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Before knowing Bruce Buffer we should know about the game actually he plays. He is a professional Martial art player. Martial art is basically a fighting skill that is initially used for self defense and later converted into the sports segment. It is initially origin from Middle East Asia. It’s quite similar kung fu, judo, karate.

Quick Info
Full NameBruce Buffer
Date Of BirthMay 21, 1957
Birth PlaceTulsa, Oklahoma
Parent(s)Joe Buffer (Father)
Connie Buffer (Mother)
ProfessionUFC Announcer
Wife(s)Annie Buffer (Divorced)
Age63 years
Height5 ft 10 in
Net WorthUS $410 million

Traditionally these skills were used by the warriors for the warrior and later this game is continued for its existence in sports as well. Bruce Buffer is the player who is best in Martial art with a unique set of skills. He is a professional mixed martial artist. He is a half boxer as well as half wrestler.  Micheal Buffer and Bruce have a company in which he is the CEO. Both the brothers are the Grandson of renowned boxer Johnny Buff.

Bruce Buffer


Bruce Buffer was born on 21st May 1959 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is renowned as the Veteran voice of the Octagon. He is the UFC announcer and renowned with his phrase ‘it’s me’. He is a half brother to well know ring match announcer Michael buffer. They are the grandson of the famous boxer Johny Buff. Although he does not reveal any personal information to the media so it’s very difficult to know about his personal life except few of leaked information in media. He is one of the best mixed martial art player who is renowned for his unique moves as well.



Bruce Buffer was first introduced to martial arts when he was thirteen years old. While living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania he was studying judo and achieving the rank of green belt in the academics. Then after, He moved to Malibu of California along with his entire family when he was only 13.Thenthere he came in to the friendship of  two of the students of Chuck Norris, who encouraged him to Tang Soo Do class.

In Tang Soo do, he hold a second degree black belt which was his preparation for the future but he did not know that he is going to be recognized to the world with these equipped skills. Then, Bruce Buffer started kickboxing in his twenties but he was obligatory to give up the sports at the age of 32 after suffering his second concussion.

Bruce Buffer

Bruce Buffer is famous for his catch phrases in UFC announcing. Also famous for his signatures move which he used to call “Buffer 180”. In that move, Buffer motions directly across the Octagon before quickly spinning 180° and pointing to the corner being introduced. Buffer performs both 45° and 90° turns but most Bruce buffer are 180s degree which is his unique move.

He usually uses “Buffer 180” on main events and fighting. Buffer performed a “Buffer 360” during his opening of Frank Mir v. Brock Lesnar which is different than 180 after the encouragement from Joe Rogan at UFC 100. In spite of all his moves, He also performed the “Buffer Bow” exclusively for the first time for Randy Couture.

Not only in UFC but Bruce Buffer is a recognized personality out the UFC world as well. He announced different shows like Boxing Even of HBO, MMA international promotions, ABU Dhabi combat club, and so many others. He is also a world-rated Poker player as well He also appeared for the ESPN World Series of Poker main event as well. He also appeared in different TV shows as well Season 3 and Episodes 24 of the famous show “Friends” The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion, HBO show entourage, episodes of shows Gotcha and worked in film Hot Tub Time Machine 2.



Bruce Buffer got married to Anne Buffer but frankly describing, his personal life is quite unknown as he does not reveal anything in social media and does not expose his personal life to others. But the rumor says they divorced in 2015. According to different records, it says they both have one son named Dougie Buffer. He never complained about his life with anyone seen. Bruce Buffer is the person who is satisfied with every happening in the world.

Bruce Buffer


An average height of 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m) can beat the beast with the rising is his quality. He is of very attractive personality with the muscular body which Adds value in his look as well as in his profession too. He is an American national citizen who has fought different matches and opened his one company in which he is acting as CEO. His current occupation is UFC announcer.



The report says the net worth of Bruce Buffer is $ 410 million. Depending on the matching complexity and popularity buffer earns around the net worth of $ 25000- $100000. On an extremely rare case, he paid a net worth of 1 million dollars for the match.  A 63-year-old man earns a net worth of  $50000 per UFC fight while the bigger event pays him around a sum of $100000. This means he is well-known person in his field of martial art.