What is Charlotte Hornets?

Charlotte Hornets are a professional and top basketball Team. The president of this club is Mitch Kupchak. This professional basketball team was founded in the year 1988 in charlotte, North Carolina. This Team is owned by the legendary basketball player Michael Jordan.

Quick Info 
Full NameCharlotte Hornet
Date Of Establishment1988
Owner Michael Jordan
Manager Mitch Kupchak
Head CoachJames Borrego
Club ValueUSD $1.5 Billion

When was Charlotte Hornets established?

Charlotte Hornets was established in 1988. This extraordinary basketball team was founded by a millionaire named Mitch Kupchak. Mitch is the General manager as well as the president of this club.

Team Colors and Jersey

Charlotte Hornets have Four different Team colors. The players wear T-shirts of Teal, Dark Purple, Gray, and white color.

Charlotte Hornets

Ownership and  Sponsorship

Michael Jordan bought this club in the year 2003. Michael Jordan is one of the most famous and professional basketball players in entire Basketball History. The main sponsor for this club is Lending Tree. Also, various brands and endorsements have sponsored this Basketball club, such as Nike, Jordan, and many more.


Early Years

The early history of the Charlotte Hornets was originated in the year 1998. That year NBA was planning to expand their three teams. George Shinn, a native of Charlotte, wanted to create the home Team from charlotte. George Shinn was one of the wealthiest men and also an entrepreneur of charlotte. 

Also, Charlotte Hornets was one of the fastest developing cities in the United States of America. George was also friendly of the NBA commissioner David stem. David registered charlotte in early 1988. The Charollate Hornets were first called Charlotte spirit. But “Hornet” was the term used for the warriors and heroes. George wanted to name the Team Charlotte Hornet, which is the same till the present.

Also, Charlotte Hornets gained much attention from the public after they chose Teal color as their T-shirt. This color was unique and loved by the people in the early 1980-1990s. Later, this color became the main color of the Team. This T-shirt was designed by a trendy and international designer named Alexander Julian.

To manage the Team, George hired Carl Scheer as the Team’s first manager and president. Also, George hired his former Colleague and NBA assistant, Dick Harter as head coach. The first key player of Charlotte Hornet were players like Muggsy Bogues, Rex Chapman, Earl Cureton, Dell Curry, Rickey Green, Michael Holton, Dave Hoppen, Tim Kempton, Kurt Rambis, Tom Tolbert, and many more.

Charlotte Hornets

Early seasons

The legendary Charlotte hornets entered in NBA in the year 1988. The first professional match played by Charlotte Hornet was with Cleveland Calivers. This match was played in their home ground in Charolette Coliseum on November 4, 1988. Hornet’s first match was not that well. They had to face a defeat with a huge difference of 133-93 with the Cleveland Cultivars. But after 4 days after their defeat, they were able to win another match over Los Angeles Clippers. This was the first win by the Hornets, with a total score of 177-105.

Charlotte Hornets was able to attract and register their name in the NBA club after winning a match against Chicago Bulls. The Chicago Bulls is considered to be one of the most powerful clubs in Basketball History. The Hornets were able to win with a tight difference of two points(103-101). That time, Michael Jordan also played from the Chicago bulls and still defeat that game. That’s when Michell kept an eye on Charlotte Hornet.


Charlotte Hornets’ name was officially announced by Bob cast in June 2003. This Team was managed by Robert L. Johnson from the year 2004. He chose that official name because to honor the former chairman. Also that ear, the Team hired a professional Logo designer. That is when the Panthera logo was designed.

Johnson hired a new head coach Bernie Bickerstaff. Bernie was the first Head coach in the entire Charollete History. Later, the logo of Hornets was changed to Bee. The key players for that season were Tony Bennet, Scott Burell, Marty colon, Michael Adams, dell curry, Greg Sutton, and many more. They made history after being able to keep their name in the NBA Central Division League.

Charlotte Hornets


Charlotte Hornets Franchise had the right time since 2008. They were not able to get a big hit in Basketball. From the year 2014, Michael Jordan submitted a form to change the club’s name back as Charlotte Hornet. His form was accepted, and the name was replaced by Charlotte Hornets. Charlotte Hornet became a legendary basketball team after they defeat Cleveland in the NBA fina with a huge difference of 145-103. This is the reason why this Team is one of the most popular Teams in the world. 

Victory and Highlights

Charlotte Hornets has won many titles in their entire playing History. The players from the Hornets have won many titles such as MVP, All-star Game Most Valuable Player, Coach of the year, Sixth man of the year, rookie of the year, and more. Sadly, The hornet has never won an NBA title but watching their performance, they will win the championships.

Club Valuation

The Charlotte Hornets is the 25th richest team in NBA History. This club is own by Michael Jordan and has a team value of $1.5 Billion, according to February 2021. The operating income of this club is $39 million, and they spend $127 million per ear on Player expenses. Besides, this Team is sponsored by various brands like Nike, Addidas, Jordan, Fox Sports Southwest, WFNz 610 AM, and many more.