John Terry

John George Terry commonly known as John Terry is an English professional football coach who was also a professional football player and as Chelsea’s most successful captain. John Terry is considered to be one of Chelsea’s greatest ever legend. He can be best described using only three words i.e. “Captain, Leader & Legend”. He had […]

Andy Roddick

There are different games and different personalities in the field of sports. The players are said to be born for their Games. There is a saying that game calls for its best players. Among the best tennis players in the field, we never forget to call the name of Andy Roddick. He was of just […]

Mason Mount

Mason Mount is a young professional footballer who served as a midfielder for Chelsea and England’s national team. Despite his young blood, he can pull off some fantastic plays so far and still have room to improve himself. We can’t deny that he is so young and will shine even brighter in the coming future. […]

Alexa Grasso

Who is Alexa Grasso? I know you guys have heard the idiom ‘Beauty with Brain’ but have you ever thought what it actually shows and what it actually means? For that just look at Alexa Grasso, she is one who fits for this Idiom. She is the person with a great personality and with great […]

Herschel Walker

American Football has a huge fan base, and not even a single match fails to engage the large crowd. Most American football players have dedicated their lives to the game and their fans; similarly, Herschel Walker is a personality in American Football player who has a history that most people are unheard of, which we […]

Ben Chilwell

Most of us like to watch sports and point towards sports; Football is one of the sports that everyone is enthusiastically attracted to. It’s like a festive that comes and goes along, giving and talking about our happiness. But haven’t you wonder, this is only possible because the player continuously scores demandingly for us. Similarly, […]

Wayne Rooney

People are always fond of sports whether it’s a cricket or football. People involve themselves in any game. We know how crazy people are with FIFA and other matches. Wayne Rooney is the most popular name in football. People always show their liking towards the different football clubs which reflect their craziness towards football. Football […]

Nikki Bella

If anyone messed with the girl and never got his bones broken they should try Nikki!! This sounds hilarious, isn’t it? But that the reality Nikki Bella is one of the best professional wrestlers in the female category who is not less than any male fighter. EARLY LIFE Her real name is Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace. […]

Roman Reigns

Since childhood, we are fund of wrestling and I think there is no kid who hasn’t seen the wrestling matches, and not known Roman Reigns. I don’t say today’s kids have the same enthusiasm for wrestling but if you are of the nineties, then you will definitely know the renowned names of the players of […]

Iker Casillas

Iker Casillas Fernandez is the most outstanding goalkeeper in football history who played for his nation Spain. Also, because of his astounding, acrobatic, and unbelievable saves, he was nicknamed as Saint Iker. All with his incredible speed, strength, agility, and reflexes, he always performed well and helped his team win many titles. EARLY LIFE Saint […]