Julian Wallace is a simple man who got all the fame and money he earned for his hard work and love for his work. But sometimes, our thinking is distorted, and it leads us to do something wrong. For his action, Wallace was expelled from the MMA community.

Starting life as a barber and building confidence and love from her fan to being a role model, Julian is still in the thousands of MMA fans. Although he said he was guilty of the crime and was ready to be prosecuted, it was reported that he did not have time to be arrested for being a good man.

Quick Info
Full Name Julian Rabaud
Date Of Birth N/A
Birth PlaceLogan City, Queensland, Australia
Parent(s) N/A
OccupationMMA Fighter
Body Measurement
Height 5’8″
Weight 61.23 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye Color Brown
Zodiac SignN/A
Martial StatusUnmarried
Net WorthN/A

 Julian Wallace  Early Life

Julian Rabaud, aka ‘Julez the Jackel,’ is well known among all fans of MMA fights, who is also remembered as a tattoo. As mentioned, he has a tattoo on his body and face. Also, he is originally from Brisbane, Australia. He started his career in 2010, reaching the top of the world of MMA fighters.

Julian Wallace

The 5’8 to Bantamweight Division heavyweight champion had to fight hard against Nitro MMA and XFC. And among them, he was swift to keep his name in this short period of 6 years. Similarly, Wallace has also collected a lot of honors.


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Julian Wallace Career

In addition, his fight with American MMA fighter Ben Nguyen in 2014 received public attention when he woke up again. Although Wallace tried to intimidate Nguyen during the battle before forcing a punch into Ben’s chin, he eventually lost the match. Julian lost the battle against Ben Nguyen in the first round within 25 seconds by knockout. So far, the fighting video has surpassed 67 million views on Youtube.

However, each season has its own time; Julian’s job could not last long as his personal affairs with his fiancée were in a state of disrepair. It made him violent with her. And unfortunately, when he was 20 years old, he was soon fired from being an MMA fighter. Thus, with much-unplanned media attention, Julian Wallace’s work of ‘Julz the Jackal’ concluded that way.


Julian Wallace Guilty on Domestic Violence Charges

On April 28, Jessica-Rose Clark reported that she had recently been the victim of domestic violence from Julian Rabaud. And the news was reported Sunday by The Daily Telegraph.

Jessica, who also goes by the name Jessy, reported being 15 minutes late for work that day. It was because Jess had to stop and pick up noodles for her boyfriend, Wallace. But when he got home, the MMA striker attacked him for bringing in the wrong food.

Julian Wallace

Jess recalls the traumatic events and quotes, “He started attacking me, it lasted for about 20 minutes, he kicked me in the head wearing Timberland boots.” During that trial, Wallace again tried to pull out his engagement ring while threatening to break his fingers. If Jess herself had not been an MMA fighter, the situation would have been much worse.


Julian Wallace Social Media Presence

Since the assault case came to light, Julian Wallace has not worked for the media other than his post on a domestic violence case, which was also removed after it was posted.

But when we look at the pages from his social media account, he has Instagram and Facebook accounts where no photo was posted, and, on Facebook, no posts after October 2, 2016. And in the post, Wallace shared his best memories with his friends and people close to him. There are still some pictures of him and his ex-girlfriend Jessica-Rose Clark.


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Julian Wallace Net Worth And Salary

According to the agreement, the estimated value of the MMA fighter is estimated at $ 140,000, depending on the type of ring and combat they are in, which puts their lives at risk. His salary details are kept confidential for now. Although Julian Wallace has never said his actual value, he has gained fame and dollars accordingly.


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