Houston Rockets is a professional basketball team from America. The team is a part of the “Western Conference Southwest Division.” It has been playing its home matches at the “Toyota Center.” The team has also won the “NBA Championships” two times and the “Western Conference” title four times. It has been making its image as one of the toughest teams in the NBA.

Quick Info
Club's Full NameSan Diego Rockets
Houston Rockets
Date Of Establishment1967
Location Houston, Texas
ArneaToyota Center, Houston, Texas
OwnerTilman Fertitta
General managerRafael Stone
Championships2 (1994, 1995)
Head CoachStephen Silas
Club ValuationUS $2.475 billion



Early Years: San Diego Rockets

The name of the club during its establishment was “San Diego Rockets” in 1967. It was an expansion team in the early years. The team shifted its location to Houston in 1971. It succeeded in winning fifteen games in its first season in 1967. It also got the opportunity of the “first overall pick” in the “1968 NBA Draft.” This helped the team to add Elvin Hayes for the “forward” position. He played a significant role in taking the team to the “Playoff” for the first time during his rookie year.

 The team had to face the drought of trophies till the “1976-77 season.” The team’s gameplay started to change with the addition of Moses Malone in the “center” position.  Moses even became the “NBA Most Valuable Player” (MVP) two times while representing the team. The team even succeeded in reaching the finals of “Eastern Conference Finals” just after Moses joined the team.

Houston Rockets
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Moreover, the team succeeded in finishing the “1980-81 season” with a record of “40-42” and entered the “playoffs.”  Moses played a significant role in reaching the finals of the “NBA” in 1981. This created history in the NBA as the team became the only team to achieve the position even with low points.

Hakeem Olajuwon Era

Houston Rockets also succeeded Hakeem Olajuwon to the team after it receives the opportunity of the “First Overall Pick” during the 1984 NBA Draft.” The team also reached the finals of the “NBA” in 1986. It lost the match against the team “Boston Celtics.” The team kept moving through all the “playoffs” in the 1980s. Rudy Tomjanovich became the new coach of the team in the middle of the “1991-92 season.”

The team also won a total of 58 matches in the “1993-94 season” and also reached the finals of the “NBA” in 1994. This was the third appearance of the match. It succeeded in winning the match against “New York Knicks” and won the title. Clyde Drexler joined the team and helped the team to win the finals of the “NBA” in 1995. It was the match against the team “Orlando Magic.” It finished the season with the final record of “47-35.” This made the team “Sixth Seed” in the “Western Conference” in the “1995 Playoffs.”

Similarly, Charles Barkley joined the Houston Rockets in the position of the “Power forward” in 1996. But still, the team failed to win the finals of the “Western Conference.” Then, the team underwent the addition and retirement of various players in several intervals of time.

James Harden Era

A new journey for the team began after the addition of James Harden in the team in 2012. James changed the playing style of the game. He was on the team for a total of nine seasons. And all those seasons, the team won at least one tournament in each season. Houston Rockets also won three “Scoring Titles” continuously three times from 2018 to 2020. The team also reached the finals of the “Western Conference” two times during James’s time. James succeeded in becoming one of the “greatest offensive forces” of the team. Mike D’Antoni and Daryl Morey left the team in the “2019-2020 season.” Then, the team had gone through a lot of trades with the player.

Houston Rockets
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Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

Houston Rockets is active on social media platforms. It goes with “@houstonrockets” on Instagram with 5.2 million followers and “Houston Rockets” on Twitter with 3.1 million followers. The Facebook page of the team is “Houston Rockets,” along with 15 million followers. The official website of the team is which is the e-commerce site of the team. All these channels provide authentic news, changes, updates, victories, losses of the team.

Star Players

Many excellent players have helped the Houston Rockets to achieve amazing titles over the years. Most of the players of the team have succeeded in gaining awards from the NBA. Hakeem Olajuwon, Moses Malone, and James Harden are some of the players who received the honor of “Most Valuable Player of NBA.” The players of the team had won the “MVP” award four times.

Houston Rockets
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The system of the “Mascot” began on 14th March 1995. The previous name of the “mascot” was clutch. The official mascot of Houston Rockets was “Turbo: between 1993 and 1995. Turbo used to perform “acrobatic dunks” and “other moves.” The addition mascot of the team became “Clutch the Bear:” in 1995. It was a huge “teddy bear” that performed various acts during the game. The performer who was playing as the “Turbo” retired in 2008. Then, “Clutch the Bear” became the only mascot of the team. The mascot “Turbo” even succeeded in entering the “Mascot Hall of Fame” in 2006.

Club Valuation

There are no exact details of the net worth of the team available. Although as per, the value of the team is $2.475 billion. It is the data for February 2020. The team still has a long way to go and will increase its net worth in the upcoming days.