Who is Mauricio Pochettino?

Mauricio Pochettino is a former footballer. He is a professional football manager from Argentina. Mauricio is acting as the head coach of the club “Paris Saint-Germain” in the “Ligue 1.” Mauricio used to  play from the “central defender” position in the club “Newell’s Old Boys.” It was during the “Primera Division”  in 1989. He even contributed a lot to make the team win the “Argentine Primera Division” of “1990-91 season.” His team also became the runner-up in the “1992 Copa Libertadores.”

Mauricio then moved to the club “Espanyol’ in 1994. He was only 22 years old during the time.  He contributed a lot to make the team win the “Copa del Rey” in 2000. It was the first trophy the club won after 60 years.  Mauricio was in the team that won the “Copa del Rey’ again in 2006. His appearance in the national team of Argentina helped him win 20 caps. He also represented the team in the “2002 FIFA World Cup” and “1999 Copa America.”

Likewise, Mauricio Pochettino began his managerial career after retiring as a player in 2009. He left the club “Espanyol” as a manager after he failed to improve the performance of the team in 2012. He joined the club “Southampton” in 2013. He succeeded to make the team reach the eighth ranking in the “Premier League” of the “2013-2014 season.” Mauricio joined the club “Tottenham Hotspur” in 2014. The team succeeded to become the runner-up in the league “2016-2017 season.” The team also became the runner-up in the “UEFA ChampionsLeague” in 2019. He became the head coach of the “Paris Saint-German” for 2021.

Quick Info
Full NameMauricio Roberto Pochettino
Date Of Birth2nd March 1972
Birth PlaceMurphy, Argentina
Parent(s)Hector Pochettino and Amalia
Wife(s)Karina Grippaldi
Net Worth£10 million

Early Life and Family

The birthplace of Mauricio Pochettino is Murphy, Argentina. He came into the world on 2nd March 1972.  His father’s name is Hector Pochettino. He used to work as a laborer on a farm. His mother’s name is Amalia. Mauricio was interested in volleyball and football when he was between eight and ten years old. He used to follow the club “Racing de Avellaneda” during his childhood.  Mauricio has shared in an interview that the “1978 FIFA World Cup” was his first football match watched. He had watched the game along with his father.

 Mauricio Pochettino started playing football at an early age. He used to play for the “Union y Cultura” in the center-back position. Mauricio was flexible about the position and he used to even play from the midfielder and striker position. Mauricio even used to go to training in the club “Rosario Central.” The training schedule was two days a week.  He was 13years old during that time. He was in the team that participated in the “Venadense League.” His elder brother Javier was also on the team.

Mauricio PochettinoEducation

There are not many details of his academic life available. Although according to his interview, he was a student of agriculture in his school days. Mauricio also completed his master’s degree in sports management. Then, he started his training as a coach in “Madrid.”


The club career of Mauricio Pochettino started from the club “Newell’s Old Boys.” He was 14 years old during that time. He got the opportunity to represent the team in a tournament in Mar del Panta. It was during January 1987. The team also succeeded to win the final match of the tournament. His team defeated the club “Club Olimpia” with a final score of “3-2.”

Mauricio Pochettino signed a professional contract with the team when he was 16 years old. He played his first professional during the “Primera Division” during the “1988-89 season.” He was seventeen years old during that time. His team won the “1990-91 national championship” and the “1992 Clausura.” He was on the team for five years.

Moreover, he joined the club “Espanyol” in 1994. He was 22 years old during that time. He succeeded to become the skilled and tough central defender in the team. Mauricio succeeded to make his team win the “Local Derby” against Barcelona in February 1997. It was after ten years that the team had won the match against “Barcelona.” Mauricio was on the team for six and a half years.

 Mauricio Pochettino turned down a lot of offers from other clubs many times. He helped his team to win the “Copa del Rey” in 2000. His team competed against the club “Atletico Madrid” in the finals. The club had won such a major trophy after sixty years. He signed an agreement with the club in the 1999-2000 season. It was a deal of six years. But due to the financial condition of the club, he joined the club in “Paris Saint-Germain.”

Likewise, Mauricio Pochettino joined the club “Paris Saint Germain” in January 2001. The financial details of the deal were kept private. He played the first match for the club on February 3rd, 2001. His team had lost the match. He succeeded to score a goal for the first time for the team in the match against “Parc des Princes.” His team won the match with a final score of “1-3” on 6th February 2001. He also played an important role to to make the team win the “UEFA Intertoto Cup’ in 2001. The team also reached the finals of the “Coupe de France” in the 2002-2003 season.

Mauricio joined the club “Bordeaux” in July 2003. He played the first match against the team “Monaco” on August 2nd, 2003. Mauricio succeeded to score his first goal for the team on August 23rd, 2003. It was the match against “Auxerre.” He returned to the club “Espanyol” in 2004. Then, he announced his retirement at the age of 34.  

Mauricio PochettinoMoreover, Mauricio Pochettino started his new journey as the third coach of the club “Espanyol” in the “2008-2009 season.” He became the first team manager of the team “Southampton” on January 18th, 2013. Mauricio succeeded to make the team reach the eighth position in the 2002-2003 season. The team also gained the highest score after 10 years in the season. He became the head coach of the club “Tottenham Hotspur on May 27th, 2014. The team succeeded to improve a lot with his coaching techniques. He became the head coach of the “Parris Saint-Germain” on January 2nd, 2021.


Age, Height, and Weight

The full name of Mauricio Pochettino is Mauricio Roberto Pochettino. His nationality is Argentine. The current age of Mauricio is 48. He belongs to the Argentinian and Italian ethnicity.  He has an attractive height of 6 feet along with a complimentary weight of 81 kgs. 

Social Media

Mauricio Pochettino is less active on social media platforms. He goes with the name of “pochettino” on Instagram with 179K followers. Mauricio is not active on Twitter and Facebook. Although if you search his name on Facebook and Twitter, you will encounter a few unverified fan-made pages.

Wife and Sons

Mauricio is married to Karina Grippaldi. The couple is blessed with two sons Maurizio and Sebastiano.

Mauricio PochettinoNet Worth

Mauricio Pochettino has been part of the sports fraternity for more than thirty years. He has been part of the teams that have won a lot of matches and tournaments. Although there are no exact details of his net worth, according to his achievement, he must have an approximate net worth of more than £10 million.