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Devon Larratt is a well-known Canadian arm wrestler who has received multiple awards for his achievements in the sport. Devon is a hulking muscular guy who is known for his arm wrestling prowess.

Devon “No Limits” Larratt is a professional Canadian arm wrestler and former Canadian Armed Forces, soldier. Devon Larratt is widely regarded as one of the best arm wrestlers of all time and is now North America’s 1 arm wrestler.

Larratt also has an excellent record of beating opponents in arm wrestling that is larger than himself. In addition, his fantastic performance made him one of the most prominent arm wrestlers ever.

Quick Info
NameDevon Larratt
Date of birthApril 24, 1975
Place of birthVictoria, English Colombia
Zodiac signTaurus
Net worth
$3 million
Weight102 kg/224 lb
Bicep size43.5 cm
Eye colorLight green
Hair colorDark
ProfessionArm Wrestler
Relationship statusMarried to Jodi Larratt

Early Life of Devon Larratt

Larratt’s interest in arm-wrestling started as an early teenager, born in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Larratt, who served seventeen years with the joint task force 2, entered the command of the Canadian Special Operations Forces at the age of 21. Devon Larratt’s military career was highly decorated: he was master captain and seven times deployed to Afghanistan where he was injured in combat. Despite his deployments, during his militant service, Larratt was able to practice and compete and has acknowledged his great success with many military bases. Also, throughout his youth, Larratt competed in Judo.

Devon Larratt
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After defeating the arm fighting icon John Brzenk, Devon grew prominently in 2008. In 2010, Devon won Andriy Pushkar’s title at Armbet 42 to keep his left hand. In 2011, in Las Vegas, Nevado, Larratt defeated Don Underwood to maintain his rightist title. Tim Bresnan was defeated by Devon for the super-heavy title in 2012.

He had an operation on his right arm and elbow in 2013, which forced him to compete using his left hand. In 2016, he underwent the same procedure in his left elbow, but he recovered much quicker and won the WAL Championship that same year.

He retained the heavyweight championships in the right-arm and left-arm by defeating Matt Mask in 2017. Larratt was defeated in 2018 by the right-arm Michael Todd WAL title. On 28 May 2021, Devon Larratt beat the top-rated Michael Todd with a final score of 6-0 in the King Of The Table in Dubai, which is now called one of the biggest arm-wresting battles of all time.

Immediately after the win, the arm-wrestling community began promoting a legendary super game between Devon Larratt and Levan Saginashvili (Champions of the PAL Professional Armwrestling League), which expressed an interest in a global unification title fight.

Devon Larratt
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Devon has participated and won matches throughout the world in several competitions. It is worth noting that while surgery Larratt won these titles. He is also known for defending both arms of his WAL title. In a great bout at WAL 402, Larratt also defeated Jerry Cadorette in 2018. Furthermore, he lost 3-2 to Michael Todd during WAL 402.

He was also defeated by a 6-0 score at Zloty Tur, Poland, by Russian Superstar Denis Cylenkov.


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Personal Life

Devon Larratt is married to the former wrestler and actress Jodi Larratt, who has three kids. Diät Devon generally includes food for pancakes and maple syrup while exercising for matches. Devon also owns Armbet, an arms wrestler’s matchmaking mobile app. Larratt now resides with his family in Ottawa, Canada.

Devon Larratt
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He is a family man, though, and he loves to spend time with his family. Furthermore, Jodi stated her love of bracelet wrestling similar to her husband. Devon didn’t take her seriously because he knows that not everyone’s a bare-knuckle scene. Jodi and Devin also began training together following multiple chats.


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Net worth and social media

The arm-wrestling events throughout the world have made Devon a fortune. Devon’s net worth is $3 MILLION since 2021. Devon Larratt mainly participated in WAL and was on ESPN TV, which can be found on Bleacher report. Every event is $2.99 worth of PPV. The League also has streaming rights for fan seat lovers. Devon also makes roughly $75,000 from his tournament awards and an extra $1,000 a day to give seminars. It was also revealed.

On Instagram, the athlete is well known. He is the user @devlarratt with over 197k followers. However, he does not seem to have a Twitter account, despite his fame on the web.


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