Adrienne Bosh, whose full name looks to be Adrienne Nicole Bosh, is a vogue American businesswoman and presenter. She is additionally a model and a businesswoman. This stunning lady gained fame shortly once she got married to Chris Bosh.

Chris Bosh is a well-known Yankee basketball player who started his career within the year 2003 and retired in 2017. He started his journey with the Toronto Raptors and also the Miami Heat afterward.

Full Name Adrienne Bosh
Birthdate 17th April, 1985
Age 36 (2021)
Birthplace Vevay, Indiana, the United States of America
Parents Susan Chatham, and Rogelio Vargas
Siblings Anabel Vargas, Analia Vargas, and Rachel Chatham
Relationship Status Married- Chris Bosh
No. of children four
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Eye color N/A
Hair color N/A
Net Worth 1.5 million dollars

Family Background, and Early Life of Adrienne Bosh

Adrienne Bosh, who shared fame alongside her husband Chris Bosh, was born on April 17, 1985. This makes her 36 years old previous currently, with the birth sign of Aries. Her zodiac element is Fire, her zodiac quality is Cardinal, her sign ruler is Mars, her detriment is Venus, her exaltation is the Sun, and her fall is Saturn. Her lucky numbers are 8 and 1, and her lucky color is scarlet red. Like how all Aries are, Adrienne Bosh is also courageous. She doesn’t hesitate to urge new expertise and is always ready to take huge risks. Similarly, her insensitive and hot-tempered temperament are a few things that people abhor concerning her She is very dominant and stubborn typically.

Chris Bosh Wife Adrienne Bosh
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Adrienne was born in Vevay, Indiana, the United States of America as the daughter of Susan Chatham and Rogelio Vargas. She was raised by her mother, Susan Chatham, and her father, Rogelio Vargas, in the United States of America alongside her siblings. She has three sisters named Anabel Vargas, Analia Vargas, and Rachel Chatham.

Surely, Adrienne Bosh has the beautiful appearance of her mother and the pointy sharp mind of her father that makes her a great combination of glamour and intelligence.

Adrienne continues to be very close to her parents and siblings both emotionally and physically. She is usually seen hanging out with her folks and members of her family.

Regarding her tutorial career, she attended Switzerland County High School from 1999 to 2003, where she participated in theatre and gymnastics. She has additionally taken part in modeling contests. She started her modeling career once she was 12 years old. Bosh earned the title of Princess Runner-up at Vevay’s annual Swiss Wine Festival within the year 2002.

Later, she stirred to Los Angeles to start her career as an actress and a model.


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– Career of Adrienne Bosh

Adrienne rose to prominence as an actress within the Yankee film and television industries after appearing in films and television series such as Three Barbeques in 2002, Martin Luther King Day in 2003, and How To Throw A Party in 2006.

She has additionally appeared as a guest in an exceedingly high number of television shows and films. Along with that, Adrienne has created her appearances in many music videos, photoshoots, magazines, and advertisements.

Together with that, Adrienne has also worked as a club promoter and has also started her own club promotion business, “Diamonds & Dimes Entertainment,” in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Along with being a part of the American showbiz industry, Adrienne also owns a girly home décoration and gift boutique, Sparkle and Shine Darling, in Miami, Florida. This store was encircled within the year 2018 following Bosh’s relocation to Texas, which was additionally followed by Adrienne Bosh and her youngsters.


Adrienne Bosh
Image Source: Instagram

Over and above that, She has based a mentorship program for Team Tomorrow Inc. in Miami. Together with that, she promotes the upliftment of youngsters and families too.


-Relationship Status of Adrienne Bosh

Adrienne Bosh tied the knot with basketball player Chris Bosh on July 19th, 2011. They are now blessed with four youngsters and are currently living in the United States of America. The main reason Adrienne got famous is because of her husband, Chris Bosh.

Adrienne Bosh
image Source: Instagram

-Net worth of Adrienne Bosh 

Adrienne has an estimated net worth of 1.5 million dollars, while her husband, Chris Bosh, has a calculable net worth of 239 million dollars.


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-Social Media of Adrienne Bosh

She includes a private Instagram account named “Mrs. Adrienne Bosh” and is verified in it. She incorporates a complete total of 562 thousand followers, with a total of 2,372 followers.

She is additionally verified on Twitter, with a username of @MrsAdrienneBosh and 49.3 thousand followers. 


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