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Tammy Bradshaw is known for her charity endeavors. She is a model and modern social media figure who has created a name for her philanthropic activity in society. Bradshaw is one of the famous women who shed the fame of her spouse. Tammy, a social media figure, is recognized as Terry Bradshaw’s wife, likewise an NFL legend. After her connection with Terry, Tammy came to light.

Quick Info
NameTamera Alice
Date of birthOctober 5, 1961
Age59 yrs old
Hail ColorBlonde
Eye ColorDark Brown
ProfessionFormer model, Philanthropist
Marital StatusMarried
HusbandTerry Bradshaw
Height5 feet 7 inches


Born as Tameria Alice, Tammy Bradshaw. She was born on October 5, 1961, although the world never knew where she was born since she kept her private life out of focus. She was a cast member in the franchise of Real Housewives. Her husband is former Terry Bradshaw, who met her first husband, David Lutrull, one year after her divorce.

Tammy Bradshaw
Image Source: Biography Vip

Age and Height

With her beautiful blonde hair and lovely dark brown eyes, Tammy Bradshaw still looks radiant. It has been a long time ever since, yet even in her later fifties, Tammy still emanates beauty. This discontinued model was created on October 5, 1961, and has now been 58 years old. To say nothing, its zodiacal sign is also Libra.

For numerous magazines, the former model used to flaunt its beauty and beauty. And Tammy Bradshaw was ideal for business mags, too. At 5 feet, she stands at 170 cm, with a heavy-glass figure. Unfortunately, her additional measurements are still unknown.


Tammy Bradshaw is a Philanthropist

Instead of taking on the popularity of her spouse, Tammy Bradshaw focuses her attention instead on philanthropists. Just Richest said that she donated to the support of life in drought-stricken African areas through the Waterboys Initiative of Chris Long. She has built wells with her spouse and gave the 2018 Grand Prize of the AQHA Lucas Oil World Championship. The pair breed horses and cattle and have taken steps to raise Halter horses through their Terry Bradshaw horse-quarters. She works in the field of Opioid solutions and the No Kid Hung.

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Tammy Bradshaw’s Personal Life

This renowned social media figure may be known for their varied charitable activities but not for revealing his life. Tammy Bradshaw’s  identity and whereabouts are not known to date. To date, she did not divulge anything about her family.

Terry Bradshaw
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Likewise, Tammy and her early academics are unknown.

Although it was an active model during her first years, it was not precisely what gained her renown. Some reports indicate that a year after Tammy separated her husband, the two single persons meet each other at a show. Yes, Tammy married somebody known as David Luttrull before she was Mrs. Bradshaw. Similarly, only five years had Tammy and her spouse engaged. Their marriage quickly decreased for some reason.

Shortly after her first marriage was unsuccessful, in 1999, Tammy began to date the NFL superstar himself. Strong sentiments were rapidly created so that they didn’t matter for the 13 years after the age gap.

Image Source: Alamy

But the two didn’t tie the knot fast. They were married for fifteen full years only on July 8, 2014. The two supported one another despite their significant age disparity. Not only that, but her two stepdaughters, Erin and Rachel, were also taken care of by Tammy. Since then, they have lived a happily married life. Tammy’s the fourth wife of Terry Bradshaw. Terry is an NFL legend. She meet Terry on a show.


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Net worth

As Tammy’s work-life doesn’t talk much, the media also don’t know her pay and income. But when it comes to money, Tammy does not have anything to worry about. Indeed, the well-known philanthropist discloses in us the immense net value of her spouse of 25 million dollars. Bradshaw also pays $2 million in annual salary.

The American soccer player possessed $13 million in land in Texas, Oklahoma, and even Mexico back in 2008.


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Social Media

Tammy Bradshaw is not exactly what you would call tech-savvy, as anticipated from the folks of her generation. This philanthropist has not been active in social media since then and goes as far as she can from it. The only updates we receive are her public appearances at charities or other events.