Parry Nickerson is not a player that has wandered far and wide. Most of you may not even know who he is or what he does. However, Nickerson is a thriving footballer with three years of experience in the National Soccer League (NFL).

That being said, he is known for his college sports while in Tulane. As a well-received backbone and an experienced athlete, he will still leave a solid mark on the field. Currently, for three years in the technology arena, Parry is a free agent today. In addition, he has played for teams such as the New York Jets, Seattle Seahawks, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Green Bay Packers.

Quick Info
Full NameParry Nickerson
Date Of BirthOctober 11, 1994
Birth PlaceNew Orleans, Louisiana
Parent(s)Parry Nickerson Sr., Tansy Nickerson
OccupationFootball player
Age26 Years Old
Body Measurement
Height 5 feet 10 inches
Weight83 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Zodiac SignLibra
Martial StatusMarried
Net WorthN/A

Parry Nickerson Early Life

On the date October 11, 1994, Nickerson was born under the sun sign of Libra in New Orleans, Louisiana. As one child, he was born Tansy Nickerson and Parry Nickerson Sr. Of course, little is known about his early days and family background, as he has never revealed much about them. The first days were challenging not only for Parry but also for his entire family. Next to him, especially his mother, Tansy had to face a significant tragedy. As for the news, Tansy was in danger of a fire that took the lives of his brothers. He was still a child when the incident engulfed the house, and his brothers were killed.

Parry Nickerson

In addition, her sister, Ramona Brown, went missing, allegedly to be taken in by a couple. All in all, his sister, Tansy, was not found, even after a thorough investigation. Back in Parry, he always received the full support of his parents for the games he played. Growing up, Parry Nickerson enrolled at West Jefferson High School in Harvey, Louisiana. Having played football during his tenure, he was already regarded as one of the top prospects when he left high school. After high school, Parry Nickerson went to Tulane University with a scholarship. As for his academics, he graduated with a degree in Public Relations and obtained his degree from the School of Technology Development.


Parry Nickerson Professional Career

After his four years in college, Parry entered the NFL Draft in 2018. Back then, the New York Jets prepared him as a 179th complete in the sixth round. While they were writing to Nickerson, he had his mother by his side, and he burst into tears of joy. Nickerson has not been stable in one team so far. You move from one group to another for a year or less. On September 10, 2018, Parry had his NFL debut over the Detroit Lions, where he received his first guardian penalty. In addition, he made his NFL debut against the Indianapolis Colts on October 14, 2018.


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About a year later, the New York Jets sold parry Nickerson to the Seattle Seahawks on August 31, 2019. The following month, he was released; however, he was re-signed to the club for committing the practice. Even the Jacksonville Jaguars, who signed him for the first time on October 17, 2019, again fired him but invited him to a training club. On December 3, 2019, he was kept on the active list; however, they officially released him on September 5, 2020. Two days later, the Green Bay Packers signed for Parry Nickerson; however, he could not play from the team. All in all, he was made to work after the postseason.

Parry Nickerson

Parry Nickerson Personal Life

Currently, Parry Nickerson is married to a beautiful girl who will not miss the opportunity to bathe in his love. Like her post on Instagram, they have been in love for a long time and are now tied. Moreover, they have been married for over a year; however, they have no children. In addition, they are lovable dog lovers and, as a result, have pet dogs of their own.

Parry Nickerson

Parry Nickerson Net Worth

Currently, the value of Parry Nickerson is unknown; however, he reportedly earns an average annual salary of more than $ 750,000. Looking back on his salary, he started making a yearly salary of $ 659,370. Similarly, during his time with the New York Jets, he first had a $ 2,637,480 contract. Next, he signed a $ 2,637,480 contract with the Seattle Seahawks while signing a $ 1,230,000 contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars. In total, Nickerson had a salary of $ 1,536,067 with a guaranteed amount of $ 354,960. Not to mention, Parry has the most significant cash payment so far in 2018, reaching $ 657,480.


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Parry Nickerson Social Media

If you are interested in personal information about his life, you can check out his social media sites. Parry is on Instagram with 13.7k followers. Likewise, also on Twitter with 3.5k followers. Posting game-related and family-related content.


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