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It is always fun to see an ice skater performing. The way Nathan Chen moves on the shoes in an artistic way like a feather is mesmerizing to watch. It’s always an eye-pleasing scene to watch—the attraction skyrockets when you are looking at the twists and turns of Nathan Chen. Nathan is a Chinese-American figure skater. Nathan Chen is also the winner of the “Grand Prix Final” of 2017-18. Nathan even bagged a bronze medal in the “2018 Olympics.” He has an exciting journey towards the journey.

Quick Info
Full NameNathan Chen
Date Of BirthMay 5, 1999
Birth PlaceSalt Lake City, Utah, US
Parent(s)Zhidong Chen
Hetty Wang
ProfessionAmerican Figure Skater
Age21 years
Height5 ft 5 in
Weight61 kg
Net WorthNot Known

Walking, Riding, Jogging and Running. These are some of the activities that one foe to reach from one place to another. But if you want to enjoy in the small area and cover the area in an adventurous way, Skating can be your choice. It is on both roads and ice. Despite both are popular and have a slight difference. The skating on streets is on wheels, and on is ice is on the sled. Ice skating has been popular since the 17th century.

Nathan Chen

Ice skating is taking as a recreational activity for a long time. It has been part of the canals of the Netherlands for a long time. Skating became popular in the frozen ponds in England during the 17th century. Ice skating started to flourish in North America during the 1740s. The sport was popular in the French Court in 1776. Marie-Antoinette was the skaters of that time. Even the great leader Napolean Bonapart had skated in Auxerre during 1781. It was then in 1879 that there was the installation of the initial artificial frosted arena in Madison Square Garden in New York. It became one of the great source of entertainment during the 20th century.


Early Life

The birthplace of Nathan is Salt Lake City, Utah. Nathan Chen arose up among his four elder siblings. His mother works as a medical translator and father as a research scientist.



Nathan went to West High School in Salt Lake City and then shifted to Rim of the World High School in Lake Arrowhead, California. Nathan completed his graduation from the California Collections Academy. He also attended Ballet West Academy to study Ballet dance. Nathan has also been a competitor of regional and local level gymnastics for seven years. He has recently joined Yale University for further studies.



Nathan started doing ice skating when he was three years old. He wore his sister’s white skates for a start. Nathan began to taking part in the championship form 2003. He succeeded in getting qualified to participate in the “U.S. Junior Nationals” in intermediate and juvenile levels. It was from 2007 to 2009. Nathan got the 3rd and 10th rankings in juveniles during 2008 and 2009, respectively. Nathan Chen even won a silver medal in the “Junior Nationals” in 2009.

Nathan Chen

Likewise, Nathan played in the “Novice Level” during 2009 and 2010. He won the title of “National Novice” in the “2010 U.S. Championships.” The championship was in Spokane, Washington, DC. He created history in U.S. skating by being the youngest player at ten to win the competition. Nathan also defended the title in the “2011 U.S. Championships.” The championship happened in Greensboro, North Carolina. It was his second season at the novice level during 2010-2011.

Moreover, Nathan started participating in the junior level national championship during 2011-2012. Genia Chernyshova trained him. He also got the opportunity to get pieces of training from the Rafael Arutyunyan. Rafael is a jump specialist and became his leading coach during the mid-December of the year. Nathan won the “2012 U.S. Championship” on January 24, 2012. It happened in San Jose, California. Nathan Chen even won the “Gardena Spring Trophy” in Selva Val Gardena, Italy. It was his first international championship.

Nathan won the gold medal in the “JGP Austria” from September 12 to September 16 in 2012. He created history by getting the highest points of  “222.00” in JGP history. His injury of the lower leg stopped him from competing in “JGP finals.” Nathan Chen even won the “2013 U.S. Championships” in Omaha, Nebraska. It got held on 22nd January 2013. He won the gold medal in “ISU Junior Grand Prix in Mexico” in September 2013 and “JGP in Belarus.” Nathan won the bronze medal in “Junior Grand Prix Final” in Fukuoka, Japan. He also succeeded in winning the bronze medal in the “2014 World Junior Championships.”

Likewise, Nathan underwent many ups and downs during every season. He won the gold medal in “2016 CS Finlandia Trophy.” The season of 2016-2017 was a “Senior International Debut” season for Nathan. Nathan won the “2017 CS U.S. International Figure Skating Classic” in September. Nathan Chen had the ranking of 4th during his participation in the “2018 Winter Olympics.” Nathan won the bronze medal in the team event Nathan Chen also won the “2019 U.S. Championships” in Detroit. Nathan won his fourth national title in the “2020 U.S. Championship.”


Personal Life/Relationship

Nathan was in a relationship with Amber Glen in 2016. Amber is also a Skater. They were quite public about their relationship on social media platforms. Unfortunately, they separated in 2017. In the same, he had posted a picture with Japanese Skater Mia Mihara on Instagram. This incident created rumors about their relationship but no confirmation from both.

Nathan Chen

Social Media

Nathan is quite active on social media platforms. He goes with the name of “nathanwchen” on Instagram with 336K followers, and “Nathan Chen” on Twitter with 89.4K followers. His Facebook page, “Nathan Chen,” has 22K followers.


Net worth

Nathan has been part of every ice skating season since the novice level. According to the, he has an estimated net worth of between more than a hundred thousand and less than a million dollars.


Nutshell Bio

The nationality of Nathan is American. His current age is 21. He belongs to the Chinese ethnicity. Nathan has an average height if 5 feet 5 inches with a complimentary weight of 61 kg.