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The gaming industry has been flourishing for the past 40 years. What started on a few computers with kilobytes of RAM has now turned into a trillion-dollar industry. The most interesting thing is that the development game is not limited to first-world countries only!

Rather, the paradigm has spread all over the world and it’s now one of the top career choices for the youth. Norway is one of the most prominent among the countries that have made a spot for themselves on the map.

The purpose of this post is to commemorate the game development industry in Norway and look into what might be in the future. Let’s go.

Gamers from around the world are now very much aware of what they want. There was a time when it was up to the game developers regarding what they want to project in the game. Now, it’s the gamers who decide what they want to play and the developers must comply.

To meet the needs of this massive niche, the development process had to be spread out to all capable hands. Norwegians have taken it very seriously. The fact that the number of developers based in the country has almost doubled in the last decade or so is proof enough for me.

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The same can be said for online casino development. Believe it or not, casinos are a huge part of the gaming industry now. Plenty of providers are working hand in hand to create a new casino capable of attracting players from all walks of life. Here are some of the fastest-growing developers I’ve seen.

Blink Studios

The first shout-out goes to Blink Studios. The headquarters of this company is based in Oslo. As part of the business, it develops games for computers, mobile devices (Android and iOS), and even Mac. It’s currently not very active in the console niche but I believe it’s only a matter of time. Dreamfall Chapters still remain the most accredited game from its library. I’m certain you’ll get plenty of other titles in near future.


Megapop Games

If the Norwegian heritage is something to go by, Megapop Games take the win any day. It’s almost 20 years old at this point and it has experienced it all. It’s also located in Oslo, the capital city of Norway.

If you’re familiar with video game titles like Rob Riches, Trolls vs Vikings, Rusken, etc. games, you already have an idea of Megapop’s legacy. From what I can tell playing the games from the existing library, this developer is destined for good things in the future.

megapop games


This is one of the very few Norwegian developers with an international office. The headquarters for Funcom are based in Oslo but it also has a studio in Durham, USA. This developer mostly specializes in Multiplayer Role Playing games. This genre has come to light very recently and it pulls massive traffic from all age groups.

Funcom is considered an acclaimed developer in Norway. If everything goes on its current path, Funcom has the potential to become one of the biggest names in the country.


Snowcastle Games

The company is quite old but it’s not the biggest name in the country. Snowcastle Games started way back in 2009 as a mobile game developer. It’s still an independent developer with lots of potential in the upcoming years.

The biggest success for this developer to date is Earthlock: Festiva of Magic. If you can’t guess from the name, it’s an RPG title following a mythical theme.

Snowcastle Games

Wrapping Up

Game development is often associated with a few big-name companies that everyone knows about. But a huge portion of the revenue comes from various independent studios spread all over the world. If you truly want to understand what goes in the video gaming industry, you must expand your area of search.

Take Norway for example. Even if you ask a random person on the street, chances are they won’t know anything about the country’s contribution to the gaming industry. But now you know that the reality is different.

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Helen Birk is a passionate writer with substantial knowledge in all possible niches. Gaming and gambling are some of her favorite pastimes and she likes to explore the scope of development across various countries.