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The “National Football League” (NFL) is an  “American Football League.” that consists of 32 teams. The teams have been equally divided into two categories. They are the “American Football Conference” (AFC) and the “National Football Conference” (NFC).  It is one of the four “Major North American Professional Sports Leagues.” It is regarded as one of the most professional level league in American football. It also succeeds to generate a lot of revenue in the scenario of American football.

Quick Info
Full NameNational Football League
Date Of EstablishmentSeptember 17, 1920
HeadquarterNew York, USA
Number Of Teams32 Teams
Net WorthUSD $16 billion

National Football League (NFL)

The league is full of the world’s topmost team. The league starts at the beginning of September and the ending of December. It is of seventeen week-long regular seasons. The league takes place in Midtown Manhattan. The previous name of the league was the “American Professional Football Association” (APFA) in 1920. The name of the league was renamed “NFL” in the 1922 season. There was the addition of the “playoff system” in 1933. This became the second step after getting the “champions” from the “end-of-standings.”

The added system reach the climax in 1966. The league collaborated with the “NFL Championship Game” in 1966. The two leagues “American Football League” (AFL) and the “National Football League” 9NFL) to organize the “Super Bowl” in 1967. The merger completed in 1970. Since the collaboration, the champions of the two leagues compete to give a title to the best team. It is one of the most popular sports league in the United States. The “Super Bowl” has also become one of the huge sports events around the globe. The game has succeeded to become one of the most-watched” games in the television history of America. It also succeeded to become the “Top 5” tally of Nielsen in the “U.S. Television Broadcast” in 2015.

History, Records, Salary, and, Teams

After the meeting between “Dayton Triangles”, “Canton Bulldogs”, “Akron Pros”, and “Cleveland Indians”, the “American Professional Football Conference” (APFC) on 20th August 1920. The name changed into the “American Professional Football Association” (APFA) on 17th September 1920 and Jim Thorpe became the first president of the association. The first event took place on 26th September 1920. The match was against the “Rock Island Independents” against the “Doughlas Park.” The “Rock island Independents” had won the match. The name of the league changed into the “National Football League” on June 24, 1922.

National Football League (NFL)

Likewise, two teams the “Chicago Bears” and the “Portsmouth Spartans” stayed at the same table at the end of the “1932 season” due to the same scores. Then, this gave birth to a new session called as “Playoff game” in order to decide the winner of the tournament. They faced each other for the “Playoffs” in  the “Chicago Stadium.” Due to the small size of the ground, there were alternations in the rules. The “Chicago Bears” won the tournament.

The league succeeded to become the largest professional league between the 1930s and 1940s. The total games of the league were 12 in totality in 1935, 11 in 1937, and 10 in 1943. It was mainly due to the second world war. The number of games increased to 16 in 1967. NFL also began the “Playoff  Bowl” between 1960 to 1969. The playoffs of the NFL added two wild card teams in 2020.

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

The NFL is active on social media platforms. It goes with the name of “NFL” on Instagram with 19.7 million followers and “NFL” on Twitter with 26.1 million followers. Its Facebook page “NFL” has 17 million. The official website of the “NFL” is These channels give the update about the latest news, information, changes, schedules, achievements, and losses. The followers can also easily get the latest updates about the league on social media platforms.

The league joined Twitter in January 2009. The description of the team on Twitter is “Official Twitter Account of the National Football the League.” The latest post of the “NFL” is on 27 January 2021.  It is about the “Winning Trip for Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles.”

The latest post of the league on Instagram is on 27th January 2021. The post shared the post regarding the quotes of “Jean Ramsey” and “Deandre Hopkins.” The caption of the post was “Game recognize game.”

Awards, and Titles

National Football League (NFL)

The league also praises the caliber of several players and coaches during the “NFL Honors” presentation. It is an annual event.  The “AP Most Valuable Player” (MVP) award is one of the most prestigious awards of the league. “AP Defensive Player of the Year”, “AP Offensive Player of the Year”, and the “AP Offensive and Defensive Rookie of the Year Award” are other awards of the league. The “Walter Payton Man of the Year Award” is another popular award. Similarly, the coaches also receive “NFL Coach of the Year.” The “Pepsi MAX NFL Rookie of the Week” and “FedEx Air & Ground NFL Players of the Week” are other prestigious awards.

Net worth

The actual figures of the net worth of the National Football League are not clear. The league recently celebrated its 100 years in 2020. It has created huge platforms for a lot of teams and made many players star players. According to, the total value of the teams of NFL was $91 billion in September 2017. The league also generated a revenue of $16 billion in 2018.