Milica Krstić is the wife of Dallas Mavericks basketball star Boban Marjanovic. She is a popular celebrity wife and the couple is considered one of the most admired celebrity couples in the sporting world. Having been married to Marjanovic, Milica Krstić has gained a lot of popularity in recent times.

Quick Info
Full NameMilica Krstić
Date Of Birth1991
Birth PlaceSerbia
Parent(s)Father: Zoran Krstic
OccupationFormer Actress / Celebrity Wife
Age30 years old
Height5 ft 3 inches (160cm)
Weight123 pounds (56 kg)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Martial StatusMarried
Wife(s)/Partner(s)Boban Marjanovic
ChildrenVuk (son, 10 years old) and Peter (son, 6 years old)

Milica Krstić Early Life

Milica Krstić was born in a city in Serbia, the same country as her husband, Boban Marjanovic, the basketball star. She was unknown to the rest of the world until after the couple announced their marriage to the public, thus there isn’t much information available about her early life. With as little information as she has revealed about herself, we can say for sure that she is 30 years old, as of 2021, thus making her birthday somewhere around 1991. She hasn’t yet revealed her birthday to the public, not even on her Instagram. We know that her father’s name is Zoran Krstic and she has a brother, Milos. But her mother still remains a mystery to the public eyes.

Milica Krstić
Image Source: Celeb Center


Milica Dating Marjanovic

Milica Krstić met Dallas Mavericks star Marjanovic at a party, back in Serbia, where the two were introduced to each other by a friend. The chemistry seemed to match and the two hit it off instantly, initiating a relationship that would last for the next 6 years. On July 3, 2014, the two got married at a beach in Mexico, probably because it was something they had always wanted to do, one of those things you add to your bucket list while having a romantic bedtime conversation with your partner. And ten days later, they married each other again in a public religious ceremony in their home city of Belgrade, Serbia.

Milica Krstić and Boban Marjanovic
Image Source: Foroalturas

After making their marriage public, the couple got instant media attention, especially because of their height difference, with Marjanovic being 7 feet tall and Milica Krstić only 5 feet and 3 inches. However, there was no backlash or scrutinization from the media, only attention which drove fans crazy. But, the height difference doesn’t seem because a problem in the duo’s love for each other, as their relationship seems to grow stronger with each passing day ever since.


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Who is Marjanović?

The Dallas Mavericks basketball star Marjanović is a household name amongst NBA fans. Standing at 7 ft 3 inches tall, he is the second tallest person playing basketball in the NBA. (And probably the world). During his glittering career, the Serb has won Gold medals in the FIBA U-19 World Cup and U-20 Championship. He also won a silver at the EuroBasket held in Turkey in 2017. He currently plays for the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA and has played for teams like Detroit Pistons, LA Clippers, and Philadelphia 76ers. He was born on August 15, 1988, and plays at a center position.


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Milica Krstić Profession

It is not clear what Milica Krstić does for a living but looking at her posts on social media, it’s safe to assume that she could be a model. She likes to remain very low-key and tries to stay away from the cameras as much as possible. However, her fans would not stay without figuring out her about life, thus, thanks to her followers and admirers back in Serbia, we know that Milica Krstić has in fact worked as an actress. She appeared in two Serbian TV shows, Emergency Center (based on ER) and Sindjelici which is a long-running Serbian sitcom.

Milica Krstić practising archery
Image Source: Super WAGS

That makes it all the more possible that she still does acting/modeling works to keep herself busy. From the photos she posts, it’s evident that she takes her physique very seriously and works out a lot to stay in shape. At 5 ft 3 inches tall, Milica Krstić weighs about 123 pounds. Her husband, Marjanovic earns a hefty sum every year from his NBA contracts and is currently estimated to have a net worth of almost $20 million.

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Milica Krstić Family

Milica Krstić has a very healthy relationship with her husband, Marjanovic and the couple has two beautiful sons as a result of their successful marriage. Their elder son Vuk was born in 2011 and she gave birth to young Petar in December 2015. All four of them, including Milica Krstić’s and Boban Marjanovic’s family, seem to have a very warm bond as the grandparents are often sighted in photographs the couple posts on social media. Vuk and Petar both get inspiration from their father and aim to follow his path in the world of basketball.

Milica Krstić Family
Image Source: Kurir

Milica Krstić Social Media

Being a celebrity wife, Milica Krstić has attracted a lot of social media attention from fans. Despite being an unknown figure before 2014, she has risen to popularity after her marriage with Mavericks star Marjanovic. She currently has almost 30 thousand followers on Instagram who love her and the pictures of her family that she posts. She and her husband both often post pictures of vacations, dinners, and family time.

Milica Krstić with her husband
Image Source: Super WAGS


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