If we can make a movie out of the boxer then it can be from Chuck Wepner. He is an American professional retired boxer who has been an inspiration to millions of people including Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone.

The heavyweight champion Wepner has his own documentation of his overall life journey as the most memorable boxer in the world. In addition to that, his boxing career also becomes an inspiration to the most popular movies “Rocky”, “The Brawler” and “Chuck”.

If there is something that everybody should learn from Wepner is the dedication that he put into his boxing. And that’s what makes him a successful boxer and recognizable.

So, let’s today we will know about Chuck Wepner’s early life, age, overall boxing career, relationship status, net worth, and active social media accounts.

Quick Info
Full NameChuck Wepner
Date Of BirthFebruary 26, 1939
Birth PlaceNew York City, United State
Age32 years old
Body MeasurementN/A
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlack
Zodiac SignN/A
EthnicityPolish, German and Ukrainian
Martial StatusMarried
Wife(s)/Partner(s)Linda Wepner
Net Worth$400,000

Chuck Wepner Early Life

Chuck Wepner was born on February 26, 1939, in New York City, United State. He is a mix of Polish, German and Ukrainian Ethnicity.

Chuck is a son of Charles William Wepner (Father) and Dolores Wepner (Mother). He grew up with his brother named Don Wepner in the sketchy street of Bayonne, New York. It was a hard time for Wepner to survive in childhood.

When Wepner was a year old then he went to his grandmother’s house along with his mother on 28th Street near Hudson Boulevard. He used to live in a coal shed room till he was 13 years old.

Chuck Wepner
Image Source: Hossli

Besides, Chuck went to Bayonne High School where he used to play basketball because of his perfect height of 6 feet 5 in.

After graduation, Wepner joined the military of U.S Marines and become a member of the boxer team. It was that moment when he practically used his fighting skills in boxing which he has learned during his childhood on the street.


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Chuck Wepner Age

Chuck Wepner is currently 82 years old.


Chuck Wepner Career

Chuck Wepner started his professional boxing career in 1964 in the Northeast boxing Club. He instantly becomes popular because of his boxing skills which he learned while in the U.S Marine.

Time after time, Wepner wins tons of local level arenas and event and start to recognize as “The Bayonne Bleeder”. He was the most fearsome boxer in the town who doesn’t step back to show his skills and technique.

Besides, Chuck also worked as a bouncer before making his debut as a professional boxer. Once his name starts to recognize all over the country then he began to compete for the bigger title. To be said, Wepner went for the New Jersey State heavyweight title and manages to become a champion. In addition to that, he also wins the match against Charlie Polite and Ernie Terrell (who is a former WBA Heavyweight Champion)

Chuck Wepner
Image Source: NJ

However, it was the time when Chuck also has to bear the loss. He lost the fight against George Foreman, Sonny Liston, Joe Bugner.

Chuck Wepner fought a total of 51 fights over his career on where he wins 35 times (17 by KO) and lost 14 times. In addition to that, he draws 2 times during professional matches.


Chuck Wepner and Muhammad Ali

The most memorable fight for Chuck Wepner was with Muhammad Ali (One of the great boxers of all time). The boxing fight was started on March 24, 1975, at Richfield Coliseum located in Richfield, Ohio.

But there was a lot of time for both of the fighters to train and compete with each other in the ring. So, Wepner started his training in Catskill Mountain for 8 whole weeks under AI Braverman (trainer).

Chuck Wepner
Image Source: Military

When the day comes for the main event, a reporter asks the Wepner saying “You think you can survive on the rig with the Champion Ali”. But Chuck replied, “I have been a survivor my whole life, if I survived the Marines, I can survive Ali”. It was that moment when Chuck didn’t hesitate to fight Ali in the ring.

So, the fight began and Wepner face a knockdown in the 9th round. But he stands up and again starts to fight Ali. However, the win wasn’t on Chuck’s side because he was later knockdown in the 15th round and lost the match.


Chuck Wepner Relationship

Chuck Wepner married 3 women in his lifetime. He first married Lorma Wepner and has 2 children named Charlene and Chuck jr.

Later on, he again married his second wife Phyllis Wepner, and welcome a child named Kimberly.

The first two marriages didn’t go well so he again married his 3rd wife Linda Wepner. Now, the couple has been living together happily in Bayonne.


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Chuck Wepner Net Worth

Chuck Wepner was a successful boxer of all time. He has earned quite a good fortune in his boxing career. So, his net worth is estimated around at $400,000 as of 2021.


Chuck Wepner Social Media

Chuck Wepner doesn’t have any social media accounts. It means he is not involved in Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. It was also a good thing for Wepner because of his age.

He should be more concerned regarding his health rather than involving on social media platforms.


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