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Jackson Mahomes is Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes‘ younger brother. In his own right, he is an internet star. On his own Instagram account, which has over 200,000 fans in it, Jackson has displayed his lifestyle and has become quite popular. It is also a larger TikTok star with around a million supporters.

Quick Info
NameJackson Mahomes
Date of Birth
May 15, 2000
Place of BirthTexas
EducationStudies marketing at the University of Missouri-Kansas City
FatherPat Mahomes
MotherRandi Mahomes
SiblingsPatrick Mahomes & Mia Randall
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight62 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorDark Brown
ProfessionSocial Media Influencer

During the games, Jackson Mahomes is renowned to film videos of TikTok. He got a greater notice in the Super Bowl of the Chiefs. He also was a superb athlete and studied at the Whitehouse High School in Texas. He was a basketball player. He possesses exceptional range shooting ability, as evidenced by a video of him making many three-pointers from various places of the court.

So, getting back to the main matter, it’s not a bad thing that Patrick has been the focus of both praise and criticism. And here it is, why is this the case? Most individuals who know him describe him as a cheery charmer with an odd sense of humor. To some, Jackson Mahomes may appear to be a spoilt child who enjoys living off his brother’s money and bugging the heck out of them.


Early Life and High school

First of all, Jackson Mahomes born on 15 May 2000, to his no less well-known parents, Pat Mahomes and Randi Mahomes. He was born in Texas, the United States, and most of his youth was accompanied by his older brother & younger sister.

Speaking of the members of his family, Jackson Mahomes is in a sphere where athletics is given priority, flowered, and equipped.

jackson mahomes
Image Source: Sports keeda

Not many people were going to know, but Jackson Mahomes was a high school basketball star. In 2018, he graduated from Whitehouse High School in Whitehouse, Texas. And he was the second-leading rebounder for the Varsity squad of the school, the Wildcats, according to ETSN.

It is not surprising to think about his sporting skills. He’s surrounded in the family, after all, by athletes. But Jackson Mahomes wanted to bring his dance, music and comedy talent into being and to live his own life, as opposed to his family. He left his blossoming basketball career visibly and moved there to brew his self-titled Tiktok channel.

Image Source: Total pro sports

Jackson Mahomes on Tiktok

Well, Tiktok, the three seconds of the one-minute Chinese video app, has become both an important step towards his life as well as prejudice.  Now, let’s begin with what his own bio says? “Here I’m intimidated, but nonetheless here I’m.” You surely have the hint here already. Subject both to assessment and criticism, as noted above.

On September 23, 2019, the first Tiktok video of Jackson’s voice was published saying, “So that’s Tiktok!” His second video Tiktok, which was a check of his renowned relatives, was for obvious reasons, to his eldest brother Patrick Mahomes.

Patrick began demonstrating his movements and grooves in his  Tiktok videos, slowly and steadily moved forward. Some people adored him, others loathed him. “Let him alone and make him do what he wants,” there are some people who say. And some people questioned her gender and said it was unnecessary to declare him the brother of Patrick if his surname were not Muhammad.

Image Source: Ok Magazine

“On the opposite side, the grass is ever greener.” That’s totally true of everyone who stated this. More critics than appreciations have confronted Jackson. With most of the Tiktok video, he was questioned, worsened, and ridiculed.
The only thing that is evident  through comment section is the terrible world in which we live, the brutal civilization that has such merciless people. It is no wonder that people have to confront battle, hatred, and opinions for themselves only.


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Whom Jackson Mahomes is dating?

Well, researching on his girlfriend, we did not get the exact name. But here is an interesting tale coming up. It’s not clear yet that Jackson has a crush or not, but there was news of him wanting to take Nessa Barrett on a date. Nessa is a dancing sensation and lip-sync artist on Tiktok who has more than fourteen thousand followers.


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Net worth

It is expected that the net worth of Jackson Mahomes would exceed $69 000 and be lower than $10 million by 2021.
Moreover, it is not concealed that he enjoys a good life going over his Instagram pictures. He lives a life full of king-sized from apparel to exotic places. Jackson also has a small yet extra-lavish apartment in Kansas. He lives there alone and sometimes meets the house of his brother.


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