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Manchester United is a professional football club. It is popular for his participation in the “Premier League.” The previous name of the club was “Newton Heath LYR Football Club” in 1878. The official name of the club “Manchester United” was kept in 1902. It officially started playing from the stadium “Old Trafford” in 1910.

Likewise, the club has won a lot of trophies in “English Football.” It has won a total of twenty “English Football Championship”, “FA Community Shields” twenty-one times, “League Cups” five times, and “FA Cups” twelve times. The club has also a good record of winning the European Championships.


Quick Info
Initial NameNewton Heath LYR Football Club
Date Of Establishment1878, Newton Heath, Manchester, United Kingdom
FounderLancashire and Yorkshire Railway
StadiumOld Trafford
OwnerManchester United (NYSE: MANU)
ManagerOle Gunnar Solskjær
Net Worth ValuationUS $4.2 billion


It has won “UEFA Champions League” three times, one “UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup”, one “Intercontinental Cup”, one “FIFA World Cup”, one “UEFA Super Cup”, and one “UEFA Europa League.” The team created history by winning three championships in the same year in the “1998-99” season. It is the first “treble” created by any club. The club won the “UEFA Europa League” in the 2016-17 season. This made the club “one of the five clubs” to win the three main “UEFA Club Championships.”

Moreover, the club had lost eight players during the “Munich Air Disaster” in 1958. It became the first English club to win the “European Cup” for the first time in 1968. It was under the manager “Matt Busby.” The club succeeded to win “Premier League” thirteen times,  “UEFA Champions League” two times, and “FA ups” five times between 1986 and 2013. It was during the managerial period of Alex Ferguson. The club is one of the most popular clubs with a huge fan following in the world.

The Club became the “Third Most Valuable” football club in 2019. Its value was £3.15 billion($3.21 billion) in that year. Malcolm Glazer had owned the club with an investment of £800 million in 2005. He had taken a loan of £500 million to own the club. This amount became a debt for the club. The club is also popular for its attractive logo and jersey.


Manchester United

What is the History of Manchester United?

The “Carriage and Wagin Department” of the “Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway” (LYR) formed the “Manchester United” in 1878. The club used to compete against the other departments and the railway companies during the beginning of its formation. It played its first recorded match against the “Bolton Wanderers ” on November 20, 1880. The club acted as a founding member of the league “The Combination” in 1888. But the league dissolved in 1889. Then, the club becomes part of the “Football Alliance.” The club started playing in the “First Division” in the “1892-93 season.” It started playing from the “Second Division” in the “1894-95 season.”


StatsMatches played
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Manchester United underwent the procedure of “Liquidation” in January 1902. It had a debt of “£2,670” in that year. This amount equalizes to £290,000 in 2021. The official name of the club became “Manchester United” on April 24, 1902. The club becomes “runner-up” in the second division in 1906. The team earned a promotion to the “First Division” in 1908. The club won the “Charity Shield” and “FA Title” in 1909. It also won the “First Division” for the second time in 1911.


Manchester United

The club again moved to the “Second Division” category after the “First World War” in 1922. It again received a promotion in 1925. Manchester United again received demotion in 1931. This made the club a “yo-yo club.” The position of the club was number 14 in the list of “First Division Club” in 1938-39 season. It was just a world earlier before “World War II.”

Moreover, the team succeeded to earn the position of “runner-up” in the leagues of 1947, 1978, and 1949. The club also succeeded to win the “FA Cup” in 1948. It also won the “First Division” in 1952. The club also won the league titles continuously. It won the titles in 1956 and 1957. The club became the first English League” to participate in the “European Cup” in 1957. It also won the “FA Cup” in 1963. The club also earned the “league title” in 1965 and 1967. All these achievements were during the managerial period of Busby.

The club earned the “Cup Winners’ Cup” for the first time and the “1991 UEFA Super Cup” in 1991. It won the league in “1999-2000 season” and “2000-2001 season.” Manchester United won the league title in “2002-2003 season.” Another title, “203-04 FA Cup” increased their confidence. The team also grabbed the championship title on April 22nd, 2013. It won the “Premier League” on 2nd February 2021.


Manchester United


Social Media

Manchester united is active on social media platforms. It goes with the name of “Manchester United” on Facebook with 73M followers. It goes with the name of “@Amanchesterunited” on Instagram along with 39 million followers and “@Manchester United” on Twitter with 24.4M followers.

The official website of the club is All these channels combine together to give the right information about the club. It updates all its new schedule, victories, losses, changes on its social media accounts. In the case of Reddit, you can find many communities related to manchester united and soccer that gives the update on the games, stats and many more. The community that has top followers giving updates is r/sports and the united fans have also made a Reddit Community with around 70k members as the community, of  ManchesterUnited.


How much is Manchester United’s Net Worth?

The club has been part of the football fraternity for more than 144 years. It has undergone a lot of ups and downs in the financial situation throughout these years. According to, the worth value of the club was $3.8 billion in 2019. The number must have subsequently increased in 2021. The latest information has not arrived yet. 


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