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Dwayne Haskins is the American professional football quarterback player, who is considered to be the valuable assets of the American Football family. He plays from the Washington football team of the National football league (NFL). In the American football team, we never gonna forget the name of Mr. Dwayne Haskins.

Quick Info
Full NameDwane Haskins Jr.
Date Of Birth3rd May, 1997
Birth PlaceHighland Park, New Jersey
Parent(s)Dwayne Haskins Sr. (Father)
Tamara Haskins (Mother)
ProfessionAmerican Football Player
GirlfriendSavhana Arai
Age23 years
Height6 ft 3 in
Weight104 kg
Net WorthUS $1 million

He has given a lot of contribution to America by representing the nation into different International tournaments. He was considered to be the strongest quarterback player of the American team. Because of his enormous tactical skills, ability to analyze the game, and its direction, his quality to maintain the balance in the game made him the best Quarterback in America. Dwayne Haskins is the idol for the people who love Football and who want to do something in the field of football.

Dwayne Haskins


Dwayne Haskins was born on May 3rd, 1997. The birthplace of Haskins is Highland Park, New Jersy. A 23 year and made a great impression in the football arena with his huge contribution to America. After that, Dwayne Haskins moved to Poromac, Maryland when he was studying in ninth grade.

After that, Dwayne Haskins attended Bullis School from 2013-2016 and played football from there. He played his match with Rutgers University to play college football representing his university, the University of Maryland. Then he took a decision to attend Ohio State after his own of the best couch Randy Edasakk was fired midseason. Dwayne Haskins was from a middle class family and his childhood was not that but difficult but during his career, he had to do a lot of struggle which furnished him the best player.



Dwayne Haskins started his first debut firs from Ohio State in 2016. In the same, he got the place to backup J.T. Barrett and finished the season succeeding 40 among 57 passes for 565 yards and four touchdowns. Dwyane Haskins then went for a campaign in his sophomore season in 2018. He was the one in the season who made touchdown records for Ohio State and the Big Ten by creating the record of 4,000-passing yards mark and throwing 50 touchdowns. He made himself one of six NCAA quarterbacks to achieve such success in a single season.

Dwayne Haskins

Not only this, but he also made records in a total offensive score of 4,900 plus yards in the season and total passing yards in a game which is 470. In the game, he threw more than 225 passing yards which include 8 games scoring more than 300 yards. Similarly, Dwayne Haskins scored in four games of more than 400 in his start of 12. In the Big Ten football championship game which was held in 2018, he threw for 499 yards with five touchdowns which was an extraordinary performance in that game. Whereas in the match of 2019 he had thrown three touchdowns in Rose Bowl and finally won the MVP award in both games for his best performance in the game scoring a record.

Dwayne Haskins has been awarded different titles and his performance also earned him the honor of first-team All-Big Ten honors. Similarly, the Graham–George Offensive Player of the Year and the Griese–Brees Quarterback of the Year, as well as the Chicago Tribune Silver Football, are also been given to him for his contribution and performance. Dwayne Haskins has also been awarded the Male Ohio State Athlete of the Year awards as well. He was also nominated as a semifinalist for the Maxwell Award which was a proud moment for him as well as for the nation too. In his educational career, he studied Journalism and got a degree from there.



Talking about his personal life, Dwayne Haskins the son of Dwayne Haskins Sr.  and mother Tamara Haskins. Football was not the first hobby of Haskins. His interest in football made his achievements in football grabbed his attention towards sports and he started playing football then after.  A handsome blonde man never ever complained about his personal life. The media gossips about his relationship with Savhana Cousines. The report says they have secretly dated each other for a long time.

In the case of social media, He shares his related information on Twitter.

Dwayne Haskins


As there are many football enthusiasts in America and America has produced many capable idols in the field of football, but no one thought this normal guy will build his empire in the field of football. A man with 6 ft 4 in (1.93 m) height won different titles and one of the best quarterback players of America who competed with the different opponents in his entire football career. As he is From America, Dwayne Haskins got the nationality of America and play from the side of America. His weight is 218lb i.e. 99 kg.



Based on the different official reports, his net worth is considered to be $1million. And his salary is under consideration which means his salary fluctuates. He is among the best football player with well-settled life. So, he is a professional Football player who is living a happy life with his family and friends. But besides his happy life, he is doing hard for the sake of the nation representing it to the global arena. There are many players who have a net worth more than him but as he is doing and started playing in different matches he has a great future. Similarly, he made additional income involved in different endorsements of brands as well.