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Adrian Peterson is a very renowned person in the field of football. He is one of the best professional American NFL football players. He started his football career playing in college football tournaments at the Oklahoma University. In a short duration, he became the first fresher to ever achieve the ‘Heinsman Trophy’. He went through trauma in childhood, instead of his traumatic phase, he put all his attention to football career and made it as warzone within himself and finally won that internal war.

Quick Info
Full NameAdrian Lewis Peterson
Date Of BirthMarch 21, 1985
Birth PlacePalestine, Texas, America
Parent(s)Nelson Peterson (Father)
Bonita Peterson (Mother)
ProfessionAmerican Football Player
Wife(s)Ashley Brown (Present)
Age35 years
Height6 ft 1 in
Net WorthUS $4 million

Adrian Peterson is one of the names which gave a lot to the American football team with his skills and his tactical analysis capacity.  He sacrificed a lot, he went through major leg surgery. He again fought back with himself in his recovery. He struggled for that as well and won ultimately. So, he the person with great spirit.

Adrian Peterson


Adrian Peterson was born on March 21, 1985. Location wise, he was born in Palestine, Texas, America. He basically belongs to a Christian family. His father is shouting star. He had a dream to be the national football player but the dream had broken when the bullet of his father’s gun derailed his leg causing the severe injury in his leg.

His childhood was traumatic as he had to deal a leg injury which made him far from his career and the next traumatic situation happened when his brother who is his best friend is hit by the drunken car driver. In that accident, he lost his brother and best friend both. Then he started with the struggling phase himself and motivated himself to achieve something in a football career.  They slowly started achieving name as Adrian Peterson was the star of the youth club team which was coached by Rick Nally.



Talking about his career, his initial days were so traumatic and painful. As there is a saying if anyone wants something in real, they all energy conspires him achieve that. Despite his painful days, his dedication towards his future changed everything and given the honor with different titles. When Adrian Peterson started practicing for his career, he won races of 200 and 100 meters and despite leg injury, he even came in as the second runner up in the 100-meter dash ‘2004 World Junior Championship’.

Adrian Peterson

After completion of his high school, Adrian Peterson got admission to Oklahoma University and got selected in the ‘Oklahoma Sooners’ football team when he was as a freshman and the start of his career. He broke his one first NCAA freshman record by crossing 1,925 yards which was a new record in America. Then after he faced a minor dislocation of his shoulder which is considered to be minor but If not cure might create him trouble and finally, ended the season with an NCAA record of 100-yard rushing records by a freshman which high lightened him in his career.

Then, Adrian Peterson took a decision to drop out himself when he was in the final year and got entered into the NFL draft of 2007. On his entry to the NFL, he was started to compare with the big NFL stars as he has the caliber to reach beyond them. His injuries during his college started to become barriers the few times but as it said that no one can stop you from achieving your destiny. In the same way, he proved himself as becoming first running back in Minnesota Vikings.

Then, Adrian Peterson came in the Vikings and contracted with the team for the net worth of 40.5 million dollars for the term of five years. He was debuted in 2007 against St. Louis Rams. His performance was extraordinary in that t match, and later in one press conference, he said what he aimed for. He said he aimed to win the title of ‘Offensive Rookie of the Year which made him a capable candidate for that title. He was not that much far from his achievement and finally, he grabbed the titles if NFL Offensive Rookie of the Month’ On December, He played his first ‘Monday Night Football’ game. The achievement in that match was two touchdowns with 78 yards rushing.

Adrian Peterson


Personal information firstly covers his parent’s names and details. His father’s name is Nelson Peterson and his mother name was Bonita Peterson. He married the beautiful Ashley Brown. He was born in Palestine Texas, His Zodiac sign is Aries. He took all the formal education from America. He is a black ethic personality who developed a career in football with a great impression among the individuals of football Enthusiast. He is the one who equipped with the different sets of playing skills with which he grabs the different awards and titles from the international arena.



Adrian Peterson is an American national citizen who played from America and grabbed the best player title in NFL career. His height is 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m). He is renowned for his talent and his ability to manage the stress. Because of his athlete’s body, he looks very healthy. He is currently 35 year of age. Because of his height and personality, he is a perfect player for football, that’s why its boon for him. Being an American national he has done a lot for the nation by representing himself to the different international game s and by winning the different titles for the international platform as well. So he is actually the asset of American in simple terms.



Based on the different official reports, Adrian Peterson’s net worth is considered to be $4 million. And his salary is considered to be 1 Million US dollar annually illustrated by authorities. He is among the best football player with a well settled life. He is blessed with two children Adeja Peterson and Andria Peterson. So Adrian Peterson is a professional Football player and manager who is living happy life with his family and friends.