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People often find their life partners in their friends and colleagues, and the same happened with WWE Wrestler Sasha Banks, who met the love of her life and her husband Sarath Ton in the place of work.  

Sarath Ton, a costume designer and also a former wrestler, serves as a backstage worker for the WWE. 

Having his work done behind the limelight, Sarath is more known to the world as Sasha Banks’ husband. 

Sasha Banks met Ton in 2010. The two met during a wrestling match and soon started dating. The relationship was out of the spotlight initially, but soon fans came to know about them in 2012 when WWE organized a mixed-gender match, and the two were seen as partners, not just in the ring but in real life. 

In 2016, the couple decided to get married in a secret ceremony where the only family was invited. It is unclear, though, why they did not make their relationship public to the fans. 

Sarath Ton
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Sarath Ton currently serves as a prime custom designer for the WWE superstars. He prepares the apparel for various professionals, including his wife. He also sees the overall presentation of the WWE stars and has been doing his job at a very satisfactory level.  


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Sarath Ton was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, United States. His father, Saroeun Ton, and mother, Mul Ton, taught him to develop costume designing from a young age. Coming from an economically sound family, he had all the luxury he could wish for during his childhood. 

He completed his primary schooling in his hometown of Springfield, but his parents’ ancestry comes from Vietnamese origin. 

Ton was interested in wrestling and action sports from a young age and trained hard to build muscles.  Initially trained by his father, he was later admitted to a gym and was then trained by Kevin Landry, a professional wrestler for his professional career. 



After finishing his training, he joined the amazing world of wrestling and started working towards success. 

Ton made his professional wrestling career debut on November 2, 2002, as Mikaze. He went on to win a title in the first year of his career and started to push for more.  

He had a highly successful career in professional wrestling under various banners, including a Rookie of the year award in 2002 and a Northeast Tag Team, Championship. In 2005, he won the PWF Championship and then went on to participate in various wrestling organizations and matches, including the Connecticut Competition and New England Frontier Wrestling, before joining the WWE.

Sarath Ton
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During a WWE match in 2015, Ton was injured on his head during a tag team match he was a part of. 

Mikaze went down to the ground and remained unconscious for several minutes before the referees and WWE’s Dr. Chris Amann helped him off the ring. 

He was soon shifted to a hospital where he remained for days, and his doctor advised him to take retirement, ending his career prematurely. 


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After his wrestling injury, Ton decided not to part ways with the WWE but to use his skills as a custom designer to contribute his part and still chase his passion. 

Despite having received only unofficial home training for designing clothes, Ton performed exceptionally in his job and amazed everyone with his creativity. 

Apart from dresses, he also made masks for WWE superstars, including Rey Mysterio and Kane. 

Various wrestlers like Summer Rae and Tamina Snuka are fans of Ton’s work and have been endorsing him for years. 



Sasha Banks and Sarath Ton live together as a happy couple and have no issues between them. They do not yet have kids, but Sasha has revealed that she would love to have babies someday. 

Ton has stated that his wife is his mentor who “always supports me during my struggling periods.”

After facing a horrific wrestling injury, it was Sasha who inspired him to enter into the world of costume designing. She was the first to wear his dresses, and soon, his work spoke for itself, and many WWE stars started flocking to him to crave them some nice outfits. 

Now, Ton is a well-known designer for WWE. For his established career, he always gives credit to her wife.

The happy couple seems to be in love with dogs and hip-hop music. 

During an interview with WWE RAW, Banks explained that how she and her husband performed rap battles at home and said that she often wins those.  



Sarath Ton’s net worth has been a topic of mystery, but given the fact that he designs costumes for so many WWE superstars, he makes enough to live a satisfactory life with his family. 

Some reports suggest that his net worth so far could be somewhat between $3-$4 million, but the source could not be verified.  

His wife, Sasha Banks, earns $250,000 per year, but the couple does not believe in showing off their riches, and they both live a happy solitary life with no over-the-top expenses. 


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