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Obadiah Richard “Obi” Toppin Jr. is a professional basketball player in the National Basketball Association for the New York Knicks (NBA). He was a power forward for the Dayton Flyers throughout his college career.

Toppin was born in Brooklyn and studied at the New York Ossining High School. Obadiah Richard was a postgraduate player at the Mt. Zion Preparatory School in Maryland after obtaining no offer at the NCAA Division I. Obadiah Richard has been selected Atlantic 10 Rookie of the Year as a freshman with the Dayton Flyers team in scoring. In his second season, he won Atlantic 10 Player of the Year and National College Player of the Year. Obadiah Richard declared the NBA project to be the eighth selection in the New York Knicks for 2020 following the college season. Obadiah Richard ran in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 2021 during his rookie season.

Quick Info
Full NameObadiah Richard Toppin Jr.
Date of birthMarch 4, 1998
Place of birthBrooklyn, New York
FatherObadiah Toppin
MotherRoni Toppin
SiblingsJacob Toppin
Height6 ft 9 inch (2.06 m)
Weight200 lb (100 KG)
Net worth$5 million – $8 million
ProfessionBasketball Player

Early Life

Obadiah Richard was born in New York City, Brooklyn and first grew up in the Bushwick district before migrating to Melbourne, Florida. Before joining the Melbourne Central Catholic Tall School, he attended the Legacy Tall School at Palm Narrows as a first-year recruit. His mother, Obi Toppin, moved to Ossining in New York City and his younger brother went up to his junior year at Ossining Tall School.

Obadiah Richard
Image Source: Instagram

In his only year of playing variety in Ossining he averaged 20.6 focuses, 8.1 bounces back, three assists, and three steals, which led the group to the first conference title in its history in the last ten years. Obadiah Richard has opted and subsequently registered for the Mt. Zion Preparatory School in Baltimore, Maryland, as an expert and with null NCAA Division I chances. Obadiah Richard finished the rest of his high school year.

It is 4 to 25 inches (6 feet and 9 inches) in length. Obadiah Richard has a total of 17, 8, and 4 assists, measured additionally. Obadiah Richard spent his time in the College of Dayton on Rhode Island, Georgia, Texas A&M, Minnesota, and Texas Tech, playing basketball.


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Obadiah Richard was selected by the NBA New York Knicks on November 18, 2020, with its 8th overall choice. On November 23, Obi signed a rookie contract with the Knicks, one of the greatest highlights in his career, following the pick in the New York Knicks.

In a 116–109 loss on Brooklyn Nets on January 13, 2021, Toppin missed ten games because of injuries acquired on his debut at the NBA. He was invited to participate graciously in the 2021 Dunk Contest of the National Basketball Association and finished second.

Obadiah Richard
Image Source: Instagram

The most significant trademark of this professional existence is Obi Toppin’s 1000th career point in a 28-point victory in the 80-70 triumph over the match with the Duquesne on February 22, 2020.

At the end of the regular season, Toppin had the right, on average, 20 focus groups to the first All-Atlantic 10 group and the 10 Men’s Ball Player of the Year Conference of the Atlantis.

Obadiah Richard finished his career at college with 1,096 scored focal points and a school record of 190 dunks.

As a result of dedication, passion, and hard work, Obi has been a bright face in the sports world at such a young age. The following are his significant career achievements.

Obadiah Richard was awarded National College Player of the Year (2020, Karl Malone Award (2020), Atlantic 10 Player of the Year (2020).


Relationship status

Not numerous details are known about Obi Toppin’s Relationship with girlfriend Magdalena Bellinger, but we know the couple is insanely crazy for each other.

Obadiah Richard
Image Source: Instagram

In reality, it looks like they have something in common. Furthermore, according to Bellinger’s Instagram bio, she is an alum of the George Mason Nationalists women’s basketball group. Aside from their similar resumes, it looks like Bellinger is completely smitten with the professional athlete. Besides, she first started posting pictures with her man in March 2020 after his group won the A10 Regular Season Championship.


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Net worth

Similarly, the Power Advance signed a contract in November 2020 with The New York Knicks, which gives it a vast annual pay of Dollars 4.98 million. It means that he wins $13,654 (€11,471) a day and $569 (€478) a day! We have cropped the numbers. However, the net value of it isn’t there at present, but after six months, assuming all goes well, it should be valued at roughly $ 80-100,000.

Finally, this concluded after his rookie contract has been examined by resources.


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Social media

Abdiah’s social media activity and he likes his dunking skills and skills to showcase through them. Therefore, the sportsman also wants to showcase his exotic social media lifestyle. The NBA draft and his thrilled and successful NBA debut season came to a whopping stroke of his supporters.

Similarly, Twitter and Instagram can mostly be found, and their activity examined. We can forecast it and have loved Instagram much more than any other platform.

Obadiah Richard has 232K followers on Instagram and 33.3K followers on Twitter.


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