Kate McEwen is an ex-girlfriend of Lawrence Phillips, who was a football running back player. He played for St.Louis Rams, Miami Dolphins, Barcelona Dragons, San Francisco 49ers, Florida Bobcats, Montreal Alouettes, and Calgary Stampeders. Besides, Lawrence was All-Big Eight, Grey Cup champion, and CFL All-Star.

There was a substantial legal issue between Lawrence and Kate when they were in a relationship. Lawrence was charged with sex assault, violation, beating, emotional distress, physical assault against Kate McEwen.

Kate had a tough time with Lawrence, which was the most terrifying time of her entire life or in a relationship.

So, today we will talk about Kate McEwen’s early life, age, personal life, relationship with Lawrence Phillips, a lawsuit against Lawrence Phillips, Lawrence’s overall crimes, and social media accounts of Kate.

Quick Info
Full NameKate McEwen
Date Of BirthN/A
Birth PlaceN/A
Body MeasurementN/A
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
Zodiac SignN/A
Martial StatusN/A
Net WorthN/A

Kate McEwen’s Early Life

There is no information about Kate McEwen’s early life because she keeps her personal life private away from the reach of media. She doesn’t want anyone to interfere in her life as well as history.

Other than this, Kate came into the limelight after in relationship with Lawrence and the legal issue with him. Even before the lawsuit against Lawrence, Kate was already recognized by the media.

But after a huge life-threatening issue and other disturbance from Lawrence towards Kate, her profile was spread like a wildfire on the internet.

Kate McEwen
Image Source: Playerswives

So, we don’t have any data about her early life, parents, siblings, educational background, date of birth, and childhood days.

But we are working on it to find the slightest information about Kate’s overall early life and will update it as soon as possible.

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Career and Personal Life

Kate McEwen started her career as a basketball player. She played for her Nebraska high school team and was quite a famous player. In fact, Lawrence also went to the same high school and plays started his career in football.

Similarly, Kate used to score good points for her team and also managed to bring the trophy home. It was that time when Kate was offered a scholarship for basketball because of her excellent play.

However, Kate didn’t follow or play according to the standard of her high school and later on lost the scholarship.

Despite that, Kate is still recognized as the best player on her high school basketball team. Other than this, there is no information about her personal life moment because of her secretive personality.

Kate McEwen Relationship with Lawrence Phillips

Kate McEwen was in a relationship with Lawrence Phillips, who was a football player. The couple met back in August 1993 in the same high school in Nebraska. Since then, they fell in love and started dating.

However, the relationship wasn’t good at all over the years. Kate has a tough time staying in a relationship with Lawrence because of his aggressive and monster behavior towards her.

Lawrence always used to beat, sexually assault, and violates Kate’s rights after the dating. In addition, Kate has abusive behavior from Lawrence, which sometimes causes life-threatening issues.

lawrence phillips
Lawrence Phillips Image Source: The Guardian

According to media, McEwen was found sleeping with Nebraska’s backup quarterback player in September 1995. It was that moment when Lawrence heard the news from his teammate, and then he went to the quarterback building and climbed to the third floor from the outside where the couple was located.

After that, he dragged Kate out of the apartment by the hair, choked her, and smashed her head into the mailbox.

Other than this, Lawrence’s other ex-girlfriends also reported sexual abuse, beating, and more about him. He was a monster to all of his girlfriends in the past.

Kate McEwen Lawsuit Against Lawrence Phillips

Kate McEwen filed a lawsuit against Lawrence Phillips because of the kidnapping, emotional distress, beating, and life-threatening issue in 1996. The overall lawsuit crime was even before the 1995 incident.

Other than this, Lawrence also constantly threatened to kill Kate just because she didn’t give him a glass of water.

So, Lawrence is a monster from the beginning of their relationship that makes Kate’s life miserable. After a lawsuit, Lawrence was sent to prison for 84 years of a life sentence.

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Social Media

Kate McEwen is not involved in any social media accounts. It means she doesn’t have either Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter accounts. Kate has been through a tough time because of her boyfriends, so this might be why Kat doesn’t want to join the social media accounts.

Other than this, she is not also quite suitable for social media account because of her old age.

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