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I am sure you heard about the game baseball. Baseball is considered one of the favorite games for America. Americans are fond of this game. This game requires strong players with extraordinary focus. So in this game, we can’t forget the name of Lou Brock.

Quick Info
Full NameLouis Clark "Lou" Brock
Date Of Birth18 June 1939
Birth PlaceEl Dorado, Arkansas
Parent(s)Paralee Brock (Father)
Maud Brock (Mother)
ProfessionBaseball Player
Wife(s)Viginea Daniels (1976-1995),
Katie Hay( 1960-1974),
Jacquiline Layne (1996-2020)
Death6th September 2020 (At the age of 81)
Net WorthUS $60 million

Lou Brock is the American professional baseball player, who is considered to be the valuable asset of the American baseball family. In the American baseball team, we never gonna forget the name of Mr. Brock. He has given a lot of contribution to America by representing the nation into different International tournaments and changing the face of the baseball game as well.

Lou Brock

Lou Brock was considered to be the strongest and best left fielder of the American team. Because of his enormous tactical skills, ability to analyze the game and its direction, his quality to maintain the balance in the game made him the best left fielder in American games. He is the idol for the people who love Football and who want to do something in the field of football.

Brock was an American player who played  in Major League Baseball in different tournaments. He was a specialized left fielder who ended his life by playing with the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals. Lou Brock was also the coach for the team as well.



Lou Brock was born on 18 June 1939 and recently died on 6th September 2020. He was born in El Dorado, Arkansas, which is the southern border to the United States. His full name is Louis Clark “Lou” Brock.  He was the American Baseball outfielder and coach as well for the team. He was considered to the best left field of the baseball game.

He assisted the national team to achieve different titles for the game. Lou Brock belonged to a poor family and he was a satisfied person in case of a physical aspect. He never complained about his poor life. As used to say that if someone is poor or you don’t have something it doesn’t mean you never gonna have it in whole life. It’s all about fate and your hard work which gives a wing to fly in a different life.

Lou Brock


Lou is one of the members of the Arkansas Sports Hall of Fame. Similarly, he is also the members of the National Baseball Hall of Fame where he played a vital role in changing the way or say designing the way of baseballs and gave the game a different shape in the world. Then in 1991, Lou Brock retired as Major League Baseball’s all-time stolen bases leader by making a record in baseball community.

He was renowned outfielder for Chicago Cubs from 1961 to 1964 and similarly severed St. Louis Cardinals from 1964 to 1979 and gave them a different shape. He is also the Member of World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals teams from 1964 and 1967. Lou Brock is recognized as the Member of the National League Champion St. Louis Cardinals team which was held in 1968.

Lou Brock was also named for the 6 National League All-Star Teams from the years 1967, 1971-1972, 1974-1975, and 1979 respectively, and made the nation as name at peak. He is one of the capable people and a well-defined coach who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1985.

He was retired from baseball as all-time leaders in stolen bases in his career and in a season. Then after his popularity, he was by the Cubs to the Cardinals on June 15, 1964, for pitcher Ernie Broglio which was proven to best for his career. He was one of the players who made a major debut on a league on 10 September 1961. Then after in 2005, Lou Brock was joined to the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame.



Discussing the personal life of Lou, he the seventh son of Paralee Brock and mother Maud Brock. His father was a domestic and field labour who struggled for daily livings. Her mother left his father and children and went away then along with their father they moved to Collinston, Louisiana.

Lou Brock married with three girls Viginea Daniels (1976-1995), Katie Hay( 1960-1974), Jacquiline Layne (1996-2020). A physically strong man never ever complained about his personal life. He was a strong man and had a set of skills. Poverty made him the man who can survive in any situation. His life taught him a lesson by which he succeeded in his life.

Lou Brock


As there are many Baseball enthusiasts in America and America has produced many capable idols in the field of baseball, but no one thought this normal guy will build his empire in the field of baseball. A man with June 5-11½ height won different titles and one of the best left fielder of Germany who competed with the different opponents in his entire football career. As he was From America, he got the nationality of America and play from the side of America. He died recently in 2020.



Based on the different official reports, his net worth is considered to be $60 million. And his salary is considered to be 5 Million US dollars by authorities. He is among the best football player with a well settled life. He is blessed with two children Tea Henry and Tristan Henry. So he is a professional Football player and manager who is living happy life with his family and friends.