Cody Miller

Cody Miller is an American swimmer with many titles and achievements in his career. He is also the one who can learn how to make the obstacle stronger in achieving the goals. The swimmer, Cody, comes from afar. From swimming to winning his disease to competing in the Olympics, isn’t it exciting? That being said, […]

Feyisa Lilesa

Feyisa Lilesa is an Ethiopian long-distance runner and a member of the Oromo people. Feyisa is famous for completing the men’s Marathon in 2010 and set a time of 2:05:23 in the Rotterdam Marathon. In addition, the event made him the youngest man to run under 2:06. However, Feyisa Lilesa became famous after finishing the […]

Joe Joyce

Joe Joyce is a well-known British boxer. He is a gold medalist in the Super-heavyweight category at the European Games, Commonwealth Games, English National Championship, and GB Championship. Joe is currently the WBO International heavyweight title champion since 2020. Joyce is known for her punching ability and now has a 92% winning streak to win. […]

Flora Duffy

Flora Duffy is a promising athlete from a small country, Bermuda. She made history as the first Bermudian champion to win a gold medal. Moreover, at the Olympics, Flora has represented her country at many events and made her country proud several times. In addition, however, Flora has participated in the ITU Triathlon World Championship […]