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Speaking of upcoming young kids in athletics who are already remarkable at a very young age, there are many. Still, not all are totally extraordinary when it comes to showing off their skills and abilities, according to some. Here comes one of the fastest kids and outstanding football players, “Bunchie Young,” who won the Sports Kid of the Year award in 2017 and has a slew of gold medals to his name.

Quick Info
Full NameMaxwell Young
Birth Date9th of December, 2006
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, California, United States of America (USA)
ParentsDave Young and Laura DeShazor-Dunn
Net Worth More than $200 thousand

Bunchie Young Age

Bunchie Young was born on the 9th of December, 2006 in Los Angeles, California, United States of America (USA). He is 17 years old as of February 2024. His real name is Maxwell Young. His father’s name is Dave Young and his mother’s name is Laura DeShazor-Dunn.

Bunchie Young
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After noticing Young’s amazing skills at the age of three, his father (Dave) witnessed him racing down the driveway with super speed, which left him stunned and amazed. His mother, Laura DeShazor-Dunn, is a wonderful mother to her children; nonetheless, Bunchie is living with his father for the purpose of his job owing to his parent’s divorce.

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Nonetheless, his mother picks him up from school and helps him with his schoolwork every day during her lunch hour break, which makes Maxwell less concerned about his parents’ separation because he sees both of his parents on a daily basis.

Maxine is Bunchie’s younger sister. Maxine occasionally hangs out with his brother during training and sports. Bunchie Young is a Christian who attends KIPP Scholar Academy, a Los Angeles public charter school.

Bunchie Young Height

Bunchie Young is just a kid and he is still growing. Currently, Young is a growing kid so his exact height and weight are unknown to us. Young has black-colored eyes and he switches his hair color a lot, sometimes from red to brown to purple.

Bunchie Young
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Bunchie Young High School and Career

Bunchie, who attends KIPP Scholar Academy in South Los Angeles, began his football career by competing alongside his school in various football groups, including the Hub City Tar Heels Youth Football Association. When Bunchie was three years old, his father enrolled him in a team and he began training harder and harder. His presence on the team tremendously aids his team’s success.

Bunchie was taken to a gym in Norwalk, California, where he works out with Mike Evans. Every week, he exercises to increase his ability, agility, strength, stance, and other aspects of his performance. His trainer, ‘Evans,’ enjoys watching him train with his amazing abilities. “It’s simple to project a young player’s talent based on players I know,” Evan adds.

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Young also works out with Jonathan Ligons, who is also his speed coach. He divides his time between the track and his American football career, which is one of his big passions. Bunchie’s father wishes for him to leave Prodigy, stating, “Bunchie needs distance because my primary concern is my son’s health, period.” What I am not going to do is have him on the squad to the point where he is harmed and returns to high school with a crippling injury; I am not going to change that”.

Maxwell was disappointed by his father’s decision; he stated that he does not want to be a quitter and does not want to be wounded. Bunchie’s father led him to his friend “Eugene ‘Big U,” who happens to be Crenshaw’s head coach, after his team delivered incredible performances in Norwalk, California.

Apart from being a fantastic footballer, Young is also a terrific runner on tracks, and with his speed, he is regarded as one of the world’s quickest children. On a track, he had his best 100-meter time of 12.4 seconds.

Bunchie Young
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He was named Sports Kid of the Year in 2017 and appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated Kids. At such a young age, Bunchie has also won multiple gold medals.

Bunchie Young stated that he aspires to play in the NFL, become a commentator, and run a football team. He has an opportunity that most youngsters do not have, and he is already ahead of the game. He is determined to focus and envisions himself as the youngest person ever to compete in the Olympics, play in the NFL, and begin his professional career.

Bunchie has already been awarded a full athletic scholarship at Illinois State University in the United States, among other things.

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Bunchie Young Net Worth

Bunchie Young has achieved fame and fortune through his football and racing careers. Bunchie’s projected net worth as of 2021 is more than $200 thousand, which is primarily obtained from his football and racing careers.

Bunchie Young will undoubtedly make more money in the coming years if he does not become addicted to his vocation.

Bunchie Instagram

Bunchie Young is active on Instagram and has 116K followers on his Instagram account (@theofficialbunchieyoung).

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