Chelsea Football Club

Chelsea F.C. is a successful and famous football club all over the world. It is also known as The Blues and the Pensioners. This popular football club was officially founded in 1905.

Quick Info
Full NameChelsea Football Club
Date Of Establishment10 March 1905
OwnerRoman Abramovich
ChairmanBruce Buck
Head CoachThomas Tuchel
Club ValutionUSD $3.2 billion

The Blues mainly focus on the premier League. Besides, they play and participate in leagues like the UEFA champion League and UEFA Europa League. They are also the winner of the popular European championship, also known as Premier League, four times, UEFA Europa League and UEFA champion League.

Chelsea F.C


Early Years

The most valued and professional football team was a ford in The Rising Sun Pub in Fulham Road on March 10, 1905. Chelsea F.C. was founded by various multi-millionaire and football craze like Henry Augustus ‘Gus’ Mears, Edwin Mears, and Henry’s Brother in law, Henry Boer. Henry was also a football craze. Later, they decided to build a stadium in Stamford Bridge. This stadium, which is the Home ground of Chelsea, was built by a famous designer, Archibald Leitch. John Tait Robertson was the first manager of this club serving from 1905-06. From 1906-07, William Lewis handled This club; from 1907-03, David Calderhead took the responsibility to be the club’s manager.

The key players for the early history between 1910 and 1915 were Jock Cameron, Angulus Douglas, English McConnell, Ben Waren, George Hilson, Evan Jones, and many more. Chelsea made their way up to the final in the year 1915 FA cup. They had played for the finale and Los against Sheffield United at Old Trafford. Even though they lost the game, but they were very successful at attracting new fans and audiences. Chelsea football club has the highest attendance in FA cup, including from 1907 to 1932.

Chelsea F.C

From 1950.

From the year 1952, the club was managed by a new manager named Ted Drake. Ted was a professional Manger and played football as a Forward role in the popular Arsenal Football club. The key player for that year was the Greatest Goalkeeper in the football histories such as Mike Collins, Harry Medhurst, Bill Robertson, and players like Sid Bathgate, John Harris, Ralph Oelofse, Sid Stackridge, Jack Allister and many more.

During Drake’s period, he played an important role in keeping and maintain Chelsea’s Reputations. He made strategies, Improved training, and even appointed few more players. The first major trophy which Chelsea won was the UEFA champions cup in the year 1954-1955. Drake reigned from Chelsea in 1961. After Ted Drake, a new manager was appointed. Tommy Docherty handled Chelsea from 1961.


Chelsea’s statistics thrived when John Neal handled the club in 1983. That year, the Blues was able to win the Second Division League, which made them In the top clubs of Europe. The star players for that year were Stephen Francis, Eddie Niedzwiecki, Mic Dro, Dale Jasper, Joey Jones, Ton McAndrew, Collin pates, John Hollins, and many more. They made their way up to 1944 after the new manager was appointed, whose name was Rudd Guilt.


The Chelsea football club was sold to another person in the ear 2003. This club was sold to a Russian millionaire named Roman Abramovich. He bought the team for 140 million pounds. The manager for that year was Ranieri Hernandez, but he could not take it in the direction of success. Jose Mourino replaced Ranieri. Jose Mourino led Chelsea to thrive. He led them and rained them. Jose even bought new players. After world war second, Chelsea was able to make their way back to the game. They won Champions leagues and two League Cups.

But from 2005-2007, the team’s performance was bad. Jose was replaced by a new manager named Avram Grant. Avram led Chelsea to the final of the UEFA champion league and lost with Manchester United in penalty.

 After Grant, Antoni Conte was appointed as the new manager. Grant was able to give Chelse new hope after winning their sixth English title and eighth FA cup. From 2019, Frank Lampard was a new manager. Lampard took Chelsea to the FA cup final and even keep them in 4th place in Premier League. Frank Lampard was a former player for Chelsea and also the captain of that club.

Trophies, Awards, and Titles

Chelsea F.C

They have won many trophies in their whole period.  They have won League titles for the years 1955, 2010, 2014, and 2016. It has also won various European Trophies like the UEFA super cup for 1998, UEFA Champions League four times. They won the FA Cup for the years 1970, 1997, 2000, 2007,2009, 2020, and 2012. Besides these, The blues were able to keep Super cups such as FA youth Club, UEFA Europa Youth League Cup, Community shield Cup, and many more. 

Legends from Chelsea

Various players played for the Chelsea football club. Some of the legends were Victor Moses, Olivier Giroud, Mateo Kovacic, Thiago Silva, Fernando Torres, Frank Lampard, John Terry, and many more.

Club Valuation

It is the 6th highest valuable cup in Europe. The average value of the Chelsea football club is 3.2 Billion dollars, according to 2021. This famous club is sponsored by brands such as Yokohoma, Nike, Ericsson, EA Sports, etc.