of England, Argentina, and Mexico. The national team of Argentina succeeded to won the “Olympics Gold Medal” in 2004. His contribution to making the national team of Chile a strong contender made him more popular. Marcelo Bielsa has also headed the club “Athletic Bilbao” in Spain. Marcelo Bielsa succeeded to take the team to the “Continental Cup.”

Marcelo Bielsa took the responsibility of the club “Leeds United” as a manager in 2018. The team succeeded to reach the top rankings in the league. Marcelo has helped a lot of teams and players to recognize their strength and change the direction of the mind. He is one of the most adorable and admired coaches and managers in the globe.


Early Life and Childhood

The birthplace of Marcelo is Rosario, Argentina. He came into the word on 21st July 1955. His father’s name is Rafael Pedro Bielsa. His mother’s name is Lidia Caldera. The hardworking nature of his mother had influenced the mentality of Marcelo. He grew up with his two siblings. His brother’s name is Rafael Bielsa. Maria Eugenia Bielsa is her sister.

 Both of his siblings are actively involved in politics in Argentina. They have been part of important positions in the government. The family was economically stable. Marcelo Bielsa used to spend more time with books. He used to collect and enjoy sports magazine. He was fifteen years old when he started playing football. He succeeded to enter the “Newell’s Old Boys School’s Football Team.” But he was not able to enter the list of a star player.



There are not many details of the educational background of Marcelo available.


Career, Teams Coached, Tactics, Leeds United, and Wiki

Marcelo started his career as a manager in 1980. His first responsibility as a coach was in the “Newell’s Old Boys School” for the youth division. Then, he became the manager of the team in 1990. The team succeeded to win the “Torneo Apertura” and “Torneo Integration” in 1990. The team also made it to the finals of the “Copa Libertadores”  under his management in 1992. The team failed to win the title. But the team won the “Torneo Clausura” in the same month.

Marcelo Bielsa

Likewise,  he was a manager in the club “Atlas” in Mexico between 1992 and 1994. Marcelo even took the responsibility of the “Club America” for two years till 1996. Then, Marcelo Bielsa came to Argentina to take the responsibility of the manager in the club “Club Atletico Velez Sarsfield”  in 1998. The team succeeded to win the “1998Clasura.” He became the manager of the national team of Argentina in 1998. Marcelo Bielsa grabbed the attention of people and media after he was unable to control his anger after the defeat of the team. The team had lost the match against “Colombia” during the “Copa America” in 1999.

Moreover, the team succeeded to qualify for the “2002 World Cup” under his managerial skills. The team was not able to cross the knockout stage. Despite the defeat, the team didn’t lose hope and trained harder with new strategies and reached the finals of the “Copa America” in 2004. The same year, the team succeeded to take the “2004 Summer Olympics.”  The national team of Argentina succeeded to win the “Olympic Gold Medal” after fifty years under his managerial skills.

Marcelo became the manager of the national team of Chile in 2007. The team succeeded to qualify for the “World Cup.” This made him more popular in Chile. The followers of Chile did a campaign to extend the managerial period of Marcelo to another world cup. But he resigned from the post due to political circumstances in 2011. He then joined the club “Athletic Bilbao” as a manager in July 2011. The team succeeded to improve its ranking in the “UEFA Europa League” in 2012. The same year, the team made it to the finals of the “Copa del Rey’ in 2012. He left the club in June 2013.

Likewise, Marcelo joined the club “Marseille” in May 2014. It was a French football club. He was the coach of the club for two years. The team succeeded to improve its ranking to number four during the “Ligue 1” in 2014. He left the club in August 2015. Marcelo Bielsa joined the club “Lazio” in July 2016. But he decided to leave the club just after two days of the appointment. The club filed a lawsuit for €50 million.

Marcelo became the manager of the club “Lille” in 2017. It was a two-year contract but his huge changes were not digestible for the rest of the managerial team. This made the authorities suspend him from the position of the coach after thirteen matches.

Moreover, Marcelo became the head coach of the club “Leeds United” in June 2018. The deal was for two years. The contract made Marcelo “The Highest Paid” manager in the history of the club. The team succeeded to win the three matches of the “EFL Championships.” This victory was a big achievement for the club as they had not succeeded to do well in tournaments since1974. The team moved till the six rounds of the tournament. Marcelo Bielsa is creating magic over the club in the same manner.

Marcelo Bielsa

Relationship, Personal Life, and Wife

Marcelo married Laura Bracalenti in 1990. They are blessed with a child Ines Bielsa.


Social: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Marcelo is not active on social media platforms. He is from the time when his dedication used to create history rather than social media posts. Although if you search his name on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account you will encounter unverified accounts and fan-made pages.


Marcelo Bielsa Net worth

The exact net worth of Marcelo is not clear. According to his achievements, Marcelo Bielsa must have a net worth of more than $5 million.


Nutshell Bio

The full name of Marcelo is Marcelo Alberto Bielsa Caldera. The nationality of Marcelo is Argentinian. The current age of the player is 65 years. Marcelo Bielsa has an attractive height of 6 feet with a complimentary weight of 82 kgs. Marcelo belongs to the white Argentine ethnicity.