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David Goggins, best known for being an ultramarathon runner/motivational speaker/author, is a retired Navy SEAL hailing from the United States of America. He is also an ultra-distance cyclist and triathlete. David served in the Iraq War. He released “Can’t Hurt Me,” a memoir, in 2018. David worked in the United States Air Force and was a Chief Petty Officer. 

Quick Info
Full NameDavid Goggins
Date Of BirthFebruary 17, 1975
Birth PlaceBuffalo, New York, United States
Parent(s)Trunnis Goggins
Jackie Goggins
ProfessionRunner, Cyclist, Motivation Speaker, Author, Triathlete
SpouseAleeza (2005-2008)
Age45 years
Height1.98 m
Net WorthUS $500 Thousands

David Goggins


David Goggins was born to parents Trunnis Groggins and Jackie Goggins on 17 February 1975 in Buffalo, located in New York, USA. He grew up in Williamsville with his family. David has a brother named Trunnis Jr. Groggins worked in an ice rink owned by his father as a youngster. He also worked in a pear control company after serving in the military. 



After his mission in Iraq, David Goggins lost many friends, urging him to re-adopt a radical way of life. To prove to the fallen families that they have not been forgotten and are not alone in their pain, he decided to do the world’s most challenging things. For example, an American won a super marathon through the “Valley of Death,” David had to run 217 kilometers in 48 hours. His kidneys failed when he qualified for the event, which resulted in blood loss.

Instead of breaking like everyone else, he gnawed the last few miles and grabbed some broken bones in his leg. For the next 100 miles running through the rocky jungle terrain, the American defeated himself but had to spend some time in a wheelchair.  Although he has managed to raise a lot of money for the victims’ families’ foundation thanks to the media’s interest, David Goggins wants to beat himself and put his mental and physical condition to the test today.

David Goggins

Although David Goggins says he hates running, he has to get up every morning at 3:00, run 32km, and drive 40km to work. Later there are no quiet nights in front of the TV but sweaty sessions in the gym. The achievements that David Goggins has achieved during his lifetime are extraordinary.

Despite the most unfavorable conditions, the American passed one test after another and is now considered a great motivator and a true legend.  The power of this man’s will is unmatched, so it is no exaggeration to say that David Goggins is one of the most challenging people in the world. Goggins also works as a motivational speaker and has given speeches to various athletes and teams ranging from Atlanta Hawks to football programs in universities like Tennessee.

David finished second in the Moab 240 ultramarathon in 2020. He ended the event in 63 hours and 21 minutes. The ultramarathon was won by Michele Garagiola, who was around 95 minutes ahead of him. 



David Goggins got married to Aleeza in 2005. She is a nurse. They, however, got divorced in 2008. After their marriage, Aleeza revealed that his ex-husband didn’t actually like running and riding bikes. According to rumors, their divorce was due to David’s unsatisfactory sexual performance. Aleeza was ten years older than him. 

David Goggins

Height, Weight, and Age

Trea Turner stands 1.98 m big and counts roughly 86 kg. As of November 7 of 2020, he is 45 years old.


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Trea Turner is active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter. On Instagram, he has 3.4 million followers, and on Twitter, he has 368k followers Twitter as of November of 2020. He doesn’t follow anyone on both Twitter and Instagram.


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As of November of 2020, Trea Turner’s net worth got estimated to be around US$ 500k. He makes most of his fortune from being an athlete and being a motivational speaker. He was formerly in the military.