Among the thirty-two teams in the national basketball association (NBA), the Golden state warriors are teams with outrageous drive and focus. Since its establishment, the team competes with the full presence of mind and is renowned throughout the long history. The golden state warriors are the most competent ace, skill-based professional basketball team. Such a prominent American basketball team contends with its outstanding NBA ability (National basketball association). 

Quick Info 
Full NameGolden State Warriors
Date Of Establishment1946
Owner(s)Joe Lacob
Peter Guber
Head CoachSteve Kerr
General MangerBob Myers
Club ValuationUSD 4.5 Billion


The team was initiated in 1946 in a city of Pennsylvania based in San Francisco. It was named after the city of San Francisco as San Francisco warriors. After 1971, the name of the team got modified into Golden State Warriors. The dedicated and infamous basketball team is also a member of the western conference pacific division. The team was founded in Philadelphia, a city in Pennsylvania, and it was named after the Philadelphia Warriors from 1946 to the year 1962.

Then the team moved to the bay area of San Francisco and named the team San Francisco Warriors in 1962. Gradually, in the year 1971, the Warriors changed their name to the current name of the team Golden State Warriors. The team also has the new home arena in San Francisco at the chase center.

Golden State Warriors
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Initially, while the team was newly found and was in its early years, the team was owned by Peter A Tyrell. Then the owner of the team hired Eddie Gotlieb as the coach. The team was performing under the leadership of Joe Fulks. Later in 1959, Wilt Chamberlain was the new leader of the team. While under the leadership of Chamberlain, the team was able to break the score records in the NBA. The team got its name modified into San Francisco Warriors after the team’s shares of the team were purchased by Franklin Meuli in 1962. 

 Golden State Warriors

At that time, the team had already moved to the bay area of San Francisco. The team has a large history of its formation, ownership, and franchises. From 1978 to 1985, the team scuffled the most due to the loss of its prominent players to retirement and trade, such as Barry Wilkes and Thurmond. The present main sponsor of the golden state warriors is Rakuten. The president of the team is Rice Welts. The general manager and the head coach of the team are Bob Myers and Steve Kerr, respectively. The majority of the ownership of the team Golden State Warriors comes under  Joe Lacob, and the other owner of the team is Peter Guber.


Rivalries and Affiliations 

The team operates in affiliation with the other team named after Santa Cruz warriors. Santa Cruz Warriors are also an American basketball team in the NBA League. Talking about competitions, no pair competed against each other in more than two consecutive finals in the NBA. The rivalry among the warriors and the team cavaliers had begun. The pairs had to compete against each other in four consecutive finals. The Warriors won three out of four finals in the NBA, and the Cavaliers only won once.

 Logos and Jerseys

The warriors have the team colors of royal blue and yellow. The logos and uniforms of the basketball team have varied throughout the years of their history. The recent change in the warriors’ logo represents and depicts the fresh and a very close portrayal of the bay bridge using a customized font. The team has utilized several designs and refreshed the looks by the whole aesthetic and overall look of the logos and uniforms.

Golden State Warriors
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Wins, Championship, and Achievements

Golden State Warriors, an American basketball team based in Philadelphia, have made the records of five championship wins in the NBA (national basketball association) titles 1956,1975, 2015,2017, and 2018. The team won one championship in the BAA (Basketball Association of America) title in 1947. Altogether the team warriors have 6 championship wins. Stephen Curry is believed to be a revolution in the history of the warriors. Curry was considered the most valuable player as his primary skill is shooting the ball.  Despite doing other things well with such great skill,l his main strength was chucking the ball in the court.

The secrets behind achievements and revolution made are that the warriors do not believe in continuous hard labor. Instead, they rely upon their unique strategy. They always perform with focus and balance in their individual and professional life. They give their major importance to their well-being and proper health, of course, carried out with the proper suitable amount of exercise and yoga and a balanced diet. They believe that their performing skills have improved despite suffering several injuries after improving their technique of performing matches in the field.

Club Valuation

According to Forbes Magazine, the total team value of the Golden State Warriors is 4.5 Billion dollars in January 2021. The owner of this club is Joe Lacob and Peter Guber. They purchase this team in 2010 for 450 million dollars. This team has media partners like NBC Sports Bay Area, Radio 95.7 The Game, and many more. There is no doubt that the Golden State Warriors is one of the finest teams in the entire basketball History.