Philip Rivers is a former American football quarterback who played for seventeen impressive seasons in the NFL. Spending most of his career with the San Diego Chargers, he is considered one of the greatest quarterbacks of his generation. 


Starting out with his college football run at North Carolina State University, Rivers was selected fourth overall in the 2004 NFL Draft by the New York Giants, who went on to trade him to the San Diego Chargers. Spending a majority of his career there, he ended his professional run with a final season for the Indianapolis Colts in 2020.



In a successful career that spanned over 17 years, Phillip Rivers has won various personal honors and has set records in the NFL that can’t be broken easily. Although his team never did win a Super Bowl ring, Rivers is considered probably the greatest player ever to not win a Super Bowl but still dominant in the game as a legend. 

Philip Rivers
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He was awarded the ACC Rookie, Player, and Athlete of the Year awards from 2000 to 2004, was invited to the Pro Bowls eight times, and also led his team to four division titles. During the 2007 seasons, Phillip Rivers helped his team win their first playoff game in 13 years, taking them to the AFC Championship Game.

At the time of his retirement, Rivers stood fifth all-time in passing yards with a record figure of 63,440 and touchdowns as many as 421, which is the highest ever by a quarterback without a Super Bowl appearance. 

He started every season game for 14 years from 2006 to 2020, which is the second-highest by any player in the NFL at 240.  


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During his amazingly successful career, Rivers made a lot of gold and glory. In 2020, his estimated networth stood at more than $80, which makes him one of the highest-paid athletes in the National Football League. 

During his playing days, Rivers’ annual salary was around $10.2 million. Not to mention, he earned almost double of that with bonuses and other benefits. 

In 2009, the quarterback signed a six-year contract extension with the San Diego Chargers, worth $92 million with a subsequent $84 million deal for four years in 2015. 

In his final playing year, he signed up for a one-year deal with the Indianapolis Colts for $25 million. 

In 2020, Forbes listed Phillip Rivers in the list of 100 highest-paid athletes in the world. 

In accumulation, he made more than $240 million only from his contract deals, which boosted his worth exponentially. 


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With all the money and fame, it is important that you utilize it in making your life easier, especially if you have a tough job at work, grinding every week down the field for wins. 

In 2009, Rivers bought a $3 million mansion for himself in Santaluz, San Diego. The luxurious house is a six-bedroom, six-bath residence with a patio and a water fountain. 

The housing campus has an outdoor fireplace, a swimming pool, and a barbeque. On top of that, there is a waterfall and a spa to relax the resident.

Philip-Rivers net worth
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There is an exquisite rose garden, a wine cellar, a library, and a bar for all the comforts.  

But recently, in 2020, the quarterback sold his property for a sum of $3.6 million, which considering the inflation and maintenance cost over the years, is a loss.  

Although the Spanish villa was advertised in the market for a price of almost $4.2 million, Rivers was happy to bag $3.6 million when the house was sold in July 2020. 

As of now, the footballer, along with his wife Tiffany and their nine children, live in their new Westfield home, which they bought for almost a million dollars.  



Phillip Rivers drives a Ford F-250. It has been reported that the quarterback doesn’t really care for the extravagant display of himself, thus likes to keep things minimal.  However, the real reason he invested in the car is commuting between work and home without having to relocate. 

River’s man cave is fitted with seats like first-class airplane rides and has plenty of space for the big quarterback to lay back and relax. It has a TV, satellite dish, WiFi, fridge, and just about everything to make him feel comfortable during his travels from home to his club and various sporting destinations. 



Apart from his materialistic expenses, Rivers gives back to the community as much as he can. He has established The Rivers of Hope Foundation with his wife, Tiffany. The organization, established in 2009, helps neglected and orphan children to find permanent foster families. 

The organization has also donated more than a million dollars to various foster homes. 

However, recently, the couple decided to take their feet out of the program, letting it run as a working mechanism, having built it from the grounds up. 

Except that, the couple supports organizations like Camp Connect, where siblings split in foster care get to reunite and share memories and life experiences. Rivers also said that he will continue to be a supporter of the Heart Gallery, a website that puts out the faces and voices of children hoping to be adopted.

Philip-Rivers net worth
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Apart from that, Phillip Rivers’ social efforts have helped raise more than a  hundred thousand dollars for families and children suffering life-threatening medical conditions.

In 2019, the Rivers couple launched a campaign to raise funds for treatment and awareness of Type 1 Diabetes. An event organized with Phillip’s wife’s swimwear brand, Hermoza, the proceedings of the sales went to the noble cause. 



Being a highly popular sports personality in the United States, the Chargers quarterback landed many endorsement deals, which helped increase his worth even more. 

He has had contracts with companies like Bose, Papa John’s AdvoCare, and DirecTV. 

The quarterback has also authored a book for young aspiring footballers. “Passion and Purpose” is the life story of Phillip, which was written and structured by Joan Rivers and Patrice Lappert. 


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Philip and his wife Tiffany have been in a relationship since they were in the seventh grade. The couple got married 17 years ago, shortly after they both finished their freshman year in college. At the time of marriage, Tiffany was only 18, and Philip was 19 years old.

Philip Rivers has never willingly missed a game in his entire sporting career.



“There’s a fine line between being careful and careless.”

“Sometimes you have long workdays. Sometimes you have to be on the road a lot. But when you’re home, be home.”

“If you knew what you were doing, that it would hinder you, you wouldn’t do it.” 


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