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Boston Red Sox is a professional baseball team from America. The team is a member of the “American League East Division.” It has succeeded to win the “World Series Championships” nine times. The team succeeded to win the “World Series” in 2018. It also won the “1904 American League” pennant.

Quick Info
Full NameBoston Red Sox
Date Of Establishment1901
OwnerFenway Sports Group (John Henry)
CEOSam Kennedy
PresidentChaim Bloom
General MangerBrian O'Halloran
Club ValuationUSD $3.3 billion

The club was formed in 1901. The team has been playing its home matches in Fenway Park since 1912. The owner of the team John I. Taylor suggested the name of the team as “Red Sox” in 1908. The name was inspired by the previous champion team “Boston Red Stockings.” It succeeded to establish itself as one of the dominating teams in the “World Series” in 1903. The team succeeded to defeat the “Pittsburgh Pirates” for the title. It also won four other tournaments by 1918.

Boston Red Sox
Image Source: The Boston Globe

The team had to face a huge gap for winning another trophy after the victory of the championship in 1918. This absence of victories was known as “Curse of the Bamboo.” It was the mythological belief that the Boston Red Sox has been bearing a sports curse for a whole 86 years of time.

Boston Red Sox finally won a “World Championships” in 2004. Despite the bad time period, the team succeeded to create a lot of beautiful memories. Right fielder Enos Slaughter had succeeded to create a “Mad Dash” in the “World Series” in 1946. The team won the American League” (AL) in 1967. But the team lost the match against “ST. Louis Cardinals” in the “1967 World Series.” It had lost in the seven games in the tournament.

The home run of Carlton Frisk is also one of the wow moments in 1975. Bill Buckner also had an error in 1986. The team became the first to win “World Series Trophies” four times in the twenty-first century. It succeeded to win the “World Series” in 2004, 2007, 2013, and 2018.  There has been a long rivalry with the team “New York Yankees.” The rivalry is popular as the most fierce in the history of professional sports in North America. An American sports company “Fenway Sports Group” is the owner of the team. The company is also the owner of the “Liverpool F.C.” Boston Red Sox has become one of the “Top MLB Teams.”


Early Days: Golden Era

 The formation of the team can be traced back to 1901. George Brumder sold the team in 1903. The team used to play their home matches in “Huntington Avenue Grounds.” The same year, it succeeded to grab the “pennant” for the first time. The team also earned its first pennant in 1904. The manager of the team was Jimmy Collins during that time. The ranking of the club was best during the 1901 band 1904. It participated in the “Modern World Series” for the first time in 1903. The team lost “100 games” in 1906.

Moreover, the team had to wait till the 1912 season to win another pennant. It succeeded in achieving a “winning percentage” of .691 in 1912. The record is one of the best records in the history of the team. It also had a winning record of 105 matches. This highest winning record of the team was surpassed by themselves in 2018. It succeeded to achieve a winning record of 108 matches.

Boston Red Sox

Joseph Lanin was the owner of the Boston Red Sox between 1913 and 1916. The team succeeded to win 105 matches in 1915. This opened their doors to participate in the “World Series” in 1915. It also won the “1916 World Series.” The team won the match against the team “Brooklyn Robins.” It also succeeded to win another “World Series Championships” in 1918.


Harry Frazee became the new owner of the Boston Red Sox in 1916. He bought the team for $500,000.The team went through a lot of losses and only a few victories over the course of time. Tom Yawkey bought the team in 1933. Jimmie Foxx was the “first baseman” of the team who succeeded to achieve home-runs of 50 in 1938. This was an unbreakable record for 68 years.

The addition of Ted Williams in the position of an outfielder in 1939. He was in the team till 1920. This time period between “1939-1960” was famous as “The Ted Williams Era.” The “1960s” was not a good time for the team. It had to face a lot of losses during that time. The team finished most of the tournaments with a maximum achievement of “runner up” in the division league.

Boston Red Sox
Image Source: Tampa Bay Times


Boston Red Sox started improving in the 1970s. It won the “Al Pennant” in 1975. It succeeded to score the “winning run” in the ninth inning. Joe Morgan became the new manager of the club on 15th July 1988. Immediately after his appointment, the team succeeded to win twelve games continuously.

This time became popular as the “Morgan Magic.” The name is popular for the time between 1988-1991. It won mixed success between 1992 and 2001. Johnny Henry won the team in 2002. The team went through a lot of ups and downs with the passing years. The team also finished the 2020 season by becoming last in the “AL East Division.”

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Boston Red Sox is active on social media platforms. It goes with the name of “Red Sox” on Twitter with 2.1 million followers and “@redsox” on Twitter with 1.8 million followers. The Facebook page “Boston Red Sox” has 4.8 million followers. Its official website is

Club Valuation

The exact net worth of the Boston Red Sox is not clear. According to, its team value is $3.3 billion. This was a detail of April 2020.