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Many wrestlers have come and gone from the WWE rings, some leave their impression with their exclusive performances, and some just fade away without anyone noticing. 

One such star who was able to make her mark in the WWE in a very short span of time was Christy Hemme. 

Born Christina Lee Hemme, she was the first winner of the WWE Diva Search in 2004. She became extremely popular among the fans with her beauty and wrestling skills. Gaining huge fan approval ratings, she also featured in the Playboy magazine while still being a WWE star. 



The first-ever winner of WWE’s $250,000 prize for winning the Diva Search, Hemme was one of the prized assets of the WWE until she decided to switch to TNA in 2006, where she enjoyed a decade-long stint.

 Christina Lee Hemme
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Unfortunately, after three years of joining the franchise, Hemme suffered a terrible neck injury in 2009, which forced her into early retirement from the profession she so dearly loved and was passionate about. 

After staying at the hospital for a few weeks, Hemme returned to the TNA but not as a wrestler. Her role was now that of ring announcer and wrestling valet. 

She was still in the line of work she always wanted but not being able to participate in wrestling matches herself did cause her some stress and sorrow. 


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During her journey with the company up until 2016, she was also assigned the role of a member of the TNA creative team. On April 24, 2015, episode of Impact Wrestling, Hemme was attacked by the debuting wrestler Jade and Marti Bell after Jade lost a fight. This happened out of spite, and Hemme was in no way prepared for the surprise assault since she wasn’t even a wrestler anymore. 

 Christina Lee Hemme
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After spending her time with TNA for almost a decade, in February 2016, Hemme took a hiatus from the show, and on April 1 of the same year, she announced her departure. 

Recently in August 2021, she attended a virtual autograph session with East Coast Autograph Auctions as a special guest. During the event, she was questioned by many fans about her wrestling career and premature retirement, while some even begging her to come back for “one more match.”  

“I would gladly fight if I didn’t have a bad neck because I fought with all my heart to get back, but the neck stopped me,” Hemme replied to a desperate audience in the event. 

“Hey everyone!! So first of all Happy Holidays!! I am so excited to enjoy some downtime before the gigantic year I have brewing for 2010!!”, Hemme had written to her fans via her MySpace back in 2010.

Christina Lee Hemme
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“I am extremely happy, excited, thrilled, and energized by the new opportunity TNA has given me, utilizing me outside of the ring. I love wrestling and feel so blessed to still have a ringside seat to something I will always have so much heart for. Thank you soooooo much, TNA, and thank you to every single one of you that has supported me, I appreciate you more than you will ever know!!”, she announced the new roles that the company had provided her with and explained that she was extremely delighted to be a part of the wrestling world. 


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Christy Hemme gave birth to quadruplets in 2018. The former WWE Diva and TNA star and ring announcer/interviewer gave birth to four children, Hemme Lee, Jagger James, Quinn Eugene, and Sunni Sue Patterson, on January 6. 

It was a miraculous moment in the wrestler’s life, as it is very rare that a woman gives birth to four children at once. 

She already has a daughter Charlie Rose, whose birthday too happens to fall on the same day she gave birth to her newborns. 

She married her husband Charley Patterson in the year 2010, and the two have been living happily ever since with their five children. 


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