Brittany Favre was born on the date of February 6, 1989, in Mississippi, USA, and is a lawyer, but is probably best known as the daughter of retired National Football League (NFL) Premier Brett Favre. This NFL player has played in the league for two decades. In addition, Deanne Favre, who is her, opened a foundation called the Deanne Favre Hope Foundation after a devastating cancer war in 2004.

Deanne has laid the foundation for the hope of raising money and raising awareness among women. In just two years, the foundation raised $ 500,000 in lousy support and speculation in October 2007. In addition, her sister Bereleigh Favre is also a volleyball player.

The Favre family currently lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. In addition, Deanne Favre is also a writer. He has published two books entitled ‘Don’t Bet Me! Beating The Odds Against Breast Cancer and In Life’ in 2007 and another entitled The Cure For The Chronic Life: Overcoming Depression That Holds You Back 2010.

Quick Info
Full NameBrittany Favre
Date Of Birth February 6, 1989
Birth PlaceHattiesburg, Mississippi
Parent(s)Brett Favre, Deanne Favre
Age39 years
Body Measurement
Height5 feet 6 inches
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Martial StatusMarried
Wife(s)/Partner(s)Patrick Valkenburg
Net Worth $1000k


Brittany Favre Education and Early Life

Brittany was born in the early stage of her father’s career when he was only 19 years old. She grew up very close to her father, and she often went to the most famous stadiums in the country following her father’s success. She points out that despite her father’s success, she remained a lowly one on earth. She encouraged her to work despite her success, but the family had a problem when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Brittany Favre

The good news is that she has recovered from this illness, which has helped the whole family. Eventually, her parents founded an organization called the Deanna Favre Hope Foundation to help people with cancer and to help spread awareness of the disease. Brittany grew up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, with a sister who would pursue a career in volleyball, able to learn to deal with her father’s prominence. After graduating from high school and graduating with a bachelor’s degree, she enrolled at Loyola University’s College of Law.


Brittany Favre Career

Back in high school, Brittany followed in her father’s footsteps. She was involved in several sports. However, shortly after graduating from law school in Loyola, she immediately began her career as a lawyer. It seems that Brittany deliberately wanted to do a completely different job from her father. Still, she could not escape her father’s business since she specializes in sports and entertainment in her legal career.


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Not to mention that, as she has already been exposed to the stadium, it should have been a point of integration and her choice of technology. Brittany was a former partner at Lockley, Slawson, & Million, Law Firmlisted. Also, she was listed as a co-lawyer at Green Law Firm. In addition to her successful legal career, Brittany also appeared in a series of documentaries called Football Life. The documentary covers the lives of some of the NFL’s most famous players. Brittany appeared in the sixth season, next to her father. The documentary included Brett Favre’s significant achievements.

Brittany Favre

Brittany Favre Personal Life

Favre had been in a long-term relationship with her college boyfriend, Brett Parker. Although the couple is not legally married, the two recently adopted a baby boy on April 2, 2010. Similarly, all past news and rumors are all hidden from public view.

Surprisingly, the couple split up in 2011; the reason is still unknown. Besides, after the divorce, Brittany married Patrick Valkenburg. They have a son named AJ together. Moreover, Brittany Favre seems to be more focused on her job as an Advocate than being caught up in absurd rumors. Nevertheless, the mother of two now lives happily with her family.

Brittany Favre

Brittany Favre Social Media Presence

Because of the constant headlines and being in the spotlight, Brittany Favre kept her public accounts private. However, Favre, now a mother of two, has personal Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook accounts.


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Brittany Favre Net Worth

Brittany Favre can earn a lot of money through her professional work. First, she is associated with a law firm based in Hattiesburg. Although her total salary and price are not public, her salary is estimated at $ 70,000 a year.

While her father was a famous footballer and Favre could make money by following that path, Favre was satisfied with his income. In summary, Favre now lives a quiet life from the media and the community with her husband and children.


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