Julian Edelman is an NFL star who plays for the New England Patriots. A wide receiver, the handsome young man, has attracted a lot of female attention in his days, but who is the footballer currently attached to?


There’s no doubt that women fall head to toes for football players and athletes, likewise, Julian Edelman is a man who has been headhunted by many girls over the years, but the New England Patriots regular is currently in a relationship with Daiane Sodre.



Sodre, one of the top fashion models from Brazil, had already established herself in the limelight of the modeling industry a long way before she was linked with the footballer. She has featured for popular brands, including Pretty Little Thing, Riachuelo, Victoria’s Secret, Aeropostale, and more.

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The relationship, kept private from the people, was thought to be serious when the couple posted quarantine pictures together during the lockdown, and recently, the Brazilian expressed her excitement about the new NFL season, starting by commenting on Edelman’s social media post.

Daiane Sodre Da Silva was born on March 11, 1993, in Baixa Grande, Brazil.

A beautiful child, Sodre’s parents named her after the name of a Princess of Wales, Diana. The 5ft 11 inches tall model has glowing skin and a fit body that measures 33-24-34. 



Starting her modeling career in 2011, Daiane started her journey with Marilyn NY, a Paris-based modeling agency. Soon after that, she started appearing in the photoshoots of the fashion brand Ralph Lauren.

She then received offers from and worked for multinational brands like Victoria’s Secret, American lingerie, and beauty lines. 

She made it to the cover page of L’Officiel Brasil, the top glamour magazine in Brazil, and gained fame in other countries like L’Officiel Switzerland, Elle South Africa, and Wonderland Magazine.

After switching her workplace to New York, she has been seen on covers of American fashion magazines like Cosmopolitan and Nylon.



Sodre also serves as the ambassador for Brazil Child Health, where she was appointed in 2018. The Brazilian nonprofit organization focuses on providing children of poor families with weak economic backgrounds to get proper medical care and support.  

Daiane Sodre has conducted a number of charity events and fundraisers whose proceeds go to the agency and the trust to help take on the noble cause. 

Julian Edelman charity
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The fact that Julian Edelman is dating Daiane Sodre started as a rumor in early 2018. Media houses speculated that the couple was secretly dating after they were spotted in Martha’s Vineyard beach sharing a moment.

Despite not making public appearances together, the duo was seen having romantic getaways and intimate moments in multiple social media posts, and they were very active in acknowledging each other on social media, with posts, tags, and comments. 

Edelman expressed his desire to ding a stepmother for his daughter to fuel things even further, but he did not mention if he was seeing anyone. 

As of now, the relationship still stands unofficial, and we are technically only making assumptions as to what the couple might decide for themselves next. 



Julian Edelman, the handsome wide receiver in the NFL, has had no shortage of female attraction in his life. 

Ever since his high school days, he has regularly been in a romantic relationship till today. 

In high school, his girlfriend was his classmate, Jaqui Rice. The two dated since grade 8 and shared various moments together, but things changed when Edelman started focusing on his footballing career and ended things with Rice. 

Julian Edelman
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Julian Edelman was linked heavily with AnnaLynne McCord in the year 2014 when the model and actress posted a selfie on Instagram, tagging the footballer. Although this only remained as yet another speculation, sources state that the two did date briefly, but everything was kept lowkey. 

Julian Edelman was in a relationship with another model, Ella Rose, from 2014-2016. The two were confirmed couples that did appear in public, and Ella even gave birth to Julian’s daughter, Lily, who was born in December 2016. 

Ella, a Swedish model, was being cheated on by Edelman, who was by late 2016, already seeing someone else. 

However, despite moving on, Edelman agreed to pay child support for their newborn. 

Edelman had started dating Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima in late 2016. News surfaced about the couple when they were seen holding hands at a local seafood restaurant in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

The relationship did not survive long, as the two had to stay apart for long times due to the polar opposite lines of work, and also, it has been revealed that Lima wanted a child with Edelman, something he was not ready for. 



Daiane Sodre, too, has had a few love interests in her past, with her relationship with rapper A$AP Rocky being public in 2019. The two were seen in public on multiple occasions, but we do not know why they split up after less than a year. 

Before that, she was linked to singer Joe Jonas, but the relationship was never confirmed by either involved. They were seen going out for lunch and dinner dates together, but that saga too fizzled out like any other. 



As we have understood thus far, love does not come easy, and maintaining a relationship is no easy task. Both Daiane Sodre and Julian Edelman seem to have faced a similar fate in their romantic pursuits, with no proper long-lasting relationship history shared between the two. 

Here’s to hoping that they find what they are looking for in one another and stay together a long time.


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