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Antoine Griezmann, the French professional footballer, was born on March 21, 1991, in Macon, which is the city of east-central France. He is the child of father Alain Griezmann and mother, Isabelle Griezmann. Their surname spelled as “Griesmann,” but for the societal purpose, they changed their surname to “Griezmann.” Griezmann’s mother, Isabelle, worked in the hospital as a supervisor to the cleaning team. Her father, Amaro, was the Portuguese footballer, Pacos de Ferreira is the football club where her father used to play the football that is known as the grandfather of Griezmann.

Quick Info
Full NameAntoine Griezmann
Date Of Birth21st March 1991
Birth PlaceMacon, France
Parent(s)Alain Griezmann (Father)
Isabelle Griezmann (Mother)
ProfessionSoccer Player
Wife(s)Erika Choperena (2016-Present)
Age29 years
Current TeamFC Barcelona, France National Team
Net WorthUS $21 million

Antoine Griezmann

Because of some construction work, her father came to France with his beloved wife, Carolina, in 1957, the birthplace of Griezmann’s mother. His mother died in 1992 when he was a child. After the death of his mother, Antoine Griezmann used to spend is all the holidays in Pacos de Ferreira, which is in Portugal. He is attracted to football, and he began his football career by playing for his hometown club UF Manson. Later, he gave some trial to be the renowned football club but rejected because of his height and lightweight attribute.

After that, Antoine Griezmann got a chance to play a friendly match against the Youth Academy, where he shows himself as a good player, and many clubs are attracted and impressed toward Griezmann by seeing his partner. After that, Griezmann was offered a week trial by the San Sebastian, so he accepted the offer. After one week trial, the week expanded to two weeks.

Later, after seeing his skills and technique, he was appointed officially and formally to the club, and the club contacted his parents by asking for the contract. Antoine Griezmann’s parents were worried about him, and they resist him moving to Spain, but after they are having positive thoughts about his future, they allow him to move to Spain.


After arrival, Antoine Griezmann registered to the club’s French scout. After playing the match in the team, It takes some time for him to be a competent player, and after four years, he finally made the debut where Martin Lasarte was known as a defender in football and also the manager. Then he played on the pre-season matches where he had scored five goals. In 2009, on September 2, Antoine Griezmann played the game from the team Copa del Rey, known as the competitive debut to his future against the Rayo Vallecano.

Antoine Griezmann

In that match, he remained in substitution and substituted in the game in the 77th minute. The game ended with a 2-0 win, and after four days, he made his league debut as a substitution against the Real Murcia. Griezmann made his professional start by scoring the goal against the Huesca with the match score 2-0 win in on September 27. After scoring for the first time, he starts to achieve more and more. That one goal made him desire to score back-to-back. Cutting more and more makes him offer more so that he got the contract of five years deal with the club and starts his professional contract.

Before signing the contract, Antoine Griezmann also expresses his concern toward the Premier League clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal.  The Griezmann, who was fulfilling his dreams, has also made his première to the Spanish first division. He played the game against Real Madrid, but unfortunately, Madrid won the game by scoring 2-1, where Griezmann assisted the goal by passing to the Raul Tamudo. But after Cristiano Ronaldo, who was the most famous player, scored the goal, Madrid won that match. Further, he played so many games that made him more popular in the football sector.

Griezmann made his career better by joining the Barcelona club, which is the best club where the best players like Lionel Messi, Pique, Neymar, Oscar, and many more players have joined that club. Antoine Griezmann was paid €120 million to buy-out clause, but Griezmann is not joining the Barcelona club team for the money. He enters to learn more skills and techniques with the most talented players, so he joined the Barcelona club and started his career in Barcelona.

Antoine Griezmann

The France youth international coaches overlooked Antoine Griezmann. On June 1, he scored the first international goal for France while playing against Paraguay. He also became the part of UEFA Euro 2016 and got the 2-1 win score for France. He also played the 2018 FIFA world cup and was called up to the France squad. He was always involved in the name of the scorer in the match.


Griezmann got married to his beloved Erika Choperena in 2016 after being in a relationship since 2011. Then they had their first child, was a girl whose name is Mia, and after they had a second child whose name is Amoro, which is also the name of his grandfather.


The net worth of Antoine Griezmann is estimated to be US $21 million.