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Hollywood has lots of things going on, and we never know what is coming up next. Actors work their life entertaining us and inspiring us to do many good deeds with their beautiful act. Well, today we are talking about Mark Wahlberg, who has been in the film industry for quite a long time. You may know Mark by his humorous act as John Bennett in the “Ted” Movie. This guy is not only into acting but has even produced more than five series of HBO.

Quick Info
Full NameMark Robert Michael Wahlberg
Date Of BirthJune 5, 1975
Birth PlaceBoston, Massachusetts
Parent(s)Alma Elaine (Mother)
Donald Edmond Wahlberg (Father)
ProfessionActor, Model, Singer,
Film Producer, Songwriter, Restaurateur,
Rapper, Television producer, Film Score Composer
Wife(s)Rhea Durham (2009 - Present)
Age49 years
Height5 ft 8 in
Net WorthUS $300 million


Mark Wahlberg was born to his mother, Alma Elaine, and his father, Donald Edmond Wahlberg, in Boston, Massachusetts. You will be surprised to know, but he was the youngest son of all the eight siblings. Well, for now, his parents got divorced in 1982, but he has earned his name and has always lived up to his dreams he once thought to take upon himself.

Mark Wahlberg

Talking about his father, he was a delivery driver. Well, long past before he was an Army veteran. He, unfortunately, died in 2008. However, his mother was a bank clerk, and from her side, she took care of him as a child. Out of his 8 siblings Robert, who is also an actor, and Donnie, both actor and singer, are also two of the Mark siblings.

Well, the curious thing about him is that in his early days, that is, we are talking when he was 13; he already had been into drugs and other chemical substances that generally a 13-year-old would be unaware of. He was also charged for racial crime back when he was just15 years old.



At age 13, Mark Wahlberg came into fame because of his younger brother Donnie, a successful singer from his band Named ‘New Kids on the Block’. He was also one of the band members but soon quit as we already told him he was into something that shook him off. He shortly in the 1990s, he began recording songs with rappers and dancers. He also released the song ‘No Mercy’ in 1995 to support his friend Dariusz Michalczewski, who is actually a former Germany Boxer. He also recorded many songs with Ital Joe that went viral and became a Germany hit, which earned him so many fans.

Now talking about his acting career, Mark Wahlberg first started acting in 1993, where he made his appearance in ‘The Substitute‘. This actor has been in so many movies and has been known for many been known for his acting skills. He first got his attention from the public in the Basketball dairies in 1995, where he played Mickey’s role. He has played movies like Four Brothers, the perfect storm, Three Kings, which was a fantastic turnaround for him as he received so many positive comments.

Mark Wahlberg

Mark Wahlberg was called to play in Ocean’s Eleven, but instead, Matt Damon portrayed Linus Caldwell in it. Both of these actors can Be seen in ‘The Departed’, a mind-blowing movie as reviewed by critics and nominated for best-supporting actors in the Academy award. He has also starred in the movie ‘invincible’, which was based on a true story. Mark Wahlberg has played so many movies during the time 2000s. He has also played in the movie ‘Ted’; it was a hit comedy in 2012 and received many positive reviews from critics. He also did a sequel “Ted 2” later in 2015. He also has starred in Lone Survivor, Daddy’s Home, Deepwater Horizon. Clearly, the best movie of the 2010s.

Soon after a time, Mark Wahlberg was listed in the highest-paid actor as he received 1.5 million dollars for “All the Money in the World”, which he later donated in a movement against sexual harassment. He has so many Legal issues on him for doing crimes at an early age of his career.



Besides acting, Mark Wahlberg is a producer, restaurateur, businessman, model, and former rapper. Born on June 5, 1975, Mark is 49 years old. He is an American born but typically has an Irish American background. His nickname is Marky Mark.

Mark Wahlberg is 5 feet and 8 inches tall and has a weight of around 185 lbs. (83 Kg). He has a muscular body, and by that, we mean since the day of his acting career, he has had six-packs around his body, making him look like a bodybuilder. He is Catholic and supports homosexuals despite Church’s dissent.

Mark Wahlberg dropped out of school when he was 12 and had a terrible addiction to drugs and other stuff when he was 13. He had also harassed 3 black children with his friend when he was 15 and was charged for violating civil rights. He has also been arrested for attempted murder. Mark Wahlberg didn’t quit music because he was off the track, but he did it so that it wouldn’t affect his acting career. It’s funny, but the actor has been known to have a third nipple just down his left one.

Mark Wahlberg


Wahlberg got married to Rhea Durham in 2009 in Church in Beverly Hills near where they used to live. He already was in love with her since 2002. Rhea Durham has four children.

He has established a youth foundation under his name in 2011, which serves to distribute funds to youth and other programs.

He shares his personal life moments on Instagram.


Mark Wahlberg has been a businessman, producer and has lived his life acting in films. He has also played in so many advertisements, including Calvin Klein underwear ads. So, the actor is considered to have an estimated net worth of 300 million dollars.