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Rudy Tomjanovich is a former basketball player and famous coach of team “Houston Rockets” from America. He has won the title of “NBA All-Star” Forward.

Rudy was an active basketball player. He was part of the “Houston Rocks” (then known as “San Diego Rockets”) for his entire career. Rudy became a star player of the team in a short amount of time. But he faced a fatal injury during a match that resulted in the full stop of his career.

Quick Info
Full NameRudolph Tomjanovich Jr.
Date Of BirthNovember 24, 1948
Birth PlaceHamtramck, Michigan, USA
ProfessionFormer Basketball Player, Basketball Coach
SpouseSophie Tomjanovich
Age71 years
Height6 ft 8 in
Net WorthUS $2 million

Then, Rudy Tomjanovich became the team’s assistant coach and soon became the team’s head coach in the 90s. He left the team after he had cancer. The team succeeded in winning the “2000 Summer Olympic Games” under his coaching.

Rudy Tomjanovich

Early Life

Rudy Tomjanovich is from Hamtramck, Michigan, the USA, and came into the world on 24th November 1948. His family was economically weak and depended upon welfare for survival. Rudy’s father was suffering from chronic back pain and had to remain unemployed time and again. He spends his childhood in the Hamtramck neighborhood.



Rudy attended “Hamtramck High School.” He started playing basketball during that phase. Rudy started learning basketball in the streets of Hamtramck. Rudy Tomjanovich went to the “University of Michigan” on a fellowship in 1967 and represented the basketball team of  “Michigan Wolverines” during the university days. He had set unbeaten records of rebounds. Rudy received second-team “All-Big Ten” honors in 1968. His first-team awards were when he was part of the team during 1969 and 1970.



Rudy’s professional basketball career started after the “San Diego Rockets” selected him for the “NBA Draft” in 1970, and the team name turned to “Houston Rockets” in 1970. He received the title of “NBA All-star” for scoring points for the team in 1972. Rudy held the record for four seasons.

Rudy Tomjanovich

Rudy Tomjanovich was part of the team for his whole career as a player and one of the three leading scorers in the group’s history. Unfortunately, due to a dispute in court, he had to suffer a lot. Kermit Washington punched Rudy on his face during a match when he tried to maintain peace in the court. This incident resulted in severe injuries on his face and head. He had to remain away from the game for months to recover.

Moreover, Rudy Tomjanovich made his comeback in the team in 1978. He maintained his “All-Star” title again in 1979. Rudy faced a lot of injuries and had to sit on the bench. These kinds of incidents increased the sadness in the player. He decided to get retirement from the team in 1981. Then, Rudy scouted college pro teams until 1983 and joined “Houston Rockets” as an assistant coach.

Rudy replaced the team’s head coach, Don Chaney, in 1992 and became the team’s interim coach. Rudy received a promotion as a head coach during the season 1992-1993. But he didn’t stop there. He had a unique way of effective coaching style that made him the coach’s coach. He succeeded in making the team win the title of “Midwest Division.”

Likewise, Rudy successfully won the titles of the “NBA Championship” two times during 1994 and 1995. He also heard the credit of victory of the bronze medal of US “Men’s Senior Basketball Team” in the “FIBA World Championship” in 1998. It got held in Greece.

The national team even won the gold medal in the “2000 Summer Olympics Games.” It got held in Sydney. He got retirement from the coach of the team in the 2002-2003 season. It was his health condition to take that step. He had bladder cancer. He recovered from the disease in 2004. This recovery provided him with the opportunity to become the head coach of “Los Angeles Lakers.” Rudy Tomjanovich signed a million dollars contract, but his health didn’t support him, and he left after a few games. Rudy Tomjanovich held the post for the USA “Men’s Basketball Team” and released a book titling “A Rocket at Heart: My Life and My Team” in 1997. It was an autobiography.

Rudy Tomjanovich

Relationship/Personal Life

Rudy married Sophie Migas in 1970, and the happy family has two daughters and a son.


Social Media

Rudy Tomjanovich is not active on social media platforms. He is from the time when the capabilities speak more than a few posts on social media. Although if you search his name on Twitter and Instagram, you will encounter a few unverified accounts on his name.


Net worth

There are no authentic details about his net worth. But if we analyze an NBA player and coach’s salary, he must have an approximate net worth of more than $2 million.


Nutshell Bio

The full name of Rudy is Rudolph Tomjanovich Jr. His nationality is American. Rudy belongs to Croatian ethnicity. Rudy has an attractive height of 6 feet 8 inches with a complimentary weight of 103 kg.