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Jasmine Plummer is an American who was a Pop Warner football team’s first-ever female quarterback. At eleven, she made history in the 56th Annual Pop Warner Super Bowl (Junior Pee Wee division) as the first female quarterback; however, her club, Harvey Colts, fell in the playoffs. The 2008 movie The Longshots, with Keke Palmer depicting her, is adapted from her experience.

Jasmine Plummer is one of the rare football women to acquire prominence and inspire women to fulfill their ambitions. Plummer is noted in the 56th annual Pop Warner Super Bowl as the first-ever female quarterback.

Jasmine is a lovely, powerful, personable woman. She’s got dark eyes and dark hair, too. Furthermore, there is no information in public databases on her other corporate measures.

Quick Info
NameJasmine Plummer
Date of BirthDec 01, 1993
Place of BirthHarvey, Illinois
EducationJoliet West High School
Mother's NameCassandra Johnson
Height5 feet 4 inch
Weight60 Kg
Hair colorDark
Eye colorDark
ProfessionAmerican football player
MovieThe Longshot
Net worth$2.7 million US

Early life

Jasmine Plummer was born in December 1993. Jasmine was a luxurious student who always had A’s in the Angelou Elementary School. But then, Joliet West High School had joined her. In addition, she did not mention her history of higher education.

Jasmine Plummer
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Jasmine Plummer, 8, began playing soccer in her neighborhood in the spring of 2001. Her mother, Cassandra Johnson, found this when Jasmine wounded her knee seriously, which needed 23 stitches while playing. Jasmine went back to the neighborhood park a few weeks later, playing football.

Her uncle, Fred Johnson, saw Jasmine’s talent to play football in a close and fast spiral. Fred enrolled Jasmine in the Pop Warner program after difficult discussions with his mother.


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In 2003, when Jasmine Plummer was 11, she made history by claiming the same title. Back then, as a female athlete and secondly as the first-ever Black woman to do this, she had become a household name for sport in the USA. The movie The Longshots shows her tale.

Mainly in northwest Louisiana, the film The Longshots was filmed, and the majority was in a bit of town called Minden. It was filmed at the high school of Minden and the alternative school of Webster Parish.

Jasmine Plummer first played as a linebacker, and she would like a competitive wrestler in any football battle. Since she was a colorful woman with a massive physique, her teammates did not welcome her warmly at first.

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She was 4 feet 9 foot long and weighed 90 pounds, making her a little success when it came to her physical power for someone of her age. However, her winning culture initially advanced to the squad and caused her uncle to move to a backer thanks to her speed and strength in the field. While she wasn’t supported by her mum, Cassandra Johnson, her uncle, Fred Johnson, saw potential in her and coached her for an actual match.

Jasmine Plummer became a soccer star and athletic, including Joliet West High School‘s track, field, and varsity basketball. She did not only shine there, but she also paved the door for future women’s athletes, with girls increasing their Pop Warner’s football registration since quarterback days.


Jasmine Plummer

Pop Warner Little Scholars, usually referred to as Pop Warner, is America’s most significant youth soccer program. It is a non-profit organization that offers US football activities in different countries globally for more than 425,000 children aged 5 to 16 years.

She brought a new understanding of girls’ football participation and a renewed perspective. Jasmine Plummer has also introduced fresh approaches to football and football women by changing the way coaches and old school societies are treated. While Plummer has no credit for establishing the trend, it cannot be overstated because she has played a role of immense influence.


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Jasmine Plummer’s Net worth

Jasmine Plummer is a diligent worker. In addition to gaining her notoriety through her sportive activities, she also made enormous profits, especially in football. Its net value as a footballer is believed to be around $500k, with a gain of about $2.7 million.


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