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Cheryl D. Miller, an American former basketball player, served as a sideline reporter for TNT Sports and now works as a reporter and analyst for NBA TV, having previously worked as a sportscaster for ABC Sports, TBS Sports, and ESPN. Cheryl D. Miller was also the WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury’s head coach and general manager.

In Springfield, Massachusetts, Miller was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1995. Cheryl D. Miller was placed into the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame’s inaugural class in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1999. Cheryl D. Miller was also inducted into the FIBA Hall of Fame on August 20, 2010, for her achievements in international basketball. 

Quick Info
Full NameCheryl D. Miller
Date of birthJanuary 3, 1964
Place of birthRiverside, California
EducationRiverside Poly High School
University of Southern California
Father's NameSaul Miller
Mother's NameCarrie Turner Miller
Height6 ft. 2 inches (1.88 m)
Weight180 lbs. (82 kg)
Hair colorDark Brown
Eye colorGreen
Marital statusUnmarried
ProfessionBasketball Coach, Sportscaster
Net worth$5 Million

Miller is an inspiring American basketball player and coach who is one of the most prominent players in the history of female basketball. Her enormous energy and passion have governed the game.

Cheryl D. Miller’s been a professional basketball player for more than two decades, and her career is remarkable; the game is popular and raised to a higher level. Miller inspires every young female athlete in the world.


Early life

Cheryl D. Miller was born in Riverside, California, on January 3, 1964. She spent her childhood in California and was born into a good-hearted family with parents Saul Miller and Carrie Miller. Not to mention: 3 brothers Reggie Miller and Darrell Miller, and Saul Miller jr. Sportscaster also has three brothers.

Cheryl D. Miller
Image Source: Wikibery

Cheryl D. Miller grew raised in a sports family and was superb in almost every aspect of basketball. In addition, her dad inspired all his kids to be competitive. Therefore, he asked his sports children and the classroom for outstanding performances.

In addition, her younger brothers participate in athletics. Also, Reggie’s an NBA player in basketball. Darrel is a retired baseball catcher in the United States.

She attended Riverside Poly High School. After graduating from high school, she later studied organic chemistry and quantum physics at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles.


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Playing Career

Cheryl D. Miller is an outstanding personality in basketball. Through her various responsibilities as a professional basketball player, broadcaster, and coach, she made an enormous contribution.

Once Cheryl entered secondary school, she instantly affected and participated in the girls’ basketball team, breaking practically every state record, including the highest average in a season (37.5 points a game).

Cheryl D. Miller
Image Source: Pinterest

Cheryl Miller scored 3,026 points in her 90 matches at Riverside Polytechnic High School, receiving 1353 rebounds and 368 assists. She earned 105 points and was the first female basketball player to compete.

Over 250 bids have been received by the most selected female athlete of the time, Cheryl. Moreover, her basketball skills led Troy’s women to the National Championships during their fresh and sophomore seasons after registering at the University of Southern California. Miller later played her senior season in the championship game. Although Cheryl D. Miller was just a new guy, her ability to control games with all their athletics meant that she was chosen to be the most outstanding player in the NCAA tournaments.

She scored 3,018 points, captured 1,534 rebounds, and had 462 robbed games in 128 games over her four years and 128 games in Southern California.


Coaching Career

From 1986 through 1991, she worked as a USC assistant coach. Cheryl D. Miller has also been working as a sportscaster. After 42-14 scored in the Cheryl team, she was awarded the USC head coach’s title from 1993-1995 after her coaching. This record has brought the squad both seasons to the NCAA tournaments. With an average of 32.8 per game. She worked as a coach and manager for the following four seasons with the Phoenix Mercury WNBA. Miller was later trained in 1998 in the WNBA Finals for Mercury.

Cheryl D. Miller
Image Source: SB Nation

On April 30, 2014, Mike Garrett, athletic director at Langston University, selected her as a female basketball coach.


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Broadcasting Career

On Thursday night for TNT Sports coverage, Cheryl D. Miller began her professional radio broadcasting career with the NBA, where she served as an assistant reporter. The Californian worked as analysis and reporter for NBA TV during the 2008-2009 NBA season. In addition, Miller was the first female analyst to call a nationwide TV NBA game in 1996. The basketball player then served as a sideline reporter till 2013 in the 2K Sports NBA 2K Series.

In addition, Miller served as their basketball announcer at the Goodwill Games in 1994. As a reporter, Miller has worked with ABC Sports.


Personal life

The sportscaster didn’t talk about her romantic life and is alone didn’t tie the wedding. She hasn’t yet found her a great spouse. Since Cheryl lives in private life, the sexual orientation of her followers is curious.

Cheryl D. Miller never mentioned marriage and sexual orientation. So whether she’s a lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, or straight is not evident.

Speculation arises that she is interested in girls and is, therefore, a homosexual. However, Miller’s inquiries about her sexuality have never been answered. Miller doesn’t have any kids.


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Net worth and social media

Her significant gains come from her different responsibilities as a player, coach, and broadcaster in basketball. Although the public is not aware of her specific pay, her salary needs to be considerable. The average wage of the NBA analyst is $106K- $116 K, according to the reports.

Cheryl is widely recognized and one of America’s most renowned faces, yet she does not have a massive social profile, as one would anticipate. Miller is available on Twitter as @Cheryl Miller31 and currently only has about 7.5k followers. In April 2009, she joined the site and tweeted up to now 76 posts. But she keeps it updated sometimes.


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