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Marcelo Vieira was born on 12th May in 1988 in the populous city and capital of Rio de Janeiro state in Brazil. His given birth name is Marcelo Vieira da Silva Junior and thus belongs to Brazilian nationality.

Viera received his motivation to continue soccer from his grandfather, San Pedro, and have a vast love for him. Marcelo Vieira has a nickname called El Loco, which means crazy.

Quick Info
Full NameMarcelo Vieira da Silva Júnior
Date Of BirthMay 12, 1988
Birth Place Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Parent(s)Marcelo Vieira da Silva (Father)
Maria da Silva (Mother)
ProfessionFootball Player
Wife(s)Clarice Alves
Age32 years
Height5 ft 9 in
Net WorthUS $16 million


Marcelo Vieira started his professional career after joining the Real Madrid club in early 2007. Marcelo played his first losing game against Depotivo La Coruna as a substitute. After he started, the second game got defeated by 2-1 goals against Racing de Santander. But soon, he was considered an important player for the team. Marcelo Vieira set his opening goal upon Sporting de Gijon and the following goal upon Almeria. In 2009, he led the team to victory against Recreative de Huelva by scoring the only goal of the match.

Marcelo Vieira

During the 2009-10 season game, Marcelo changed his position as a left-winger to which he was able to improve his play. Because of his improvement in the game, he got the contract that got extended to Real Madrid. Marcelo Vieira was also in the La Liga charts.

In the 2010-11 season, Marcelo went back to his position as left-back. With his new coach Jose Mourinho’s guidance, Marcelo made No.55 of the FIFA World XI in 2010. He showed his breakthrough performance that season. he scored a goal against RCD Espanyol and another winning game against Olympique Lyonnais by 3-0 goals. Marcelo has demonstrated his full potential as the defender and attacker on the Champions League. Marcelo Vieira earned the Man Of the Match at the end of the league. In the remaining match of the season, Marcelo continued progressing and brought good results for the team. After the famous players Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, Marcelo got named as the third-best player.

In the 2011-12 season, Marcelo loss the game against FC Barcelona, but at the end of 2011, he scores the victory goal against Sporting de Gijon. For his performance, Marcelo Vieira achieved lots of praise from the other players as well as critics.

In the 2012-13 season, the team won against Santiago Bernabeu, Los Merengues, but he suffered from injury and missed many games of the season.

In 2013-14, the team won the 2014 UEFA Champions League Final in the following season; they had a straight victory. They won the 2015-16 UEFA Champions League, 2016-17 UEFA Champions League, and 2017-18 UEFA Champions League for four consecutive seasons.

In the 2018-19 season, the club went onto another achievement in the 2018 FIFA Club World Cup, where Marcelo played in 34 games. Again in the 2019-20 season, the club won another 2019-20 La Liga in which Marcelo Vieira played 15 of the games.

Marcelo Vieira


Viera is committed to Clarice Alves, who was her girlfriend for as long as people know him, and they finally got married on 24th September of 2009. As of 2020, it has already been 11 years, and they have two babies together. Both of them are sons and are named Enzo Alves Viera and Liam Alves Viera.

Viera is active in social media. He has over 12 million followers on twitter and goes by the name @MarceloM12. On Facebook, Marcelo Vieira has over 19 million likes and followers, and on Instagram, Marcelo has almost 50 million people following him, and you can connect him through @marcelotwelve. The number 12 he included in every social media account is because of his shirt number.



Viera has a height of five feet and nine inches, and the weight approximately 80 kg. He has an afro hairstyle with dark brown hair color and dark skin color. He also has relaxed biceps and six-packs as expected from professional athletes and players.

He has tattoos all over his body, i.e., he possesses more than 23 tattoos in his body. His tattoo on right-hand consists of his grandfather’s name, Pedro. He has an initial “I” tattoo in the ring finger of the right hand, a skull tattoo in the outside of the right hand, a tribal human face in the forearm, a whistle tattoo just down the tribal human’s face, ‘Yin Yan’ masks tattoo just below the tattoo whistle.

He also has a tattoo on his right biceps of hand in hand and a vintage car tattoo and just above the car tattoo, he has Jesus Christ’s face tattoo and full-body, Jesus Christ with his arms, open complete tattoo. Marcelo Vieira has Celtic Cross, wrist tattoo, Carpe Diem, birthdate tattoo, Jersey No tattoo, LA, Champions League, Angel on back, Dog’s face tattoo, Dragon clown tattoo, sign and number, his son’s name, and so on.

Marcelo Vieira


In 2013, Vieira signed the endorsements with Adidas and had joined the advertisement along with other football stars. He expressed his happiness about representing such a great brand, and recently in 2020, he signed for other endorsements with douchebags.



Viera has a net worth of approximately $16 million as of the latest valuation. His source of income is from every game he plays and endorsements, salaries, businesses, and others.