Amanda Dufner was born in Millbrook, Alabama, the USA, in 1988. “Bad marriages do not cause infidelity; Infidelity causes bad marriages.” In all honesty, we are not sure if it affects a modern-day interested person or not. Still, it led to a split between the famous golfer Jason Dufner and his wife, Amanda Boyd Dufner.

We are here to spotlight a once-famous woman for never being seen marrying and divorcing this golf star mentioned above. We often see tabloids reporting click-through stories to create drama and drive traffic. But, in this case, the tabloids are praised adequately for doing their job well. There have been many suspicious stories surrounding Amanda’s life, and honestly, a complete movie can be made from all the stories reported by the sources.

Quick Info
Full NameAmanda Boyd Dufner
Date Of Birth1988
Birth PlaceMillbrook, Alabama, U.S.
Parent(s)Mickey Boyd and Elizabeth Boyd
Age32 years old
Body Measurement
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Zodiac SignN/A
Martial StatusDivorced
Wife(s)/Partner(s)Jason Dufner (Former)
Net Worth$25 million

Amanda Dufner Early Life & Education

Amanda Dufner was born in Millbrook, Alabama, the USA, In 1988. Also, Mickey Boyd and Elizabeth Boyd adopted their daughter and have rumors that they are their only child. At the same time, being born in the United States gives him American citizenship and corresponds to white nationality. Although she is the wife of a famous golfer, much of her young life remains undisclosed. In addition, it is unclear whether the American has any siblings, and it appears that the type of Dufner’s upbringing is under wraps.

Amanda Dufner

On the other hand, the only information Amanda allowed to slip as her educational background. The American grew up in Millbrook, Alabama, and attended a local high school. Although the exact degree of Dufner’s education is unknown, she attended the University of Alabama and graduated in 2010. Similarly, the college was where life would take a chance on Alabamian as the everyday life of a girl would explode with that of a real and happening golfer.


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Amanda Dufner Career

First of all, it should come as a shock to many readers, but it is acknowledged that there are no sources that could point to a beloved American work. However, the internet has found a stumbling block that Dufner is a licensed real estate agent. In addition, her place of employment is in Florida. Amanda, as of late, has four years of experience in the field mentioned. In the same way, Alabamian is a successful retailer that can be incorporated into its current life.

Amanda Dufner

Alternatively, the U.S. license number reads 3343322. On December 11, 2015, Dufner became a legal agent, and her appointment took effect on January 29, 2018, and continued until September 30, 2019.


Amanda Dufner Marriage & Divorce

In 2009, Amanda met her then-husband, Jason Dufner, for the first time in Auburn. After that, a brief beating later, the two could not stay married due to conflicting plans. In addition, Jason was an established golfer when he met Amanda. However, the two would be together for one life. Finally, in 2010, the two met while in New Orleans. Deciding to pick up where they left off, their connection grew, soon to be separated.

Gradually, Amanda’s love for Jason grew to such an extent that she often came to her hotel rooms and golf courses, leaving her college behind. In the same way, Jason was romantically involved and, one fine day knelt down and called out to his girlfriend. The date was July 4, and the event seemed fitting to raise the big question among all the fireworks and entertainment parties. Therefore, the couple exchanged vows in 2012 at a wedding ceremony held in Fountainview, Auburn. Likewise, after such a wonderful marriage and the laying on of a foundation for the happiness of a lifetime, no one could have foreseen what would happen in the future. Figuratively speaking, relationships have cracked down.

Amanda Dufner

In 2015, several media outlets began reporting the incredible story about the secrets Amanda kept to Jason. An incident allegedly caused by golf legend Tiger Woods broke the bond, which was said to be irreparable. What is more, the truth of the matter remains to be seen. However, this was enough for Jason to leave the marriage and never look back. In addition, Amanda Dufner filed for divorce on March 16 because of the ‘irreparable marital breakdown’ and ‘the complete non-alignment of the spirit that the parties can no longer live together. ”


Amanda Dufner Net Worth

In particular, Mrs. Boyd earns an average of $ 78,850 annually. In contrast, the fair Alabamian value is still being revised. Assuming you are a successful retailer, Amanda has accumulated over $ 1 million in total revenue. In addition, life is comfortable for the Millbrook natives as Jason Dufner has donated $ 2.5 million to divorce homes and several other properties. Similarly, Boyd also owns his dog Louie, from a unique breed.

In addition, Alabamian went ahead and bought a city mansion in Jupiter, Florida, located on an area of ​​3000 sq. Km. Ft. Worldwide with an impressive $ 675k. The exciting truth about this purchase is that the accommodation is only a few miles from Tiger Woods house. In contrast, Jason is an outstanding golfer who lives at an astonishing $ 15 million. Professionally, Dufner has achieved many successes, and her excellent fortune proves the truth. At the same time, Jason made a whopping $ 25 million in salary.


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Amanda Dufner Socials

Talking about socials, she is significantly less active on the social media platform. She has only 2800 followers and has 94 posts to date. Apart from that, she is not available in any other forum.


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