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The community in which we grew up plays a vital role in defining our personality. Despite it is the choice of the person, what he or she wants to become. A kid can build up in a community full of crime and pain. There is no control over a person in which family and what status they will be born. But one can always change his or her lifestyle from his nature of dreaming and determination to achieve it.

Quick Info
Full NameJonathan David Good
Date Of BirthDecember 7, 1985
Birth PlaceCincinnati, Ohio, US
ProfessionWrestler, Actor
Wife(s)Renee Young (2017-Present)
Age34 years
Height6 ft 4 in
Net WorthUS $8 million

Likewise, we should not judge people from their past. We should always treat people who they are in the present day. The person is still a result of his past activities. But the present deeds are enough to determine the character of the people. Life is itself a school that teaches us the right thing from all the wrong things we did in the past.  And all you need to do is believe in yourself and step ahead to make your life.

Likewise, Dean Ambrose is one of the significant influences who believed in himself to make his path and own fate. Dean Ambrose is an American wrestler. Wrestling was not only a sport for Dean. It was his gift to forget all the pains and sorrows of his surroundings and become confident. Dean Ambrose used to watch and read about the wrestling once an early age. Then, just after participating in the tournaments, he started winning one after another game. The journey towards the stardom of Dean has all of twists and turns.

Dean Ambrose

Early Life

Dean Ambrose came into the world on December 7, 1985. The birthplace of Dean is Cincinnati, Ohio. His real name is Jonathan David Good. Dean’s father worked at a distance. He even didn’t get much time to spend time with his father. His mother used to work from morning to evening and sometimes even more for Dean and his sister. Dean also faced a tough time in his childhood. The time was very abusive and painful.

Dean got involved in criminal activities in childhood to live. He used to sell drugs. Dean was also a victim of bullying. Dean Ambrose had to be defensive to earn respect. And wrestling became one of the primary weapons for Dean to handle the hassle and have his dignity.



The details about the educational background of the Dean is not exact. Dean Ambrose is a high school drop out. Dean was so much passionate about wrestling that he left his school. It was one year after his training period in wrestling that Dean Ambrose left his studies. He did various works like serving in a factory in minimum wages.

Dean Ambrose


The wrestling career of Dean began after he started to work in the “Heartland Wrestling Association” (HWA). During the time, he was in his teenage, and his stage name was “Jon Hoxley” during the debut. He paired up with Jimmy Turner. The duo succeeded in winning the “HWA Tag Team Championship” in 2004. Just after his first victory, he went for the other. He won the title of “HWA Heavyweight Championship” three times in a row.

Likewise, he was very enthusiastic about winning. He won the “CZW Heavyweight Championship” in 2010. But it is not his win on the first try, and finally, he won it after losing the tournament two times. Moreover, he finally made a contract with WWE on April 4th, 2011. This contract made him change his name officially to “Dean Ambrose.” Then Dean Ambrose succeeded in winning titles like “Intercontinental Champion,” World Heavyweight Championship,” and “WWE United States Champion.” Dean Ambrose won the title “Intercontinental Championship” for two times.

Moreover, he has also been able to work in the movies. Dean became part of th film”12 Rounds 3: Lockdown” in 2015. He also appeared in the film “Countdown” in 2016. Despite all the success and achievements, he is very much humble and down to earth kind of person.


Relationship/Personal Life

The world of wrestling gave happiness and joy in his life and gave him his life partner. He started dating WWE sports broadcaster, Renee Young. They got married on April 12, 2017.

He prefers to talk and communicate with his fans directly rather than virtual interaction. He, too, not likes to speak about his personal life. He seems to be happy in his small world.

Dean is also an amazing son. He bought the house where his mother spent a lot of her youth. His choice of choosing the home with the memories over a full facilitated housing in the city area depicts his emotional level. He seems to give satisfaction and peace to his family rather than a luxurious life.

Dean Ambrose

Social Media

Dean Ambrose is not using social media pulpits. Dean knows the value of family and the way a family should be for a happier life. That seems to be the reason for Dean, after getting time from the professional life, tries to spend quality time with his family without social media. If you seek his title on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, you will see unusual false accounts and pages.


Net worth

Dean has been part of the wrestling industry for more than fifteen years. He gains several competitions and medals. Dean also tried his hands on acting. As per, he collects an imperfect net worth of $8 million.


Nutshell Bio

The nationality of Dean is Cincinnati, Ogio, United States. His current age is 34 years. He owns a sexy height of 6 feet 4 inches with a complimentary weight of 102 kgs.