Dirk Nowitzki used to play handball and tennis; then, he also became a valued junior tennis champ in the German student circuit. When he grew up, he became so tall, so people told him an abnormal guy so that Dirk decided to enter into basketball where he can take advantage of his height.

After that, he attends the local DJK Wurzburg when he was 15 years old. His skills and talents were immediately attracted to the former German International Basketball player Holger Geschwindner to coach Nowitzki individually, two to three times a week. Dirk Nowitzki also accepts the offer.

Quick Info
Full NameDirk Werner Nowitzki
Date Of BirthJune 19, 1978
Birth Place Würzburg, Germany
ProfessionBasketball Player
Wife(s) Jessica Olsson
Age42 years
Height7 ft 0 in
Net WorthUS $140 million

His parents also agree, so he started his training to go through the unorthodox training scheme, where he gives importance to shooting and passing exercise and shunned weight training tactical drills. Later, Dirk Nowitzki personally instructs Nowitzki to play a musical instrument and read literature, making his personality complete.

After some days, the coach was pleased to see him growing. Dirk Nowitzki asked him to choose the life decision where he had told that if you wanted to be the best playing with the world or just wanted to be local, he also said that if you tried to the best, you must give your full time in training.

Still, if you choose to be playing local, then you are done with your training. After this conversation, Nowitzki decided to play against the world and determined to be the best one. After his decision, the coach let him train him 7 seven days a week. When Dirk Nowitzki turned into 16, he made the DJK squad where he used to train with the DHK Wurzburg players and the German internationals Robert Garrett, Marvin Willoughby, and Demond Greene.

Dirk Nowitzki


Nowitzki started his career after joining the DJK team, where he first trained by the Pit Stahl, and he played in Germany’s 2nd-tier level league, Second Bundesliga, South Division. Nowitzki became the first tall teenager who played as an outside scoring forward even though he had to play from the inside scoring center. His first match was not so good, so he was not satisfied with his game.

Later, in the 1995-96 Second Bundesliga season, Nowitzki showed his skills and techniques where he was able to be a regular double-digit scorer. After that, when the basketball coach Dirk Bauermann saw him playing so nicely and scoring 24 points in a DJK game, he was amazed, and he also said that he was the best basketball talented player from German not found in the last ten or maybe 15 years.

Later, Dirk Nowitzki played in so many seasons like the 1996-97 Second Bundesliga season, 1997-98 Second Bundesliga season. He was also voted as “german Basketballer of the Year” by the German BASKET magazine. Furthermore, he had played in the Nike “Hoop Heros Tour.” Dirk Nowitzki appears at the Nike Hoop Summit, where he showed his talents. Many people were amazed by his playing skills and his combination of quickness, techniques of handling the ball, and his shooting range to get so many opportunities from several clubs.



After having lots of offers from various colleges, he had chosen the Dallas Mavericks and started to play for Dallas. In  National Basketball Association records, he enlists as the only fourth German professional. There, Dirk Nowitzki met Nash, he was close to him, and both became good buddies.


1999-2000 SEASON

Later, on January 4, 2000, the team owner Ross Perot decided to sell the Mavericks to Mark Cuban, who is well known as an Internet billionaire who got sold for $280 million. The Cuban made quick decisions to invest in Mavericks. Later, they played the game where Nowitzki got declared runner-up in the NBA Most Improved Player Award behind the Jalen Rose, and Nowitzki was also chosen for the Three-Point Contest and became the tallest player.

Dirk Nowitzki

2000- 2001 SEASON

After his skills and playing qualities made him so important player for the team, he became the captain where he had played 82 games where he scored 30 points in10 games. Dirk Nowitzki also entitled the leading Maverick to date who got voted into the All-NBA teams. His friend Nash also became the critical point guards and the Finley securing extra to date, making pundits call this trio the “Big Three” of the Mavericks. Later, Maverick won the series in the five games where they lost the first three games of the series, and Nowitcki became sick at that time.



Later, he appeared in the franchise’s first Finals, which got held in 2006, and then he was able to play in the 2011 championship. Later, in 2015, he was the captain of Germany the EuroBasket, but they won only one game and eliminated it. After that, in 2016, he made his announcement about his retirement from the national club.



In his life, Dirk Nowitzki is famous by the name Euroscar European Basketball Player of the Year, which was kept by Italian sports newspaper and also named as Mister European Player of the Year in 2005 and the FIBA Europe Men’s Player of the Year, which was twice in 2005 and 2011.



Dirk Nowitzki was born on June 19, 1978, in Wurzburg, West Germany as a son of mother Helga Nowitzki and father Jorg-Werner. Nowitzki was born in an athletic family where his mother used to be a professional basketball player. His father used to be a handball player in Germany at the highest international level. His earlier sister Slike Nowitzki was also is a basketball player who was recently working for the NBA on International TV.

Dirk Nowitzki


Dirk Werner Nowitzki married Jessica Olsson, who worked at a Dallas art gallery and met at the charity events. When they publicly showed their relationship to the media, people started to talk to them about their race or color. They married in July 2012and they had given birth to their three children who were Morris Nowitzki, Max Nowitzki, and Malaika Nowitzki.



Nowitzki holds a German Nationality, where he is well known as a professional basketball player, and the people attracted his height. His is 7 feet (2.13m) tall, and his weight is 111kg, where he is 42 years old.



Dirk Nowitzki’s estimated net worth is $140 million, where he had become one of the best players in the German.