Who is Eleider Alvarez?

Born in Colombia, Eleider Alvarez is a professional boxer who has won many titles as well as awards for his outstanding boxing career. He was born Eleider Alvarez Baytar. This professional Colombian boxer was born on 8 April 1984 in Apartado, Columbia. Before he was a famous boxer, he was an amateur singer. He used to sing on Colombian street along with his friends.

Quick Info 
Full NameEléider Álvarez Baytar
Date Of Birth8 April 1984
Birth PlaceApartadó, Colombia
SpouseJessica Mosquera Córdoba(wife)
Height6 ft 0 in
ChildrenAyda Eliza
Net Worth$100K - $5 Million

What is he famous for?

Eleider Alvarez is basically famous for his knockout punch in his boxing career. Besides this, he is famous for his unbreakable win record. Throughout his boxing career, he has won twenty-seven times and has lost only two times. He has only played twenty-seven professional boxing fights throughout his entire boxing career. He is also one of the active socialists in Columbia. He raised campaigns like speaking against drugs, which is the main problem that is attacking the youths of Columbia. He is also famous for his motivational speak as well.

Eleider alvarez
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Records and Highlights

For his extraordinary boxing legacy, he has been awarded and has been nominated for many prestigious awards. He has also won the Light-heavyweight championship in the years 2002. This famous Colombian boxer was also known as Strom. He has also won Men’s Amateur boxing, where he represented his birth country, Colombia. He has also won the Pan American Games, where he won the 2007 Rio Light-Heavyweight championship. For South American games, Eleider Alvarez has won the 2006 Buenos Aries Light-heavyweight championship.

Personal Stats and Facts

This Colombian boxer is famous for his way of playing and his knockout punch. He is one of the boxers in the WBO who can knock opponents in just one punch. He is blessed with a favorable height of 6 feet and 1 inch. The total weight of his body is 75 kg. Also, he is known by the nickname storm. The zodiac sign of this Colombian boxer is Aries, and the birth sign of Eleider Alvarez is aries as well.

Eleider Alvarez loves to spend his time, especially with his family. He speaks to various Colombian youth vi differents social media. Overall, Eleider Alvarez is a very kind-hearted person and loves to help the needy. He belongs to Colombian nationality and has the ethnicity of Asian- Colombian. The color of his eyes is gray, and the color of his hair is black. Eleider Alvarez loves to keep his hair short. He also wears a bracelet, which was given to his mother before she passed away.

Eleider alvarez
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Parents and Early Life

Eleider Alvarez, one of the professional Colombian boxers, was born on 8 April 1984 in Apartado, Columbia. He was born in the small village of Apartado. The name of his father is not mentioned on any internet sites. Maybe, He didn’t want to mention the name of his father. Although, he was very close to his mother.

His mother’s name is Ayda Eliza. He gives credit to his mother for making him one of the professional boxers. His interest as a child was in music more than he was interested in boxing. But his mother wanted to see him as a boxer. She even attended him at a local boxing school, where he learned many things about boxing. Sadly, his mother passed when he was just fourteen years old. This broke him, and he wanted to be a boxer as his mother wanted him to be.


Eleider Alvarez is famous in Colombia, but he is also unknown to many people. There are not any facts that take us to access his education. However, we know that he is educated. He can speak English fluently and loves to talk with people in English.

Eleider alvarez
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Care er

After his mother passed away, Eleider Alvarez started his career in boxing. He used to play various underground fights in Colombia. He gained many fans after he defeated the local and yet famous player, Hamilton Ventura. Defeating Ventura, He was able to win the South American Game. He first debuts in professional boxing when he was 25 years old. He won the match against Jesse sanders.

Road to Fame

Eleider Alvarez was known to many people after he knocked out another professional boxer, Danny Mcintosh. He knocked this player twice, which is the main reason why he is known to the people. Throughout his career, he has won against various professional players such as  Jean Pascal, Badou Jack, Kovalev, Michael Sean, JE Smith Jr, and many more. He is one of the best players in the entire boxing history.


Relationship | Wife, and Daughter

Eleider Alvarez is married to Jessica. They are living in a long-term relationship, as He has to roam for his match. He has a daughter named Ayda Eliza. He named his daughter after the name of his mother.


Net worth and Salary

While he was fighting for different American games, he was paid 17,000 pounds weekly. His salary was more than 8,84,000 pounds.

The total net worth of Eleider Alvarez is $1 million according to January 2021.

Social Media Presence

Eleider Alvarez is on Twitter with a username Eleider Alvarez Baytar with more than 3K followers. He is also on Instagram with the same username as on Twitter, and he has more than 17.1k followers. He is not available on Facebook.


What is the birth name of Eleider Alvarez?

Eleider Alvarez was born Eleider Alvarez Baytar.

What many children does he have?

He has only one daughter.

What is his daughter’s name?

His daughter’s name is Ayda Eliza who was named after his mother.